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Hardie, William, mason, Dallas.
Hay, Alex., farmer, Edinville.
Hay, Robert, farmer, Colburn.
Kynoak, George, farmer, Blackmire.
Leslie, William, mason, Dallas.
Leslie, William, crofter, Tapp.
Macdonald, Rev. John, minister.
Milne, Robert, crofter, Oakwood.
Mason, John, farmer, Edinville.
Macdonald, J., weaver, Kirktowngreen.
M'Kenzie, John, farmer, Rinniegoup.
Mann, James, crofter, Tandagart.
Miller, Alex., farmer, Lennach.
Moir, Alex., feuar, Dallas.
Macleod, John, shoemaker, do.
Macintosh, Margaret, teacher, do.
Mitchell, William, cartwright, do.
Mitchell, James, carpenter, do.
Milne, Helen, midwife, do.
M'Kenzie, Donald, crofter, Coldhome.
M'Intosh, William, farmer, Runavey.
M'Phail, John, farmer, Branchill.
M'Lennan, Wm., carpenter, Craigmill.
Maver, James, fanner, Craigmill.
Murray, Alex., farmer, Craighead.
M'Leod, John, tailor, Windyknowes.
M'Pherson, John, farmer, Succoth.
M'Quiban, J., crofter & weaver, Febbegg.
M'Quiban, Janet, fanner, Whitemoss.
M 'Donald, Jas., gamekeeper, Coldhome.
Nicol, Alex., postmaster, Dallas.
Nairn, John, farmer, Branchill.
Philip, William, contractor, Dallas.
Philip, George, carrier, do.
Phimister, A., farmer, Torewhinnie.
Allan, Thomas, farmer, Easter Kellas.
Allan, John, crofter, Hill of Kellas.
Allan, James, mason, do.
Brown, John, farmer, Bodnamuir.
Barron, James, crofter, Badymuchael.
Banon, John, fanner, do.
Campbell, John, schoolmaster.
Calder, Alex., gamekeeper.
Clark, Elizabeth, grocer.
Clark, John, farmer, Bogbnie.
Cumming, Wm., farmer, Lennochburn.
Findlay, John, Mains of Kellas.
Gilzean, T., crofter and weaver, Bunach.
Gallon, John, fanner, Bodenstalker.
Grigor, James, farmer, Blackbanks.
Grant, Finlay, farmer, Bands.
Hay, Robert, crofter, Bunach.
Hay, William, farmer, Bodnamuir.
Philip, George, farmer, Auchness.
Philip, R., farmer, Aultuquhurn.
Philip, Robert, thatcher, Dallas.
Riach, John, farmer, Ditchheads.
Riach, William, crofter, Edinville.
Robertson, William, carrier, Dallas.
Robertson, Alex., feuar, do.
Ross, Robert, grocer, do.
Riach, Jane, dressmaker, do.
Riach, Alex., pensioner, Coldhome
Riach, James, forester, CraigmilL
Robei'tson, George, miller, do.
Ross, D., shoemaker, Coatbrae.
Ross, David, farmer, Burnside.
Smith, Alex., farmer, Hatton.
Sutherland, Andrew, farmer, Park.
Sutherland, Andrew, farmer, Blackhiils.
Stewart, James, shoenmker, Dallas.
Scott, George, merchant, do.
Smith, James, feuar, do.
Stewart, Widow, vintner, do.
Scott, James, shoemaker, do.
Stewart, Alex., do. do.
Smith, D., farmer, Tomnamain.
Smith, Jas., crofter, Parks of Branchill.
Sutherland, Andrew, farmer, Blackhiils.
Shaw, Robert, farmer, Souldou.
Winchester, Alex., farmer, Craigroy.
Young, James, schoolmaster.
Young, John, farmer, Rhemichie.
Young, John, feuar, Dallas.
Young, John, jun., do., do.
Young, Alex., farmer, Tombreck.
Young Robert, farmer, Hillockhead.
Henry, Alex., merchant, Bunach.
James, John, farmer, Miltown.
James, Robert, farmer, Bodnafluch.
Miller, James, crofter, Bunach.
Mason, William, farmer, Conachie.
Murdoch, John, farmer, Whiterashes.
M'Kenzie, John, farmer, Bodnafluch.
M 'Donald, John, crofter, Point.
Nicol, James, blacksmith.
Robertson, Alex., crofter, Bunach.
Riach, James, do., do.
Roy, Alex., farmer, Bodnamuir.
Shanks, John, farmer, Bunach.
Stalker, William, shoemaker, Newtown.
Wink, John, crofter, Easter Kellas.
Wink, James, farmer, Craighead.
Wink, John, farmer, Bodnamuir.
Drainie comprehends the ancient and united parishes of Kinneddar and Ogston, the
former having been a parsonage, and the latter a mensal church. The church of the
united parish was built, the statistical account says, about 1666, near the mansion
house, and on the estate of Drainie, and thereby gave name to the united parish ; but
on the spire of the ruin of the old church, which is still standing, is the date 1675.
It is situated between the Loch of Spynie and the Moray Firth, and in
extent it is about four miles in length by two in breadth. It has within it the
thriving seaport towns of Lossiemouth and Branderburgh, which we notice below
under the name of Lossiemouth. The landwand part of the parish is taken up with
large farms, and, in consequence, it is thinly peopled.

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