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James Petrie, Merchant in Elgin, by deed of mortification, dated 12th June, 1777,
disponed to the Kirk-Session of Elgin two aughteen parts of the Greshop lands of
Elgin, the rent of which to be applied towards defraying the expense of the education
of six poor orphans, or children within the parish of Elgin, whose parents cannot
afford to pay their school fees, for teaching them to read and write, or any other
branches the Kirk-Session might judge necessary, under the following conditions :—
The children to be of the age of eight or nine years, and to enjoy the benefit for three
years ; the school fees to be paid for each to be Is per quarter ; the children to be of
parents living within the parish, who have been exemplary as good Christians ; and
those of the names of Petrie or Murdoch to be preferred. The donor bequeathed the
free balance of the rents, to be expended in the maintenance in bed, board, and wash-
ing, and clothes of the children, the Kirk-Session having a discretionary power to take
in girls as well as boys, and to apply the money destined for their education towards
instructing them in any branch of industry. The lands are let at a rent of £33 10s.
John Dick, of Hart Street, Covent Garden, London, by a codicil to his last will,
dated 12th March, 1786, bequeathed the sum of £120 sterling to "the Magistrates and
Provost of Elgin for the time being, to be placed out at interest from time to time, to
be paid by them and their successors for ever, to the Teacher of the Free Grammar
School of Elgin for the time being, in augmentation of his salary."
John Duncan, Bishopmill, by his will, dated 15th October, 1822, bequeathed to " the
Magistrates of the Burgh of Elgin, and to the Minister and Kirk-Session of the parish
of Alves, in the county of Elgin, for the time being, the sum of £25 sterling each, in
trust, to be laid out by them at interest, and the interest to be applied by the said
Magistrates of Elgin and Kirk-Session of Alves in defraying the expense of educating
a poor boy at each of the parish schools of Alves and Elgin, to be named by them
respectively, for four years, in the common branches of education deemed by them
most proper for him to learn, such as reading, writing, and accounts." The amount
effeirring to Elgin, under deduction of £2 10s. of legacy duty, is in the hands of the
town, and the interest, £1 2s. 6d., is annually paid for the purpose of the charity.
The late James Macandrew, Elgin, by his will, dated the 6th September, 1822,
bequeathed the sum of £200 sterling for the benefit of the Grammar or Latin School
of Elgin, the principal to be sunk for ever, and the interest to be applied for books
and othewise, as premiums to three boys, at the annual public examination of the
school, who shall give the most approved specimen of their yearly progress. The
bequest to be administered by the Grammar School Master, the two Established
Ministers and the Provost
The late John Allan, M.D., H.E.I.C.S., a native of Elgin, by his will, dated 30th
April, 1833, bequeathed to the Chief Magistrate of Elgin and the several Teachers
of the Academy, in succession, as Trustees, the sum of £400 sterling, to be lent out
on heritable security, for the purpose of establishing, from the annual proceeds, three
annual prizes in the Academy, to be payable on the 30th December yearly, being the
anniversary of his birthday, equally among three pupils, one in each of the Latin,
Mathematical, and English Classes, who shall be found at the annual examination
best to merit a prize on account of proficiency in their respective studies. No pupil
to receive the prize two years for one branch ; and a preference to be given to pupils
of the name of "Allan." The prize to be called "Allan's Reward of Merit;" and a
regular record of prize holders to be kept, and their names advertised. The bequest
came into operation in December, 1837, when the sum of £16 sterling, being the
annual interest, was divided into three prizes
Mrs. Shand's, Greyfriars, Boaf ding and Day School, with resident governesses and
visiting masters.
Miss Evershed's, Greyfriars Street, Boarding and Day School, with resident gover-
Misses Milne's, Commerce Street, Boarding and Day School.
Miss Alexander's, South Street, Day School.
Miss Collie's, South College Street, Day School.

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