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M'Pherson, Dun., farmer, Tomnageaun.
M'Dcmald, Donald, farmer, Gorton.
M 'Donald, Alex., farmer, Rychorraeh.
M'Ddugall, D., farmer, Upper Craggan.
M'Donald w John, farmer, iteneckra.
M 'Donald, P., crofter, W. Crannich.
M'Pherson, James, farmer, Easter Curr.
M' Donald, D., farmer, Corrycharde.
M'Kenzie, John, schoolmaster, Dellifirre.
M 'Donald, John, farmer, Wester Shen-
M 'Donald, John, farmer, Wester Auch-
M 'Donald, James, farmer, Tormore.
M 'Donald, James, farmer, Airdbeg.
Robertson, Alex., Lethendry.
Robertson, James, farmer and miller,
Upper Craggan.
Ross, John, carpenter, Dulnain Bridge.
Rose, Dugald, innkeeper, Cromdale.
Robertson, John, Lower Claggersnach.
Stewart, Lewis, farmer, Ochtogorm.
Stewart, Thomas, farmer, Ballieward.
Stewart, John, farmer, Lynmagregor.
Stewart, Donald, farmer, W. Rynballoch.
Stewart, Peter, farmer, Sturendeie.
Stewart, Thomas, farmer Belnafettack.
Smith, John, farmer, Easter Pollowick.
Stewart, James, farmer, Balchule.
Stewart, farmer, Mains of Cromdale.
Stewart, Wm., farmer, Polcreach.
Smith, John,, factor for Earl of Seafield,
and farmer, Inverallan.
Smith, Alex., farmer, Curr.
Smith, John, do., do.
Smith, Peter, do., do.
Stewart, Grace, Burnside.
Stewart, David, farmer, Ochtobeg.
M'Donald, James, farmer, Camriach.
M 'Donald, John, crofter and miller,
M'Gregor, Sweton, crofter and milled
M'lntosh, Charles, farmer, Auldyorn.
M'Kenzie, Don., crofter, Auchnahannefc.
M'Pherson, Mian, farmer, Balnmuick.
Macqueen, James, farmer, Easter Auch-
Macqueen, James, farmer, Wester do.
Malcolmson, Kinloch, farmer, Lynelish,
More, Peter, crofter, Balnaan.
Smith, David, crofter, Balnallan.
Nairn, Peter, farmer, Upper Gaich.
Patterson, W, crofter, Ryechraggan.
Rose, Wm., farmer, Easter Dellifure.
Russell Lewis, farmer, W. Culf oichmore.
Ross, John, crofter, Lots of Bellieward.
Russell, Colquhoun, farmer and inn-
keeper, Dava.
Robertson, Jas., farmer, W. Lethendry.
Warren, James, farmer, Tirribeg.
Grantown is in the parish of Cromdale and Inverallan, and is a thriving town, in a
very pleasant, picturesque, and central position. It is thirty-four miles south-west of
Elgin, twenty-two south of Forres and Nairn, and fifteen north-east of Aviemore.
Previous to 1766, the site of the village was a barren and untenanted heath. The
building of it was commenced at that time by Sir James Grant of Grant, and the
family of Grant have been its continual benefactors. It is clean and airy; the houses
are generally neat and well kept, and there are several very tidy residences in the
town. There is an excellent Grammar School in it ; and a handsome infant
school newly erected, besides an Hospital for thirty Orphans, on the plan of the
Edinburgh Orphans' Hospital The National, Caledonian, and Royal, Banks have
each branches here, and there are in the town various elegant shops, and three very
good inns, the "Grant Arms," the "Black Bull," and the "New Inn," the former
having of late been rendered famous by the Queen and the late Prince Consort having
slept a night and breakfasted in it when they visited Strathspey on the 4th of Sept.,
1860. The population in 1861 was 1334, or 596 males and 73^ females.
There is a Mission Church in the town, the district attached to which comprises
the old parish of Inverallan. The church was built in 1802, and contains sittings for
1000. The mission was established in 1835, previous to which time the minister of
Cromdale preached every alternate Sunday at Grantown. There is also in Grantown
the Free Church for Cromdale, and a Baptist Chapel.
Baron Bailie — John Smith, factor for the Earl of Seafield.
Minister — Rev. Lewis Grant, salary £80.
Free Church — Rev. Donald Praser, minister.
Baptist Church — Rev. Peter Grant, and Rev. Wm. Grant, ministers.
Grammar School — Established by Sir James Grant of Grant, the teacher receiving
an allowance from his successor, the Earl of Seafield — Present teacher, J. Stewart.
Infant School — Established by the Right Hon. the Countess of Seafield, and the
late Captain John Grant, Congash — Teacher, Miss Strachan.
Free Church School— Teacher, Peter Grant.
Ragged School — (Vacant.)
Speyside Charity School — Trustees end Governors, the Right Hon. the Earl of Sea-
field, the ministers of Cromdale, Abernethy, Duthil, Knockando, and Inveravon,
together with John Smith, factor for the Earl of Seafield, Alex. Cumming, Beananich,
and D. Grant, Royal Bank, Grantown. Treasurer — Rev. D. Maclnnes. Secretary— Rev.

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