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Sutherland, Jas., crofter, Bridgend.
Simpson, Jas., sen., crofter, Culf oldie.
Simpson, Jas., jun., farmer, do.
Stewart, Win., shomaker, Soundmuir.
Shearer, Wm., farmer, Sbandstown.
Stewart, Alex., crofter, Shians.
Stewart, Peter, Popine Mills.
Smith, James, shoemaker, Fiddich Cot-
Strachan, Joseph, farmer, Hillhead.
Stephen, Jas., shoemaker, Deanshaugh.
Sime, James, farmer, Clockan wells.
Taylor, James, crofter, Slackbuie.
Taylor, Wm., crofter, Soundmuir.
Taylor, Alex., farmer, Maryhill.
Taylor, John, merchant, Woodside.
Watt, P., blacksmith, Upper Oldtown.
Watt, Wm., farmer, Dunniehorn.
Watt, Alex., farmer, Auchmadies.
Watt, George, farmer, Balnellan.
Webster, John, crofter, Slackbuie.
Watt, James, crofter, Midtown.
Watt, Jas., farmer, Cummingston.
Watt, George, crofter, Shians.
Wall, David, farmer, Knockando.
White, James, farmer, Cummingston.
This parish is situated on the banks of the Spey, and chiefly in the county of
Inverness, and comprehends the parishes of Advie and Inverallan, which were united
to it. The Town of Grantown is in this parish. Length of the parisb, 17 miles ;
extreme breadth, 10 miles.
Population — The population of the parish in 1861 was 1841 males, and 2101 females
— in all, 3942. In the Morayshire part of the parish, there were 282 males, and 284
females — total, 566. In tbe Inverness-shire part, 1559 males, and 1817 females — total,
3376. The population of Grantown is 1334, or 596 males, and 738 females.
Patron— The Right Hon. the Earl of Seafield.
Minister — The Rev. Duncan Maclnnes. Stipend, as settled in 1819, sixteen
chalders, half meal and half barley, with £8 6s. 8d. for communion elements, besides
Manse, Offices, and two Glebes.
Schools— There are four parish schools — one at Cronidale*— Teacher, Robert G. Dun~
bar ; salary £20, with fees and free House and Garden ; one at Dellifure — Teacher, John
M'Kenzie ; salary, £16, with fees, free House and Garden ; one at Dulnain Bridge —
Teacher, James Menzies ; salary, £16, with Government Grant, fees, and free House
and Croft ; one at Advie — Teacher, James Grant ; salary, £16, with Dick Bequest
(being in Morayshire), fees, free House and Garden.
Sole Heritor — The Earl of Seafield.
Parochial Board — For Heritors — John Smith, factor for the Earl of Seafield ; John
Gordon, merchant, Grantown ; Henry Bain, Grantown ; George Harvey, Grantown ;
Francis M'Intosh, Grantown ; Henry Grant, Straan ; Wm. Stewart, solicitor, Inver-
ness ; Wm. Fleming, Caledonian Bank ; James Smith, watchmaker ; Andrew Gill,
postmaster ; Alex. Sim, merchant ; Alex. Mann, Nairn ; John Grant, weaver. Achna-
gonalin ; James Russell, feuar; Donald Grant, Royal Bank; Misses M Donald,
merchants; James_Finlay, baker; Alex. Grant, Gaich; John M 'Donald, mer-
chant, Grantown; Donald Grant, feuar ; George Cameron, shoemaker; Alex. M'Gil-
livray ; John Grant, accountant. For Kirk-Session — Rev. Duncan Maclnnes, Crom-
dale ; John Cruickshank ; Jas. Gordon ; Grigor Fyfe ; Donald Stewart, John Calder.
Elected Members — John Gordon, Ballintomb ; Alex. Stewart, Dalvey ; Jn. Gumming,
Curr ; Chas. Grant, Advie ; Peter Grant, Lethendry. Number of poor on roll, 178. As-
sessment levied on proprietors at the rate of Is. 9d. per pound, and, on occupiers, at
the rate of Is. 9d. per pound. Inspector— Sweton Eraser, Auchernack. Collector —
J. Grant Mackay, factor's office.
Registrars — Cromdale and Advie District — Robert G. Dunbar, schoolmaster,
Cromdale. Inverallan District.— John Stewart, Grammar School, Grantown.
Post Office — Cromdale, by Craigellachie.
Postmistress — Mrs Geddes. Mails received about 9 P.M., and despatched about
Allan, Wm., farmer, Clury.
Adam, James, farmer, Achroshk.
Adam, Robert, farmer, Achroshk.
Allan, George G., farmer, Knock of
Burgess, Alex., farmer, Ballinluigg.
Bruce, Robert, fanner, Upper Derraid.
Black, James S., merchant, Spey Bidge.
Clark, Alex., merchant, Dulnain Bridge.
Calder, John, farmer, Tombain.
Calder, Alex., farmer, Tombain.
Calder, Peter, farmer, Lower Derraid.
Calder, Alex., crofter, Easter Crannich.
Cattanach, J., blacksmith, Ardbeg.
dimming, William, farmer, Balvatton.
Cumming, P., farmer, Anaboard.
Cumming, John, farmer, Wester Curr.
Cameron, John, farmer, Broompark.
Cameron, D., crofter, Shindale.
Cameron, D., farmer, Glengour.
Cameron, John, crofter, Ryluachrach.
Cruickshank, R., crofter, Uigg.
Cruickshank, J., farmer, Wester Driggie.
Cruickshank, Andrew, farmer, Gorfon.

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