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Ross, Angus, blacksmith.
Stewart, John, teacher, Grammar School.
Stewart, James, National Bank agent.
Sim, Wm., carpenter.
Stewart, James, flesher.
Simpson, George, plasterer.
Stewart, Charles, merchant.
Smith, James, watchmaker.
Smith, Gordon, mason.
Strachan, Miss Agnes, teacher, Indus-
trial School.
Stuart, John, land steward.
Stewart, Wm., carpenter.
Stewart, John, carpenter.
Stewart, Wm., feuar.
Stewart, John, flesher.
Thomson, Dr. A B.
Thomson, Edward, watchmaker.
Thomson, Archibald, Inland Revenue-
Urquhart, Alex., painter.
Winchester, Robert, mason.
Yeats, Charles, saddler.
This parish is fifteen miles in length and nine in breadth. The village of Dallas,
where the Church, School, and principal trade of the parish are, is about eleven mil eg
south-west of Elgin.
Population in 1861— -Stales, 551 ; females, 551 ; total, 1102.
Patron — Sir A. P. Gordon Cumming, Bart, of Altyre.
Minister— Rev. J. Macdonald Ordained 10th July, 1844. Stipend, £158 6s 8d (in-
cluding money for communion elements) with Manse, Offices, and a Glebe of ten acres.
Parochial School — James Young, teacher. Salary £52 10s., with Dick Bequest,
school fees, besides free House and Garden. Emoluments in all are about £110.
Kellas School— John Campbell, teacher. Supported by the Earl of Fife, and the fees.
Heritors— Sir A. P. Gordon Cumming, Bart., the Earl of Fife, and J. W. Grant of
Wester Elchies.
Free Church— Rev. William Davidson, ordained in 1844.
Parochial Board—For Heritors, Robert Walker, Altyre, factor for Sir A. P. Gordon
Cumming, Bart. ; Alex. Macnaughton, W.S., Edinburgh, factor for J. W. Grant of
Elchies ; Alex. Lawson, Oldmills, factor for Lord Fife. For Kirk-Session, Rev John
Macdonald, minister ; John Cruickshank, Coldhome ; Robert Philip, Aultachurn ;
and George Scott, Dallas, elders. Elected Members — George Philip, Auchness ; and
John Mason, Hill of Edenville.
Assessment for last year, £418 16s 5d, half on heritors and half on tenant^ which
is lOd. per pound on each. Inspector — James Young, schoolmaster.
Session Clerk and Registrar— $ ames Young, schoolmaster.
Post Toion— Forres. Post leaves Forres daily, except Sunday, at 815 A.M., reaching
Dallas at 11 A.M., and leaving it in return about two p.m., reaching Forres in time
for the afternoon mail to the north.
Nearest Railway Station — Forres, which is about nine miles distant.
Anderson, Alex., farmer/Balluchraggan.
Anderson, James, crofter, Wangyhill.
Anderson, William, vintner, Dallas.
Anderson, William, thatcher, do.
Anderson, John, kilnman, Craigmill.
Anderson, John, farmer, Bethlehem.
Anderson, T., Berryknowes.
Anderson, William, farmer, Tomcork.
Bluntach, A., farmer, Rinniegoup.
Bain, Hugh, crofter, Coldhome.
Cameron, Alex., farmer, Slacks.
Cruickshank, John, farmer, Coldhome.
Cumming, R., farmer, Branchill.
Cameron, Thomas, do., do.
Davidson, Rev. William, F. C. Manse.
Dunbar, A., farmer, Yellowbog.
Douglas, George, farmer, Aultayuish.
Douglas, Lewis, farmer, Scotachleys.
Douglas, George, crofter, Linnach Hill.
Dunbar, William, flesher, Gervaul.
Findlay, Alex., farmer, Craigend.
Findlay, James, farmer, Edinville.
Fraser, Alex., farmer, Skatebrae.
Fraser, George, miller, Mill of Dallas.
Fraser, Hugh, shoemaker, Dallas.
Fraser, James, farmer, Mossend.
Findlay, James, farmer, Ardach.
George, Augustine King, Dallas Lodge.
Gordon, T., crofter and tailor, WangyhilL
Gordon, Philip, feuar, Dallas.
Grant, Daniel, tailor, do.
Grigor, William, mason, do.
Gallon, Alex., blacksmith, do.
Gallon, James, do. do.
Geddes, John, merchant, do.
Grant, Alex., mason, do.
Garrow, John, do. do.
Grigor, John, do. do.
Grigor, William, farmer, Clashdon.
Grant, John, farmer, Branchill.
Gordon, Alex., blacksmith, Craigmill.
Garrow, William, crofter, Silverford.
Grigor, A., carding miller, Hillockhead.
Grant, Charles, farmer, Whiterashes.
Gordon, George, farmer, Goatcraig.
Grant, Donald, farmer, Torchastle.
Grigor, William, crofter, Hillockhead.
Grant, James, crofter, Coldwells.
Hardy, John, farmer, Rhininver.
Howieson, Arch., gamekr., Dallas Lodge.

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