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M'Donald, Jolm, farmer, Lynemore
M'Gowan, James, farmer, Bruntlands
M'Culloch, Jas., blacksmith, Sma'haughs
M 'Donald, John, farmer, Cardnach
M'Leod, James, shoemaker, Tomdow
M'Donald, John, mason, Dalmoonach
M'Kenzie, John, gamekeeper, Clune
M'Intosh, John, farmer, Culkeen
M'Intosh, James, farmer, Culkeen
M'Gregor, John, shoemaker, Bishopcroft
M'Gregor, Lewis, farmer, Acres
M'Quiban, Lewis, Rinnagarie
M'Intosh, William, fanner, Corshelloch
M'Gonnachie, William, farmer, do.
M'Lean, William, farmer, Bumside
M'Gregor, Wm., farmer, Balmenach
M'Donald, Wm., farmer, Balnaglack
M'Donald, Wm., farmer, Clashclow
M 'Donald, Wm., fanner, Clashindarrish
M'Pherson, Wm., farmer, Ballinteem
M'Gregor, James, farmer, Whiteashen
M'Gregor, Francis, farmer, do.
M'Connachie, John, farmer, Hillhall
M'Connachie, Robert, fanner, Blackfcld
Nicolson, George, farmer, Altcosh
Phiinister, James, bellman
Priest, Robert, weaver, Craighead
Robertson, Alex., fanner, Lochanstone
Robertson, Robert, farmer, Allacrough
Robertson, James, farmer, Sandyhillock
Robertson, Thomas, farmer, Tomneen
Robertson, James, farmer, Drumpark
Ross, James, farmer, Blackhillock
Robertson, James, farmer, Milton
Robertson, Jas. , farmer, Upper Knockans
Robertson, Peter, do., do.
Ross, John, fanner, Mains of Ballintomb
Roger, John, farmer, Lyne
Robertson, John, farmer, Tomindugle
Robertson, John, farmer, Tomdow
Robertson, Lachlan, miller
Robertson, Robert, farmer, Crofts
Robertson, Thos., farmer, Knocknagore
Ross, William, farmer, Corgyle
Robertson, James, farmer, Claggan
Smith, Rev. Robert, Parish School,
Smith, Robert^ merchant, Crofts
Sime, Alexander, mason, Gateside
Smith, Charles, shoemaker, Garlinemore
Smith, David, farmer, Sheancanop
Smith, David, farmer, Corglass
Stewart, James, tailor, Tombreck
Stewart, James, farmer, Croftmore
Smith, John, farmer, Boghur
Smith, John, farmer, Lekin
Smith, Peter, farmer, Bruntlands
Smith, William, tailor, Tomlea
Sim, Alexander, farmer, Ringorm
Sim, James, farmer, Hillhall
Sim, James, farmer, Phaebuie
Stenhouse, W. , Inld. Re v. officer, Macallan
Stewart R., Oak Inn
Taylor, Thomas, forester, Ballintomb
Thomason, C. S., Laggan House
Thompson, James, farmer, Clune
Thomson, Wm., farmer, Groftindakart
Thomson, Wm., Boat
Walker, William, farmer, Delvenvan
Younie, George, farmer, Tomlea
Yeats, Wm. , sheep dealer, Corshelloch
Younie, William, farmer, Bishopcroft
Cumming, John, shoemaker
'dimming, William, shoemaker
Clark, Samuel, postmaster
Clark, William, innkeeper
-Clarke, Thomas, mason
Grant, Allan, schoolmaster
Grant, Alexander, mason
Grant, John, baker
Laing, John, sawyer
Milne, John, tailor
Morrison, Malcolm, shoemaker
M'Intosh, Rev. Joshua, F.C. minister
M'Gregor, Archibald, merchant
M'Intosh, Isabella, merchant
M'Connachie, Janet, midwife
M'Donald, Donald, flesher
M'Lean, Kenneth, blacksmith
M'Intosh, William, flesher
Nicol, William, sawyer
Robertson, William, The Cottage
Ross, James, mason
Ross, William, shoemaker
Sprott, Rev. Andrew, U.P. minister
Sutherland, James, tailor
Stewart, John, cattle dealer
Smith, Lewis, mason
Simpson, Margaret, teacher
This parish is situated about three miles southward of Forres. It is bounded on
4he east by Alves and Elgin, on the north by Kinloss and Forres, on the west by the
river Findhorn, and on the south by Dallas and Edenkillie. It extends to eight miles
in length, by three to five miles in breadth.
Population in 1861— Males, 502 ; females. 553. Total 1055.
Heritors— Trustees of Robert Tulloh of Burgle ; Sir A P. Gordon dimming, Bart,
of Altyre ; The Earl of Moray ; and Mrs J. Cunninghame Grant Duff of Blervie.
Patron— Thomas Stewart Brodie, of Lethen and Coulmony. Minister— The Rev.
Hugh M-'Intosh, ordained 1843. Stipend— 18 chalders nearly, with allowance for
grass glebe and £8 6s. 8cL for communion elements, besides Manse, Offices, and a
Glebe of 5^ Scotch acres.
Parochial School— Teacher— -James Watson. Salary— £60, with Dick Bequest,
school fees, free House, and allowance for a Garden.

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