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Wink, David, quarrier
White, Lewis, shoemaker
Wilson, John, carpenter
White, John, cooper
Wilson, George, shipmaster
White, Alex., shoemaker
Wiseman, Alex., merchant
Young, James, tailor
This parish extends along the shore of the Moray Firth, to the north of Elgin, from
which the Church is about five miles distant. The parish is some six miles in length,
by about three in breadth, and contains about 6000 acres arable. The towns of Burg-
head, Hopeman, Cummingston, and New Duffus (noticed specially below), are all
within the parish. The population may be given as follows : —
1861. 1851. Increase. Decrease.
Town of Burghead 1099 983 116 —
Town of Hopeman 1073 798 275 —
Village of Cummingston 215 220 — 5
Rural Districts 914 964 — 50
Totals 3301 2965 391 55
Heritors— Sir Archibald Dunbar, Bart, of Northfield ; Sir A. P. Gordon dimming,
Bart, of Altyre and Gordonstown ; C. L. Gumming Bruce of Roseisle, M.P. ; T.
Duff Gordon Duff of Hopeman ; Peter Mortimer of Inverugie ; Wm. Young of Burg-
head ; Rev. Augustus Campbell, of Roseislehaugh.
Patron — Sir Archibald Dunbar, Bart, of Northfield.
Minister— The Rev. Alex. Brander, D.D. ; ordained in 1828. Assistant— The Rev.
H. D. Macqueen. Stipend— As augmented in 1822, the stipend is 120 bolls oatmeal,
120 bolls barley, with £8 6s 8d for communion elements, besides, Manse, Offices, and
a Glebe of nine acres.
Rural District Schools— Parochial School— Teacher— Rev. J. Bain ; salary, £52 10s,
with Dick Bequest allowance, Government Grant, fees, and free House and Garden.
School of Roseisle— Teacher, John Nicoll, who has annual allowances from the pro-
prietors, and the fees.
Session Clerk and Registrar — Rev. James Bain.
Parochial Board— Meets in Grant's Inn, Hopeman. Members— For Heritors— Alex.
Cooper, writer, Elgin, factor for Sir Arcd. Dunbar, Bart., and T. Duff Gordon Duff
of Hopeman, &c. ; Robert Walker, factor for Sir A. P. Gordon Cumming, Bart, of
Altyre ; Wm. Sclanders, writer, Forres, factor for C. L. Cumming Bruce of Roseisle,
M.P. ; P. Mortimer of Inverugie; Robert Young, writer, Elgin, for the Rev.
Augustus Campell of Roseislehaugh ; J. Wares, Fishery Officer, Burghead, for Wm.
Young of Burghead, and the heirs of the late Rev. Dr Mackay, of Rafford ; Robert
Urquhart, writer, Forres, for Robert Milne, Abbeyside, Kinloss ; John Cook, Burg-
head ; Alex. M'Donald, mason, Burghead ; John Ross, commission agent, Burghead ;
Macduff Commercial Company ; James Cameron, fishcurer, Hopeman. For Kirk-
Session— The Rev. Alex. Brander, D.D. ; John Young. Waterton, and Alex. Mtmro,
elders. Elected Members— Rev. James Bain ; James Smith, Old Duffus ; John Geils,
Burghead ; and J. Mowbray Beveridge, teacher, Hopeman. Chairman— Alexander
Cooper, writer, Elgin. Medical Officer— Dr. Ross, Elgin.
Inspector and Collectoi — Mr John Nicoll, School of Roseisle.
Assessment— About £600 yearly. Rate, 8£d per pound on owners of lands and
heritages ; 5d per pound on occupants of lands, &c. ; lOd per pound on occupants of
shops, warehouses, &c. ; and Is 3d per pound on occupants of dwelling-houses.
N umber of poor on roll, 90.
Letters are left at various places by a foot post, who passes through the centre of
the parish to Hopeman and Burghead. He leaves Elgin at 6 a.m., and reaches it in
returning about half-past four.
Railway Stations— Elgin, Burghead or Wards, near Roseisle.
Anderson, James, wright, Cotinch
Anderson, George, shoemaker, College of
Anderson, Alex., do., do.,
Anderson, John, farmer, Bridgend
Anderson, John, farmer, Starwood
Anderson, Wm., quarrier, Hopeman
Brander, Rev., Alex., D.D., minister
Bain, Rev. James, schoolmaster
Bannerman, James, farmer, Meadow-
Collie, John, farmer, Bank
Collie, James, do., do.
Cruickshank, J., farmer, Waterymains

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