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This parish is situated upon the east bank of the river Findhorn, and is bounded on
the north by the Moray Firth, on the south by the parish of Rafford, on the east by
the parish of Alves. It comprehends the village of Findhorn, and in 1861 had a
population of 1315, consisting of 592 males, and 723 females. Of this number 890 was
in the village of Findhorn, and 425 in the rural part of the parish.
Heritors — H. A. J. Munro of Novar and Muirton ; Sir George Macpherson Grant,
Bart, of Ballindalloch ; Col. Grant Peterkin of Grange ; Capo. Dunbar Dunbar of
Seapark ; Thomas Stewart Brodie of Lethen and Culmony.
Patrons — The Earl of Moray, and T. S. Brodie of Lethen, who present alternately.
Minister — Rev. Thomas Stephen. Ordained, 1843. Stipend — 66 bolls, 2A- lippies
meal ; 94 bolls, 3 firlots, 1 peck, 1 2-5th lippies barley ; 18 bolls, 3 firlots, 2 pecks, 2-5th
lippies oats ; £60 10s. 6|d. sterling, with Manse, Offices, and a Glebe of 5 acres.
Parochial School — Teacher — Robert Rannie. Salary, £50, with Dick Bequest
allowance, Government Grant, fees, free House, and allowance for a Garden.
Session Clerk and Registrar — Robert Rannie, Parochial School.
Parochial Board— For Heritors — Col. Grant Peterkin of Grange (Chairman) ; T.
Stewart Brodie of Lethen ; P. Brown, Linkwood, factor for H. A. J. Munro of Novar ,
J. Fleming, Ballindalloch, for Sir George MacphersoD Grant, Bart, of Ballindalloch ;
Capt. Dunbar Dunbar of Seapark ; Geo. Wood, for Wm. Wood, Aberdeen ; Robert
Davidson, British Linen Company's Bank, Inverness ; John D. Davidson, writer,
Forres ; George Ross, Findhorn. For Kirk-Session— Rev. Thos. Stephen, minister ;
John Ferguson, East Grange ; James Petrie, Langcot. Elected Members— John
M'Kay, merchant, Findhorn ; and James Ramsay, blacksmith, Findhorn. Assess-
ment for year, £403 Is. 8d ; assessment on heritors, 8d. per pound ; on tenants of
houses, Is. lOd. Tenants of shops pay one-third of what tenants of houses do ; and
tenants of lands one-sixth. Medical Officer — Dr Innes, Forres. Inspector — William
Simpson, Findhorn.
Post Office— Forres, with a receiving box at the village of Kinloss. Post to Find-
horn passes through the rural district and delivers and receives letters by the way.
He leaves Forres at 8 a.m., passes Kinloss village about 9 a.m., reaches Findhorn at
10 a.m., leaves Findhorn at 2 p.m., passes Kinloss village about 3 p.m., and reaches
Forres at 4 p.m., in time for the afternoon mail North.
Railway — Kinloss Station of the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway is
nearly a mile from the Church. The Findhorn Railway, wholly in this parish,
extends from Findhorn to Kinloss Station, about three miles, and is leased and wrought
by the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway. Station Agent at Findhorn —
John M 'Arthur. At Kinloss — Alex. Young.
Anderson, Margaret, vintner
Cameron, Alexander, blacksmith
Cruickshank, John, farmer, Newton
Dean, John, farmer, Damhead
Dunbar Dunbar, Capt. Ed., of Seapark
Ferguson, John, farmer, East Grange
Falconer, Alexander, blacksmith, do.
Forsyth, Robert, farmer, Struthers
Fraser, William, farmer, Woodside
Garrow, James, farmer, Muttonhole
Grant, William, miller, East Grange
Hutcheon, Mrs, farmer, Kinloss.
Logan, Donald, gardener, Seapark
Macpherson, William, farmer, Muirton
M'Andie, James, farmer, Damhead
M'Grigor, Wm., carpenter, Archiestown
M'Kenzie, John, shoemaker, Kinloss
M'Cook, Joseph, carpenter, Scotsburn
M'Culloch, Jas., gardener, Grange Lodge
Morrison, James, farmer, New Mains
Nicol, James, farmer, Woodhead
Paul, Elizabeth, farmer, Hatton
Peterkin, Col. Peter Grant, of Grange
Petrie, Alexander, farmer, N. Langcot
Petrie, James, farmer, Middleton
Rannie, Robert, teacher, Parochial School
Ramsay, Robert, miller, West Grange
Rhind, William, farmer, U. Langcot
Smith, Lewis, farmer, Milton of Grange
Stephen, Rev. Thomas, The Manse
Thain, Agnes, grocer, Kinloss _
Wemyss, John, cartwright, Kinloss
Young, Alex., station master, Kinloss
Findhorn is the seaport for Forres, from which it is distant about five miles. The
principal trade of the port is in grain, timber, coals, manures, &c. In 1861, its popu-
lation was 890.
Free Church — Minister — Rev. James J. M'Ara. Ordained 1856.
Free Church School— Teacher— -Hugh Lee, who has allowance from the Free Church
Education Committee, and £10 from Mr Munro of Novar, with Government Grant,
and fees.

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