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Commissioned Boatmen— Daniel ITutton and Michael Collins. Boatmen— James
Malcolm and Alex. M 'Donald
The Lossiemouth Seaman's Friend Society — President — R. Brander, J. P. Directors
ex-ofiiciis—T~he Rev. James Weir, Drainie; Rev. C. Tulloch, F.C., Lossiemouth;
and W. M'Donald, U.P. Church, do. Committee of Directors— -Messrs Manson, Russell,
Crowden, Simmie, W. Fraser, Forbes, J. Russell, and J. Grant. Treasurer — R.
Manson, agent, Branderburgh. Secretary — R. Simmie, H.M. Customs.
Mutual Improvement Association — Pesident — Alex. Sim, banker ; Vice-President
— James Scott ; Secretary— R. Manson ; Treasurer-^-W. Fraser.
Total A bstinence Society — President — James Crowden ; Vice-President — James Scott ;
Corresponding Secretary — R. Simmie ; Secretary— W. Souter ; Treasurer — Thos. Bower.
Lossiemouth A rtillery Volunteers (1st Elginshire Artillery Volunteers) — Captain —
Alex. Sim, banker ; First Lieutenant-^-Rdbert Manson ; Second Lieutenant — Alex.
Shand ; Drill Instructor — Harry Thomson ; Strength of Force — 60 ; Battery with four
Platforms, Expense Magazine, and Guns ; Honorary Members — Wm. Stephen, Inch-
broom, Wm. Ray, Sunbank ; Dr Sidey ; Captain Shand ; Eric Anderson, &c.
Principal Hotels— Station Hotel — Mrs Collier ; Railway and Steamboat Hotel —
James Bell ; Harbour Hotel— Mrs Sim's ; Mrs Macdonald's Hotel ; " Brander Arms "
— James Riach; "The Sailor's Home"— Widow Winchester; Temperance Hotel —
Mrs. Drainie.
Postmaster— Robert Sim, merchant tailor. South mails arrive at 3'40 p.m., and at
6*40 p.m. ; and north mails at 9 '20 a.m., with additional north mail (from Inverness,
Nairn, Forres, and Elgin only) at 6"40 p.m. ; south mails are despatched at 4'10 p.m.,
and 7 p.m. ; north mails at 10'30 a.m., and 410 p.m. Latest hours for posting letters
for south, 4 p.m., and 6 "50 p.m., and for north, 10 '20 a.m., and 4 p.m
Anderson, Alex., carter
Anderson, Wm., shoemaker
Anderson, James, do.
Anderson, Ann, dressmaker
Anderson, Wm., sawyer
Anderson, James, grocer
Armstrong, Andrew, carpenter
Alexander, James, tinsmith
Anderson, Alex., blacksmith
Allan, George, joiner
Allan, James, do.
Anderson, John, meal dealer
Baddon, Wm., shipowner
Burnett, Alex., cooper
Brander, Wm., shipmaster
Bell, James, innkeeper
Bethune, Murdoch, cooper
Black, Ann, dressmaker
Bower, Thomas, shoemaker
Barron, Wm., cooper
Bain, James, carter
Bowie, Widow Wm., vintner
Bain, John, cooper
Cameron, James, mason
Collins, Michael, Coast Guard
Cameron, Alex., mason
Cameron, James, mason
Crowden, James, Coast Guard officer
Cunningham, Adam, carpenter
Cowie, Wm., feuar
Copland, Alex., cooper
Coull, Widow A. C. , grocer
Coull, Alex., shipmaster
Calder, John, flesher
Collier, Widow J., innkeeper
Cameron, James, meal dealer
Cumming, Lewis, baker
Cook, John, grocer
Cameron, John, mason
Dawson, James, cooper
Dean, John, shoemaker
Docker, Alex., shipmaster
Davidson, John, cooper
Duncan, Wm., carpenter
Duncan, Ann, dressmaker
Davidson, Samuel, carter
Edward, John, pilot
Elder, Andrew, cooper
Edward, John, thatcher
Edward, Wm., shoemaker
Fraser, Charles, grocer
Fraser, William, grocer
Fife, William, grocer
Forsyth, John, shipmaster
Fenton, Joseph, mason
Forsyth, James, labourer
Florance, John, blacksmith
Florance, Thomas, blacksmith
Forsyth, Widow James
Fraser, Alex., mason
Forsyth, George, shoemaker
Forsyth, John, turner
Forsyth, Alex., quarrier
Fraser, Hugh, mason
Fraser, Isabella, dressmaker
Fraser, Alex., mason
Forbes, Arthur, agent
Fraser, James, mason
Goodfellow, Wm., mason
Gullie, Alexander, porter
Geddie, John, shipbuilder
Gordon, George, salmon fisher
Grant, James, merchant
Gregory, Widow Thomas, feuar
Gow, Andrew, feuar
Garvock, Widow George, grocer
Geddie, Wm., shipbuilder
Gvigor, John, carter
Grant, Widow James, vintner
Hendry, John, shoemaker
Hay, James, agent
Henderson, John, shoemaker

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