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M'Kenzie, froni Abernethy, weekly ; Gregor Grant, from Rothiemurchus, weekly ;
Lachlan Grant, from Nairn, daily ; John Stewart, from DuthiL weekly.
Railioay Stations — At present Craigellachie is the nearest Railway Station, but
there will be a Station of the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway within about
half a-mile of the village, and a Station of the Strathspey Railway at Bridge of Spey.
Allan, James, Inland Revenue.
Blackie, Dr.
Bain, Henry, Inland Revenue,
Burgess, Grigor, fiesher.
Burgess, Lachlan, fiesher.
Barron, James, Speyside coach.
Brown, Capt., Inverness, &c, Militia.
Gumming & Macdougall, merchants.
Campbell, Alex.
Cameron, Mrs., merchant.
Cumming, James, wheelwright.
Cameron, Grigor, tailor.
Cameron, John, merchant.
Cruickshank, Peter, merchant.
Cameron, George, shoemaker.
Cumming, Wm., carter.
Cumming, Donald, carter.
Duncan, A. & W., druggists;.
Dunbar, Robert H. , merchant.
Dunbar, Robert, New Inn.
Fleming,. Wm., Caledonian bank agent,
and solicitor.
Fyfe, Donald, sen., blacksmith,
Fyfe, Donald, jun,,
Forbes, George, blacksmith.
Finlay, James (late baker), tenementer.
Falconer, Donald, baker.
• Fraser, James, hairdresser.
Ferguson, John.
Fraser, Widow Margaret,
Forbes, James, slater, and tenementer.
Falconer, Alexander, South Street.
Glass, Robert, Grant Arms Hotel.
Gibson, Magnus, merchant.
Gibson,. Robert, tinsmith.
Glass, Wilbam, merchant.
Gordon, John, merchant.
Gill, Andrew, merchant and postmaster.
Glass, John, baker.
Graham, Aikman, contractor.
Grant, Rev. Lewis, the Manse.
Grant, Donald, Royal Bank agent, and
Grant, David, cartwright.
Grant, James, jun., merchant.
Grant, Alex., fiesher.
Grant, Donald, road contractor.
Grant, Frederick, merchant tailor.
Grant, Gregor, carpenter.
Grant, John, mason.
Grant, Mrs., late Ballifurth.
Grant, Rev. W., Baptist Church.
Grant, John, postman.
Grant, John, meal dealer.
Grant John, messenger-xit-arms and ac-
Grant, Alex., merchant.
Grant, Mrs., Margaret.
Grant, Robert, shoemaker,.
Grant, Allan, merchant.
Grant, Mrs. Ann,
Grant, Peier.
Grant, James, carter.
Grant, James, merchant*
Grant, Donald, feuar.
Grant, James, mason.
Grant, John, wheelwright.
Grant, John, pensioner.
Grant, Miss Ann, dressmaker.
Grant, Mrs Grigor, Back Street*
Grant, Miss, dressmaker.
Grant, Miss May, Square.
Harvie, John, shoemaker.
Harvey, George, shoemaker.
Hendrie, George, fiesher.
Harvey, Mrs. David, Square.
Hay, James, manager. Railway Works.
Johnston, Mrs., matron, Speyside Cha-
rity School.
Johnston, Charles.
Macgregor, Alex., Black Bull Hotel.
Macbean, Miss, east end.
-Mackintosh, Francis, baker.
Meldrum, Alex., tailor.
Macqueen, Alex., forester.
Mackintosh, Elsie, baker,
Menzies, Wm., wood merchant.
Mackintosh, Robt., mason.
Macintyre, John, superintendent of Spey
Mackintosh, Donald, carpenter.
Macgregor, John, saddler.
Mackintosh, Alex., meal dealer.
Mackintosh, Alex., feuar.
Macgregor, James, feuar.
Meldrum, Wm., blacksmith.
Mackintosh, Lewis, mason.
Macgilivray, Alex., carpenter.
Marshall, James, road inspector.
M Andrew, James, pahngmaker.
M 'Donald, James.
M'Pherson„ Alex., merchant.
M'Donald, Wm., do.
M 'Donald, John, do.
M'Donald, Misses J. & E, merchants.
M'Pherson, Walter, tenementer.
M'Kerras, James, carpenter.
M'Donald, Peter, hostler.
M'Donald, D,
Mackenzie, Donald.
Nairn, Misses.
Orchard, Mrs
Pagan, Mrs., dressmaker*
Roles, Charles, supervisor,, Inland Re-
Robertson, Robt, pensioner.
Ross, James, shoemaker.
Robertson, Miss Rachel, dressmaker.
Russell, James, feuar.
Russell, James,, jun., merchant,

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