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Dunbar, Sir Archibald, Bart, of North-
field, Duffus House
Dan, James, farmer, Roseislehaugh
Dunbar, John, blacksmith, Roseisle
Donaldson, R., tailor, College of Roseisle
Duncan, Win., farmer, Broomhill
Duncan, Alex., farmer, Begrow
Forsyth, John, crofter, Blackhill
Forsyth, Alex. T do. Bruntland
French, James, farmer, Kirkhill
Grant, Hon. Lewis A., Hopeman Lodge
(summer residence)
Gordon, Alex., farmer, Oldtown
Gregor, John, farmer, Bank
Grant, John, farmer, Easter Crookies
Gallon, Peter, blacksmith, Clashock
Gray, Eric, farmer, Backland
Gray, John, farmer, Eastertown
Grigor. John, farmer, Buthill
Gordon, Alex., joiner, Bruntland
Hunter, J., station agent, Wards
Hutcheson, James, farmer, "Wards
Hutcheson, George, farmer, Charlestown
Hutcheson, George, farmer, Bruntland
Innes, Wm., farmer, Oldtown
Jeans, John, farmer, Blacklands
Johnston, Wm., farmer, Williamston
Jeans, John, dyker, Old Inverugie
Jenkins, Robert, farmer, Bruntland
Iveir, Simon, Burnside House
Kennedy, John, shoemaker, Kirkhill
Laing, William, farmer, Longhillock
Mortimer, Peter, of Inverugie
Martin, Patrick, farmer, Keam
Macqueen, Rev. H. D., assistant minister
Murray, W, farmer, Picky law
M'Kenzie, Wm., farmer, Mossy ards
Murdoch, Alex., farmer, Northfield
Melvin, Alex., farmer, Bruntland
Nicol, John, teacher, Roseisle, and in-
spector of poor
Petrie, R., blacksmith, College of Roseisle
Pertrie, Alex., farmer, Waterymains
Petrie, James, do., do.
Panton, Wm., farmer, Bridgend
Pbirnister, George, farmer, Mains of
Reid, W., carpenter, College of Roseisle
Reid, James, farmer, Bank
Robertson, Thomas, gardener, Duffus
Robertson, James., farmer, Crosslota
Rhind, Wm., crofter, Bruntland
Robertson, James, shoemaker, Fort
Rhind, Hugh, crofter, Starmoss
Ross, Alex., farmer, do.
Sutherland, Eric, farmer, Rosevalley
Souter, George, crofter, Inverugie
Smith, John, farmer, Unthank
Smith, James, farmer, Old Duffus
Stephen, John, farmer, Eastertown
Smith, John, blacksmith, Cotinch
Simpson, James, farmer, Buthill
Shand, Helen, farmer, Buthill
Scott, David, farmer, Eastertown
Tulloch, David, farmer, Mid Mains
Williamson, George, farmer, Shempston
Winchester, Miss, farmer, Standing-
Walker, George, farmer, Phillaxdale
Watson, Peter, farmer, Unthank
Young, James, farmer, Waterton
Burshead is the largest town in the parish. Its population in 1861 was 1099 ; males,
4S5 ; females, 614. The sole proprietor is Wm. Young of Burghead. It is a Burgh
of Barony, the Baron Bailie being Wm. Grigor, writer, Elgin. It is situated on a bold
headland jutting out into the Moray Firth. The streets are regularly laid out, and
the greater part of the houses are well built. The trade of the burgh is considerable,
and it is expected that it will be increased by the extension of the railway to it, and
by improvements on the harbour, which, it is understood, are about to be commenced.
Established Church— A Chapel of Ease ; built in 1832. Minister— -The Rev. Alex,
Leslie ; ordained in 1846.
Free Church — Minister — Rev. David Waters ; ordained, 1826.
United Presbyterian Church— Rev. J. M. Erskine ; ordained, 1854.
Schools— General Assembly School— Teacher— Neil Gilchrist, who has a salary from
the Assembly's Education Committee, an allowance from the proprietor, the Govern-
ment Grant, the fees, and a free House and Garden. He is assisted by a pupil teacher,
Alex. Shiach ; and Mrs Gilchrist conducts the industrial department. Free Church
School— Teacher— Alex. Ferguson, who has a salary from the Free Church Education
Committee, the Government Grant, and the fees. He is assisted by a pupil teacher,
Alex. Jeffrey. Female School— Teacher— Mrs Ogilvie, who has a salary from the
Society in Scotland for Propogating Christian Knowledge, Female School (chiefly
for sewing, Ac.) — Teacher — Mrs Spence.
Post Office— Alex. Fraser, postmaster— a Money Order Office John Eadie, the
postman from Elgin, arrives at 9 '30 a.m., and leaves for Elgin at 1T5 P.M.
Coast Guard— Chief Officer— Daniel Currie ; commissioned boatman, John Currie ;
boatmen, Roderick M 'Ritchie, John Mitchell, Charles Bottril, and Wm. Milne
Principal Coast Officer — C. F. Reid.
Fishery Officer — James Wares.
Shoremaster — P. Christall.
Constable — Wm. Home,

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