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M'Ara, Rev. James, F.C. minister
M 'Arthur, John, station agent
M'Bain, Alexander, shoemaker
Main, James, tailor
M 'Donald, Robert, coastguard
M 'Hendry, Margaret, general dealer
M'Intosh, Alexander, constable
M'Kay, Hugh, blockmaker
M'Kay, James, grocer
M'Kay, John, corn agent
M'Kay, John, sen., general dealer
Mackie, William, innkeeper
M'Laren, Jessie, innkeeper
Matthew, Andrew, tailor
Mathieson, James, carter
Mathieson, William, carter
Munro, William, shipmaster
Paul, William, carpenter
Paul, William, grocer
Patterson, Alexander, carter
Ramsay, James, blacksmith
Reach, James, kenner
Robb, James, carpenter
Ross, John, fishcurer
Ross, George, harbour master and tacks-
man of salmon fishings
Ross, William, shipmaster
Simpson, Samuel, sailmaker
Simpson, William, Inspector of Poor
Smith, Christina, grocer
Smith, Elizabeth, dressmaker
Smith, John, shipowner
Smith, John, carpenter
Smith, John, ship carpenter
Storm, Alexander, mason
Storm, Jane, midwife
Storm, Peter, shipmaster
Storm, William, mason
Storm, James, painter
Sutherland, William, carter
Walker, Lewis, carter and crofter
Wood, Elizabeth, teacher, Infant School
Wood, George, innkeeper
Wright, John, shipmaster
Young, William, carter
Extends from fifteen to sixteen miles in length, and three to six miles in breadth.
It includes the old parish of Macallan or St. Colin, but no record of the union seems
to exist. It is situated on the north side of the Spey, between Rothes on the east,
Dallas and Birnie on the north, and Cromdale and Edenkillie on the west. Distance
of the Church from the Craigellachie Station of the Morayshire Railway, eight
miles. Archiestown is in the parish, a village of about three hundred inhabitants,
on the property of J. W. Grant of Wester Elchies, founded in 1760, by Sir Archibald
Grant of Monymusk. It was burned down, in 1783, and the records of the Kirk-
Session destroyed. It has since been re-built, and is now a rather tidy and quiet
country village.
Population in 1861— Males, 812 ; females, 924 ; total, 1736.
Heritors— The Right Hon. the Earl of Seafield, proprietor of Easter Elchies ; J. W.
Grant of Wester Elchies ; and Sir George Macpherson Grant, Bart, of Ballindalloch,
proprietor of Kirdals.
Patron— The Right Hon. the Earl of Seafield.
Minister— The Rev. John Clarke, A.M., ordained in 1853. Stipend, £158 6s. 8d.,
including allowance for communion elements, besides Manse, and a Glebe of fourteen
Schools— There are two Parochial Schools in the Parish. One at Knockando, near
the Church— Schoolmaster — Rev. Robert Smith ; salary, £40, with Dick Bequest
allowance, fees, free House, and Garden. The other is at Elchies, in the old Mac-
allan Parish— Sehoolmastei — Rev. James Fraser; salary, £40, with Dick Bequest
allowance, Government Grant, school fees, and free House and Garden. Schools
under Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge— Mr Allan Grant, Archiestown ;
salary, £20, fees, and House and Garden. Miss Grant, Kirdals ; salary, £10, fees,
and House and Garden.
Free Church— Rev. Joshua M'Intosh, ordained 1858.
United Presbyterian Church -Rev. A. Sprott, ordained 1839.
Knockando Bible and Missionary Association-^President — Rev. John Clarke. _ Trea-
surer — Lewis dimming, Cardow. Secretary— Rev. Robert Smith. Committee of
Management— Elders— Hugh Sim, Elchies ; Alex. Gilbert, Prescalton ; John Milne,
Borlum ; Alex. Grant, Glenarder ; James Thomson, Clune ; Alex. Beaton, Post Office ;
James Hay, Corgyle. Collectors— Peter Milne; Alex. Gilbert; C. Margach; Allan
Grant, Archiestown ; Rev. James Fraser, Wester Elchies ; John Heard, Easter
Elchies ; Geo. Ballantine, Ballintomb ; James Fraser, Mains of Kirdals ; A. Grant,
jun., Glenarder. The Society collects about £20 annually, and apportions it amongst
the Schemes of the Church, and to other Christian objects.
Carriers— John Cattanach and James Cameron, to Craigellachie twice a-week.
Ferry Boats — AtWester Elchies, to Charlestown, &c— Boatman— Wm. Thomson.
At Black's Boat, to Glenlivet, kc— Boatman— James M'Pherson. Rates— Foot passen-
gers, Id. ; horses, 4d. each.

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