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This parish comprehends what were originally two separate parishes, St. Andrews
and Lhanbryd. The former, including the lands of Linkwood and Barmuckity, ex-
tended north on both sides of the Lossie almost to the sea below Inchbroom ; the
latter lay to the east of St. Andrews, and comprehended the lands of Coxton, Pitna-
Seir, Cotts, &c. The original name of St. Andrews was Kil-ma-Lemnoc, " the Cell or
Chapel of Lemnoc," but who or what Lemnoc was cannot now be ascertained. The
church and manse were at Kirkhill, on the west side of the Lossie, where there is
still a burying-ground. The Patron for St. Andrews was the Crown.
The derivation of the name Lhanbryd is the British or Celtic Lhan, a church, and
Brigida or Bryd, and would thus mean St. Bryd's Church. The Minister of Alves was
originally the Patron, but his right ceded to the Earl of Moray, as being Patron of
Alves. The two parishes were united in 1781, on the death of the Rev. Thomas Mac-
farlane, then Minister of Lhanbryd, the Rev. "William Leslie, who had been presented
to St. Andrews in 1779, becoming minister of the united parish. In 1796 a new church
was erected on the present site, as being midway between the old churches. It
stands about three miles east of Elgin, and the parish is about nine miles in length,
by three and a-half miles in breadth.
Males. Females. Total.
Landward 643 701 1344
Burghal 19 _39 58
662 740 1402
Heritors— Earl of Fife ; Earl of Seafield ; Captain A. T. Wharton Duff of Orton ;
Lady Dunbar Brander of Pitgaveny ; Captain Stewart of Lesmurdie ; Trustees of
Episcopal Chapel, Elgin.
Patron— The Crown and Earl of Moray.
Minister — The Rev. John Walker, ordained 5th Sept., 1839. Assistant Minister —
The Rev. Charles Davidson. Stipend, sixteen chalders, one-half barley and one-half
meal, with £8 6s. 8d. for communion elements, besides Manse and Glebe of sixteen
acres, and Garden and Policies.
Parochial School— Teacher— -Rev. Charles Bruce, M.A- Salary, £52 10s., with
interest of £27 15s. 6d. bequeathed by Duff of Dipple, and with Dick Bequest, Govern-
ment Grant, School fees, and House and Garden.
Cranloch District School — Teacher— James Jeans, who has an allowance of £4 from
the Earl of Fife, and a free House, Garden, and Croft.
Session Cleric and Registrar— -Rev . Charles Bruce, Parochial School. Assistant
Registrar — W. Proctor, Lhanbryd.
Kirk Officer— Donald Noble, St. Andrews.
Parochial Board— For Heritors— The Trustees of the Earl of Fife, or their Factor ;
The Earl of Seafield or his Factor ; Lady Dunbar Brander, Pitgaveny, or her Fac-
tor ; A. T. Wharton Duff of Orton, or his Factor ; Capt. Jas. Stewart of Lesmurdie ;
Capt. James Johnston of Newmill ; Managers of Episcopal Chapel ; Wm. Proctor,
Lhanbryd. For Kirk-Session— Rev. John Walker, St. Andrews ; Peter Sellar, John
Cruickshank, William Petrie, and James M'Lean, Elders. Elected Members— Wm.
Rose, Fosterseat ; and John Petrie, Coxton. Chairman— The Rev. John Walker.
Members of Committee for St. Andreivs—llev. John Walker ; Alex. Lawson, for Lord
Fife ; Peter Brown, for the Earl of Seafield ; George Gatherer, for Lady Dunbar
Brander, Pitgaveny ; Wm. M 'Donald, for A. T. Wharton Duff of Orton ; James
M'Lean, William Rose, and John Petrie. Convener — George Gatherer.
Amount of Assessment for year 1862-63 is £315 19s. 8d., one half payable by the
Heritors, and the other half by the Tenants or occupants. The number of poor on
the Roll at 16th February, 1863, was thirty-four, and two Lunatics in Elgin Asylum,
besides one casual pauper with six dependants. Inspector of Poor— Peter Grant,
Village of Lhanbryd— Lhanbryd, one of the most beautiful villages in the North of
Scotland, is about a mile and a quarter from the Church. It has a good inn (Mr.
Proctor's), several shops, and a woollen manufactory (Mr. Paterson's). Its population
in 1861 was 270.
Schools— Ladies' Boarding and Day School— In the Village of Lhanbryd. Teacher
—Miss Kennedy, who has a free House, School-room, and Garden from the Earl of Fife.
Female School— Teacher— Miss Stephen, who has an allowance of £5 from the Earl of
Fife, besides House and Garden.
Duff Rifle Volunteers (1th Elginshire)— A. corps made up of contingents from the
parishes of St. Andrews and Urquhart, and the district of Clackmarras, in the Parish of

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