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Gray, Alex., carpenter
Grant, Wm., cabinetmaker
Grant, John, carpenter
Grant, James, poultry dealer
Grant, Mrs., Dellachapple
Hay, Alex., shipbuilder
Hay, James, sawmiller
Hitchcock, James, merchant
Hay, James, carpenter
Hay, Alexander, blacksmith
Insh, Peter, sawyer
Johnston, Wm., blacksmith
Jaffrey, James, shipmaster
Loggie, James, tailor
Leslie, Alex., feuar
Leslie, John, do.
Leslie, Mrs. , bone setter
Loggie, John, mason
Leslie, James, chemist and druggist
Menzies, Rob., gas maker
Marshall, Alex. , millwright
Murray, George, Free Church teacher
Mitchell, Catherine, teacher
Munro, Hugh, constable
Milne, James, rlesher
Mitchell, John, shipowner
Murdoch, James, joiner
Mitchell, John, shoemaker
Mearns, James, shoemaker
Milne, Alex., feuar
M'Kenzie, George, gardener
Murdoch, Alexander, merchant
M 'Candy, Margaret, milliner
M'Ewan, John, carpenter
M'Candy, John, clerk
M'Lean, Charles, blacksmith
Monaghan, Thos., shipmaster
Anderson, Isabella, innkeeper
Allan, William, carter
Anderson, Alexander, shipowner
Anderson, John, shipowner
Buie, James, carpenter
Buie, George, innkeeper
Buie, Donald, carpenter
Beaton, Farquhar, carpenter
Brander, Robert, shoemaker
Buie, Daniel, carpenter
Cruickshank, James, Officer of Customs
Cameron, John, wood merchant
Calder, Hugh, sawyer
Duncan, John, shipbuilder
Duncan, Joseph, carpenter
Duncan, John, carter
Duncan, John, wood merchant
Duncan, Robert, carpenter
Forsyth, William, joiner
Falconer, Alexander, pilot
Falconer, Ann, merchant
Guthrie, William, carpenter
Goodbrand, George, carpenter
Geddes, William, joiner
Geddes, James, carpenter
Geddie, James, shipbuilder
Geddie, Alexander, shipbuilder
Geddie, William, shipbuilder
Geddie, William, merchant
Hay, William, carpenter
Nicolson, Robt., feuar
Newlands, Andrew, carter
Newlands, John, do.
Ord, John, stabler
Robertson, Alex., carpenter
Robertson, Alexander, sawyer
Robertson, John, innkeeper
Robertson, James, joiner
Rose, Hugh, tailor
Robertson, Andrew, feuar
Spence, James, merchant
Shand, Charles, painter
Symon, Alex. , merchant
Shand, Alex., joiner
Shand, James, do.
Shand, Alex., carpenter
Shand, James, feuar
Stewart, James, tailor
Stewart & Co., merchants
Spence, Wm. , innkeeper and tailor
Stronach, James, rlesher
Shiach, Alexander, shoemaker
Shand, Alexander, feuar
Storar, A. B., Society's School
Thomson, William, Agent for Caledonian
Thomson, Peter, sawyer
Taylor, William, bill-sticker
Winchester, John, tailor
Wiseman, James, coach proprietor
Winchester, Wm., sawyer
Winchester, John, shipowner
Young, Alex., shipbuilder
Young, Wm., wood merchant and ship-
Young, Gordon, ship carpenter
Young, Robert, do.
Hay, John, innkeeper
Innes, William, shoemaker
Irvine, Alexander, roper
James, John, blacksmith
Low, Peter, carpenter
Milne, Alexander, cooper
Marr, William, shipmaster
Marr, William, shipmaster
Marr, Alexander, shipmaster
Munro, John, sawyer
M 'Donald, William, carpenter
M 'Donald, Alexander, shipmaster
M'Kenzie, William, blacksmith
Palmer, George, carpenter
Robson, Joseph, carpenter
Russell, Alexander, pilot
Reid, John, merchant
Stronach, George, shipmaster
Scott, William, shipmaster
Scatterty, Isabella, dressmaker
Scott, John, post runner
Simpson, James, carpenter
Smith, George, shipmaster
Smith, Alexander, shipmaster
Stronach, Alexander, shipmaster
Sutherland, John, shipmaster
Taylor, Donald, sawyer
Wilson, John, carpenter
Yide, James, blacksmith

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