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Infant School— Teacher— -Miss Wood, who has £5 from Mr Munro of Novar, and fees.
Post Office — Miss M 'Hendry. Post leaves Forres at 8 a.m., and reaches Findhorn
at 10 a.m. ; leaves Findhorn at 2 p.m., and reaches Forres at 4 p.m.
Articles Exported— Shore Dues.
Wheat 8s.
Barley 5s.
4d. ft 100 qrs.
lOd. ft do.
Oats 5s. lOd. ft do.
Articles Imported— Shore Dues.
Coals 4|d. ft ton.
Iron 8d. ft do.
Salt 5d. ft do.
Stones, Rubble 3d. ft do.
Do., Hewn 4d. ft do.
Timber, Foreign 5d. ft load.
General Goods Id. ftB.B,
Guano 8d. ft ton.
Flour Id. ft sack.
Timber 5d. ft 50 cub. ft.
Do. Sawn 7£d. ft do.
Pit Props |d. ft 72 linl. ft.
Stones 3d. ft ton.
Herrings fd. ft barrel.
Potatoes 4Jd. ft ton.
The Shore Dues are in the hands of the proprietor, and are collected for him by
George Ross, Findhorn.
Names. Masters. Owners. Tonnage.
Elsie Storm A. Bain 76
Isa Masson J. Calder 87
Jane Ferguson Ross J. Ferguson 104
Lady Gordon Cumming.. Storm J. Calder 123
Magnet Nicol J. Wilson & Co 81
Rooftree Wright W.Anderson 82
Sir Robert Calder Wright J. Calder 160
Tryst Storm W. Anderson 61
Villager Nicol Thomas Wilson 104
Express Wright R. Davidson 88
Steamers— The North of Scotland Steam Shipping Company's steamers, between
Invergordon and Edinburgh, call once a-week — on Wednesdays, going North, and on
Fridays, going South. Agent — Wm. Anderson.
Custom House Officer and Tide-Waiter — Robert M'Donald.
Corn Merchants — John Allan, Elgin ; and R. M'Kessack, Forres.
Coal Merchants— -Wm. Anderson ; Robt. Grant, Forres ; and Alex. Bain, Forres.
Total Abstinence Society — President — John Mackay. Secretary — William Simpson.
Treasurer — Alex. Farquhar. Committee — John Masson, fisherman ; Alex. Masson,
do. ; Wm. Sutherland, carter ; Wm. Mathieson, crofter ; Hugh Chisholm, do. ; Jas.
Mackay, blockmaker ; Hugh Mackay, do. ; John Bremner, fisherman ; Robt. Kelly,
coal agent.
Salmon Fishings — The salmon fishings belonging to the Estate of Muirton, the pro-
perty of H. A. J. Munro of Novar, are rented by Messrs George Ross & Co., who have
a curing station, and send the fish direct by railway to the London market. About
twenty men are usually employed in connection with the fishing.
White Fishing — This fishing is prosecuted by six or seven boats. The only curer is
John Ross, who sends all his fish to the Southern markets.
Herring Fishing — There are about eighteen boats' crews in Findhorn. Curers — Wm.
Mackie, John Ross.
Inns—" Crown and Anchor," Wm. Mackie ; George Wood's Inn ; " Ship Tavern,"
Mrs M'Laren.
Anderson, Alexander, shipbuilder
Anderson, W., shipowner, coal mcht., &c.
Anderson, Robert, baker
Armstrong, Robert, shipmaster
Baxter, William, do.
Bowie, William, grocer
Bisset, Al., manager of Salmon Fishings
Chisholm, Hugh, carter and crofter
Clark, Elizabeth, midwife
Clark, James, shoemaker
Davidson, James, feuar and flesher
Davidson, Robert, baker
Dey, Robert, grocer
Duncan, Charlotte, grocer
Falconer, James, carpenter
Farquhar, Alexander, corn agent
Eraser, James, cooper
Fowler, Alexander, residenter
GarroAv, James, toll-keeper
Grant, James, railway guard
Kemp, Robert, shoemaker
Leslie, William, coal agent
Linton, James, shipmaster
Lee, Hugh, teacher, F.C. School

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