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Elgin. Captain— Alex. Lawson, Oldmills. Lieutenant— Wm. Proctor. Ensign— D,
Cruicksliank, Meft.
Market — Fourth Tuesday of October.
Post Office— Postmaster— James Crombie. Post messenger leaves Elgin daily, at
5 '50 p.m. and reaches Lhanbryd at 7 p.m. ; leaves Lhanbryd at 610 A.M., and reaches
Elgin at 7 '20 a.m.
Raihoay Station— Lhanbryd, close to the village. Station Agent— Mr. Pressley.
Asher, Wm., farmer, Tiendlandwell
Brown, P., factor and farmer, Linkwood
Bruce, Rev. Charles, Parochial School
Badden, John, farmer, Sandyhillock
Brander, Alex., merchant, Cranloch
Badden, James, farmer, Wardkniill
Cruicksliank, John, farmer, Barmuckity
Crombie, J., baker, Post Office, Lhanbryd
Cruicksliank, John, farmer, Coxton
Cattanach, James, farmer, Harestones
Dan, Miss, Lhanbryd
Dow, Alexander, carpenter, Lhanbryd
Davidson, George, shoemaker, do.
Donaldson, Mrs. Capt., do.
Forsyth, Wm., corn, manure, and coal
merchant, Lhanbryd
Forsyth, Wm., farmer, Cranloch
Fraser, John, blacksmith, Calcots
Fraser, James, farmer, Darkland
Forsyth, William, flesher, do.
Forsyth, John, farmer, Moss of Bar-
Falconer, Robert, farmer, Tiendland
Grant, David, farmer, Tiendland
Grigor, John, do., do.
Grigor, George, do., do.
Grigor, Peter, do., do.
Grant, John, farmer, Pitgaveny
Gill, Alexander, farmer, Bogtown
Hardie, Patrick, farmer, West Calcots
Hay, William, carpenter and farmer,
Coxton Cottage
Hood, Hugh, farmer, Cranmoss
Hood, Alex., do., Redbog
Hay, William, farmer, Tiendland
Innes, William, forester, Hatton
Jeans, James, teacher, Cranloch
Jones, Evan, Lesmurdie
Kelman, James, blacksmith, Lhanbryd
Kennedy, Miss, Ladies' Boarding School,
Laing, James, farmer, Troves
Mack, James Cunningham, Woodpark
Macdonald, Mrs., farmer, Bogs of Link-
Mackenzie, John, carpenter, Calcots
Milne, James, farmer, Pittenseir
Milne, George, do., Templand
Murdoch, Mrs., do., Woodside
Macdonell, Col., farmer, Calcotts
Macbey, P., land surveyor, land valuator,
&c, Woodside
Milne, John, tailor, Lhanbryd
Mull, Robert, farmer, Cotts
M'Lean, James, farmer, Scotstonhill
M'Kenzie, Alex., millwright, Lhanbryd
M'lver, Wm., wood merchant, do.
M'Lean, Donald, road contractor, do.
M'lver, Mrs. A., farmer do.
M'Beath, William, mason, Moss of Bar--
M'Kenzie, Wm., farmer, Bareflathills
Nicoll, James, farmer, Tiendland
Nicoll, Robert, do., do.
Noble, Donald, Kirk Officer, St. Andrews
Petrie, Wm., farmer, Kirkhill
Proctor, Wm., merchant, innkeeper, and
farmer, Lhanbryd
Pennicuick, Benjamin, Lhanbryd
Paterson, Alexander, woollen manufac-
turer, Lhanbryd
Pressley, George, station agent, do.
Petrie, John, farmer, Coxton
Proctor, John, sawmiller, Lhanbryd
Rose, William, farmer, Sheriffstown
Robertson, John, merchant, do.
Reid, Mrs., midwife, do.
Rhind, James, saddler, do.
Ross, William, farmer, Oldshields
Stewart, Captain James, of Lesmurdie
Stephen, Wm., farmer, Inchbroom
Stewart, John, mason, Lhanbryd
Stephen, Mrs. Grace, farmer, Coxton
Stronach, Wm., farmer, Cotts
Sime, Hugh, shoemaker, Cranloch
Shiach, Wm., farmer, do.
Simpson, John, farmer, Tiendland
Sellar, P., miller and farmer, Linkwood
Sim, Alex., contractor and toll-keeper
Stephen, Miss, schoolmistress, Lhanbryd
Sandison, James, gardener, Bareflaxhills
Taylor, James, grain agent, Lhanbryd
Taylor, John, merchant, do.
Taylor, Richard, shoemaker, do.
Thomson, Wm., farmer & miller, Hatton
Walker, Rev. John, The Manse
Young, David, farmer, Scarf banks
Young, John, farmer, Gordonsward
Younie, John, farmer, Tiendland
t The name of this parish is supposed to be compounded of three Gaelic words, viz.,
oire, a coast, fad, long, and amhan, a river or water, a name which may have been
given to the parish in consequence of the great length of coast which it embraces. It
extends from the Spey to the Lossie, a distance of about six miles. The parish forms
a triangle, its breadth from the sea coast to the apex being about five miles. The

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