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heritors of houses, real rent, deducting 20 per cent, ; occupants of houses, real rent j
occupants of shops, breweries, mills, public works, market gardens, &c., one-third of
real rent ; banks, double real rent ; business offices, one and a-half of real rents.
Assessment levied half on proprietors and half on tenants, which at present makes
the rate Is. per pound on proprietors, and 2s. on tenants. Number of poor on
roll, 150.
Free Church — Ministers — Rev. Duncan Grant. Ordained, 1814 ; and Rev. Adam
Robertson, Assistant and Successor. Ordained, 1852. Elders— William Laing ; Alex.
Mair ; John M'Kessack ; John Berwick ; Wm. Sime. Deacons — David Bonthrone ;
William. Douglas ; Alex. Galloway ; Alex. Gollan ; Alex. Hendrie ; William Kelly ;
Robert Mackenzie ; John Macrae ; Duncan Riach ; William Stalker. Session Clerk —
John Berwick. Treasurer — Robert Urquhart. Precentor — James- Fowler.
United Presbyterian Church — Minister — Rev. Wm. Watson. Elders — Geo. Johnston
of Springfield ; John Kynoch, merchant ; Patrick Riach ; John Miller, Forres Gazette;
Robert Eraser, cartwright ; Wm. Grigor, farmer, Crowhall ; Robert Hendrie, watch-
maker ; Alex. Ross, plasterer ; Alexander Watson, late farmer ; Alexander Wood,
Russell Place ; George Gillan, cabinetmaker. Church Officer — Robert Ferrier, shoe-
maker. Precentor — James Fraser. Session Clerk— -John Miller, Treasurer — John
Kynoch. Congregational Clerk — Geo. Johnson,
Congregational Church — Minister — Rev. Robert Hunter. Deacons — John Mackay,
Findhorn ; Donald Ross, Cothall ; George Stronach, Dalvey ; William Leal, Califer.
Precentor— William M 'Donald, shoemaker. Treasurer — William Fraser, Greeshop.
Officer — John Dallas, sen.
St John's Episcopal Church — Minister — Rev. E. H. Owen. Trustees — Major CL Bruce,
M.P., of Dunphail ; Sir Alex. P. G. Cumming, Bart, of Altyre ; Robert Wilson,
Glenarnie ; Provost Mickie. The Vestry comprise, in addition — Capt. Dunbar Dunbar
of Seapark ; Robert Grant of Kincorth ; Charles Fraser Tytler of Burdsyards ; Capt.
John Grant, Moy House ; Rev. John Brodie Innes of Milton Brodie, Officer —
Peter Black.
Anderson, George, farmer, Mundole
Allan, James, crofter, Chapeltown Moss
Allan, William, crofter, Mundole
Butler, Richard, farmer, Chapeltown
Barron, John, quarrier, Mundole
Cattel, John, farmer, Balnageith
Coutts, Wm. , farmer, Sanquhar Mains
Cant, John, crofter, Chapeltown Moss
Cant, Alexander, do., do.
Cant, Alexander, farmer, Laurencetown
Dunbar, John, sawyer, Pilmuir
Fraser, John, farmer, New Forres
Forsyth, Robert, farmer, Waterside
Falconer, Alexander, forester, Sanquhar
Fraser, Donald, manager, Knockomie
Grant, Captain James, Invererne House
Grant, William, of Thornhill and Bog-
town, &c.
Garden, Archibald, farmer, Nethertown
Grant, Donald, cartwright, Balnageith
Hendry, Alex., molecatcher, Broomhill
Johnson, George, of Springfield, Spring-
field House
James, James, farmer, Monachy
Kelly, Wm., farmer, Seafield
Leal, Wm., crofter, Calif erhill
Mantach, Wm., farmer, Lingiestown
Mackessack, John, farmer, Belnaferry
Macdonald, John, carpenter, Broomhill
Mann, James, farmer, Muiryshed
Mellis, Thomas, crofter, New Forres
Morrison, Murdo, dyker, Bogs of Blervie
Mackenzie, John, do., do.
M'Gillivray, George, farmer, Califer
Milne, Robert, do., do.
Proctor, Peter, crofter, Califerhill
Ross, William, farmer, Bogtown
Ross, Donald, Limekilns, Cothall
Riedar, Wm., warrener, Old Blairg
Ross, Donald, crofter, Califerhill
Ross, Wm., farmer, Califer
Shaw, Colin, farmer, Invererne
Smith, James, farmer, Middlefield
Stewart, Alexander, farmer, Monkland
Spence, John, shoemaker, Clovenside
Sim, W., nurseryman, Rosefield Cottage
Smyth, Mrs., Drumduan House
Smyth, Miss Mary, Knockomie House
Scott, William, farmer, Califer
Taylor, Wm., crofter, Muir of Chapelton
Walker, Robert (factor for Altyre, &c),
farmer, Whiterow

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