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Church of Edenkillie, a distance of six miles or thereby, presents a magnificence of
scenery, which tourists who have travelled all over Scotland declare no other part of
the country can equal. The Trossachs have a beauty of a different kind, but for wild
grandeur they are not for a moment to be compared with the banks of the Findhorn.
? 'The Heronry," "Sluie," "the influx of the Divie," " Randolph's Leap," are all
familiar to the lovers of fine scenery in the North, and to many from other parts of
the world. The woods of Darnaway on the west, and Altyre and Logie on the east,
are very extensive and unsurpassed in beauty. Now that there is railway communi-
cation to the district, the scenery will soon become better known than it has hitherto
been, and cannot fail, of itself, to attract many tourists to this part of the country.
The viaduct which carries the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway over the
Divie, near the Church of Edenkillie, is said to be the finest bridge in the North of
Scotland. It has seven arches, and the height from the surface of the water to the
rails is about 110 feet. The Inverness and Perth Junction Railway passes through
the whole length of the parish. The Station is to be near the Post Office, about a
mile below the church.
The population in 1861 was 615 males, and 688 females, in all 1303.
Heritors— The Earl of Moray ; C. L. dimming Bruce of Dunphail, M.P. ; Sir A. P.
G. Gumming of Altyre, Bart. ; George Robert Smith, Esq. of Relugas ; Mrs Valiant
Cumming of Logie.
Patron— The Right Hon. the Earl of Moray. Minister— The Rev. Peter Fames,
ordained in 1828. Stipend— £123 6s lOd, 46 bolls, 2 pecks, one-half lippy of barley ; 4
bolls, 1 firlot, 2 pecks, one-half lippy of oatmeal, and 1 firlot, 1 lippy of oats, old county
measure, (average £180), with Manse, Offices, and Glebe of 10 acres.
Schools— Parochial School— William Fraser, teacher. Salary, £35, which, with Dick
Bequest and school fees, amounts to £95.
Society (for Propagating Christian Knowledge) School— In Relugas Village (formerly
Maidenrow)— William Robertson, teacher. Salary, £20, and £5 by the Proprietor,
with House and Garden (valued at £8), and school fees. Female Department— Mrs
Thomas M'Kenzie.
Society School— Conic&vel— James Cumming, teacher. Salary, £20, and fees, with
House, Garden, and Croft.
Logie School (fine new buildings)— William Martin, teacher. Female Department-
Mrs Martin.
Society School— Dallasbraughty— Jane Bowie, teacher. Halfdavoch School— Mrs
Russell, teacher.
Registrar and Session Clerk— Wm. Robertson, teacher.
Parochial Board— Members for Heritors— C. L. Cumming Bruce of Dunphail,
M.P., Chairman; Alex. Colvin, Earlsmill, for the Earl of Moray; Robert Walker,
Altyre, for Sir A. P. G. Cumming of Altvre, Bart. ; Robert Urquhart, Forres, for Mrs
Cumming of Logie ; William Sclanders, Forres, for Mr Smith of Relugas. For Kirk-
Session— The Rev. P. Farries ; John Hopkirk, Dunphail Mills ; James Allan, Tulley-
glens. Elected Members for 1862-3— Donald Morrison, Ardoch ; John Wight, Logie
Mains. Valuation— £4854 9s. Rate of assessment for poor, Is 7d per pound on the
rental of the parish i. e., 9*d on owner, and 9jd on occupant. Inspector and Collector
— William Robertson, teacher, Relugas Village.
Post Ofiice—At Tormore— Postmaster— William Grant, merchant A mail gig which
leaves Eo^e^at^' - 35 p.m. carries up the mails, reaching Edenkillie at 910 p.m. It
leaves Edenkillie the following day at 2'20 p.m., and reaches Forres at 5 p.m. On
Sunday it leaves Edenkillie at 7 A.M., and arrives at Forres at 9.40 a.m., leaving Forres
at night at the usual hour.
Adams, Hugh, innkeeper, Tomdow
Allan, James, farmer, Tullyglens
Alexander, Robert, crofter, Longley
Austin, Robert, miller, Moss-side
Barron, David, farmer, Craigroy
Brown, John, farmer, East Greens
Boyne, William, Knockiefin
Bruce, Major C. L. C. of Dunphail, M.P.
Bisset, John, farm manager, Berryley
Bell, Peter, gamekeeper, Redstean
Bowie, Jane, teacher, Dallasbrachty
Cumming, James, teacher, Conicavel
Cumming, John, fanner, Meiklegreen
Cruickshank, John, farmer, Regall
Cumming, Charles, farmer, Bogney
Cameron, Roderick, dyker, Oichquhorn
Chisholm, Donald, merchant, Balnain
Cowie, George, gardener, Relugas
Cumming, Thomas, crofter, Eastlands
Cameron, John, dyker, Mount
Calder, John, farmer, Pressley
Crawford, Donald, salmon fisher, Sluie
Crawford, George, salmon fisher, Sluie
Cumming,* Captain Lockhart Mure Va-
liant, of Logie
Duncan, Widow, Brackenhow
Duncan, James, crofter, Glassfield
Duncan, James, farmer, Chapelhill
Duncan, Alexander, weaver, Knockiefin
Dick,W., ground officer, Lodge, Downduff

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