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Parochial Board— For Heritors— Alex. Macnaughton, W.S., for J. W. Grant of
Wester Elchies ; Peter Brown, Linkwood, for Lord Seafield ; and John Fleming
Marionburgh, for Sir G. Macpherson Grant, Bart, of Ballindalloch. For Kirk-Session
—Rev. John Clarke ; Messrs. Gumming, Cardow ; Milne, Borlum ; Hay, Corgyle ■
Thomson, Glune ; and Grant, Glenarder. Elected Members — James Morrison, Mains
of Knockando ; John Robertson, Tomindugle ; and Hugh Beaton, Nether Borlum
Medical Attendants— Dr. Creyk and Dr. Gerrard. Inspector and Collector— Peter
Margach, Gracemount Cottage.
Amount of Assessment, £513. Rate on the Heritors, lid. per pound, and the
same on Tenants and Occupants. Number of Poor on Roll, 73. Rate of Allowances
3s. to 12s. per month. Lunatic Paupers, from £7 to £18 a-year.
Session-Clerk and Registrar — Rev. Robert Smith, schoolmaster.
Post Office— Craigellachie, with a sub-office at Knockando, kept by Alex. Beaton.
A postman leaves Craigellachie, during summer, on the arrival of the south mail, at
six p.m., but during winter he does not leave Craigellachie till next morning. 'He
leaves Knockando in returning at 2 '30 p.m., and reaches Craigellachie at six p.m.
Railway Station— -The nearest railway station at present is Craigellachie, but there
will be a Station of the Strathspey Railway at Griggal, where the line crosses the
Spey, within three miles of Archiestown, and about the same distance from the
Church. There will be another station at Black's Boat, about four miles above the
Asher, William, fanner, Tomdow
Adam, James, brewer, Macallan
Black, Alexander, farmer, Delballie
Black, Alexander, farmer, Gateside
Black, James, blacksmith, Cardow
Beaton, Alex., postmaster, Knockando
Ballantyne, G. , Inland Revenue, Cardow
Beaton, Hugh, farmer, Borlum
Brodie, James, tailor, Tomdow
Bremner, Peter, blacksmith, Parkhead
Bremner, Alex., farmer, Braeside
Bremner, Charles, merchant, Overtown
Cattley, William E., Knockando House
Clarke, Rev. John, minister
Cruickshank, R., mason, Dalrnoonack
Cruickshank, Alex., farmer, Bogroy
Cruickshank, Alex., farmer, Burn
Cruickshank, Geo., carpenter, Parkhead
Cruickshank, James, farmer, Crofthead
Cattanach, John, carrier, Kirdalbeg
Gumming, Wm. ? merchant, Croftpoint
Gumming, Lewis, farmer and distiller,
Calder, Alex., weaver, Knockdow
Cruickshank, James, Tomlea
Gumming, Hugh, farmer, Mains
Cameron, James, carrier, Burnside
Christie, James, farmer, Tomnahera
Cameron, James, farmer, Lynechurn
Cameron, John, farmer, Tulisk
Cumming, William, carpenter, Cardow
Cowie, William, farmer, Kathrinbrae
Colbie, J., Inld. Revenue offir, Overtown
Cowie, William, farmer, Clune
Duncan, Alex., farmer, Cardockhead
Dean, Alex., farmer, Delnapot
Dean, George, farmer, Ladycroft
Dawson, George, farmer, Buoldow
Dow, John, farmer, Cardockhead
Dallas, John, gamekeeper, Bishopcroft
Findlay, James, farmer, Heathfield
Fraser, Rev. James, School of Elchies
Fraser, James, farmer, Mains of Kirdals
Fraser, Simon, weaver, Waulkmill
Fraser, William, farmer, Rhinover
Findlay, Alex., farmer, Whitehillock
Grant, James William, of Wester Elchiea
Grant, Hon. George of Grant, E. Elchies
Grant, Alex., tailor, Gateside
Grant, Alex., miller, Ballintomb
Grant, Charles, mason, Oldtown
Grant, James, mason, Burnhead
Grant, John, carpenter, Mansecroft
Grant, John, blacksmith, Gracemount
Grant, John, farmer, Strondow
Grant, John, farmer, Balnasco
Grant, Marjory, schoolmistress, Kirdals
Grant, Peter, merchant, Bridge of Kirdals
Grant, Robert, farmer, Kirdalbeg
Grant, William, farmer, Balnasco
Grant, John, farmer, Ringorm
Grant, James, farmer, Muir, Elchies
Gilbert, William, farmer, Brackenhowes
Garden, James, farmer, Darglans
Gill, Robert, mason, Croftmore
Gilbert, Geo., farmer, Prescalton
Gordon, William, farmer, Gortons
Hay, James, farmer, Corgyle
Hay, Wm., innkeeper, Bridge of Caley
Heard, Francis, merchant, Overtown
Heard, John, farmer, Overtown
Kiel, Peter, farmer, Rinnifiach
Kiel, Lewis, Woodside
Leslie, George, farmer, Tombreck
Margach, Peter, carpenter, and Inspector
of Poor, Gracemount
Milne, Alexander, farmer, Newlands
Margach, Charles, farmer, Oldtown
Margach, Charles, farmer, Garlinebeg
Morrison, J., farmer, Mains of Knockando
Margach, John, farmer, Tomore
Morrison, John, merchant, Woodside
Margach, John, farmer, Nether Knockans
Milne, John, farmer, Borlum
Milne, Charles, farmer, Knockandreich
Margach, Peter, farmer, Garlinemore
Margach, William, farmer, Lynes
M'Connachie, James, farmer, Haughs
M'Kay, Alex., merchant, Gortans
M'Pherson, James, farmer, Pitchroy
M 'Donald, Donald, farmer, Strathgean
M 'Donald, George, farmer, Gall

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