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"Shepherd, John, farmer, Auldthash.
Stewart, W., crofter, Ordifish.
Scott, Alex., farmer, Byres.
Simon, John, crofter, N. Dallachy.
Smith, James, crofter, Tugnet.
Sievewright, Jas., salmon fishings' clerk,
Smith, Widow Ann, farmer, N. Auchin-
Taylor, John, crofter, Ordifish.
Thomson, Geo., crofter, Bogmoor.
Thomson, Jas., do. do.
Thomson, Ja., gatekeeper, Roman Camp.
Wilson, Alex., crofter, Bogmoor.
Younie, W., crofter, Ordifish.
Young, Jas., crofter, N. Dallachy.
Fochabers is a Burgh of Barony, having had an urban population in 1861 of 1145, or
514 males and 631 females.
Bamn Bailie — Alex. Marquis, Fochabers.
Cleric — Joseph Wiseman. Officer — Alex. Gibb.
Sheriff Courts. — Sheriff Small Debt Courts are held in the town upon the Satur-
days succeeding the second Mondays of February, June, and October. Sheriff-Clerk
Depute — John Cran, banker.
Milne's Ftee School— Alex. Milne, of the City of New Orleans, a native of
Fochabers, by his will, dated 17th October, 1836, bequeathed to the Town of Focha-
bers the sum of 100,000 dollars, to be employed in establishing a Free School, with
competent teachers, in Fochabers, for the use of the parishes of Bellie and Ordifish.
An Act of Parliament was obtained 2Sth July, 1S43, incorporating and appointing the
following persons as Directors, viz. — The Most Noble Charles Gordon, Duke of Rich-
mond and Lennox ; the Sheriff Gf the County of Elgin ; the Minister of the parish of
Bellie ; the Duke of Richmond's Chamberlain ; the Baron Bailie of the town of
Fochabers, and their successors, and three Feuars of the town, to be elected by the
feuars themselves — one of the three to so out annually by rotation. Amount realised,
about £21,000. Present Directors— His (Jrace the Duke of Richmond ; Mr Sheriff Bell,
in his absence Mr Sheriff Smith ; the Rev. R. Cushny, minister of Bellie ; Thomas
Balmer, Chamberlain ; Alex. Marquis, Baron Bailie ; James Munro, James Hender-
son, and the Rev. David Dewar, feuars. Treasurer — John Cran, Union Bank. Se-
cretary — John Gray, cabinetmaker. The Schools were opened on the 16th day of
November, 1846 ; and the Teachers are — Rector, Robt. Ogilvie, M. A. English Teacher,
James Duncan. Writing and Arithmetic Master, James Strachan. English Teacher,
James Macandrew. Female School — Miss Sutherland, teacher.
Sub-Distributor of Statrqis — John Cran, banker.
Gas Light Company — Directors for 1S62-3 — James Munro, Chairman ; Dr Robert-
son ; Dr Smith; John Gray, cabinetmaker; John Cran, banker; Alex. Mitchell,
sen. ; Jas. Duncan, shoemaker ; Thos. Clapperton ; Jas. Steel, sawyer ; Alex. Glass,
cartwright ; John Hunter, Dipple ; Alex. Reid, merchant. Secretary — Wm. Sieve-
wright. Fireman — John Gordon. Annual meeting held on third Thursday of July.
Price of gas per 1000 cubic feet, 10s. 10d.
Savings' Bank — President— The Rev. Robert Cushny. Trustees — Thomas Balmer ;
Rev. J. Wilson, Enzie ; Rev. C. W. Barclay, Enzie ; Rev. A. Brownie, Bogsor ;
Rev. D. Dewar, Fochabers ; the Very Rev. Dean Christie, E. C. ; Rev. P. J. Weir,
R. C. C. ; Dr R,obertson ; and Dr Smith. Actuary— John Cran. Treasurer — Alex.
Marquis. The Bank is open on Thursday before last Saturday of each month, for
transacting business ; and the Annual General Meeting is held in November.
Bank Agent— Union Bank, John Cran.
Insurance Agents — Scottish Provincial Assurance Co., John Cran, banker; Stan-
dard Life Assurance Co., and North British Assurance Co., Alex. Marquis.
Medical Practitioners — William Robertson, Robert Smith, and George Forbes.
Richmond Rifle Corps — (5th Elginshire Rifle Volunteers) — Captain— John Barclay,
Braes of Enzie. Lieutenant — James Wallace, Hotel. Ensign — Alex. Mitchell, mer-
chant. Secretary — John Cran, banker. Honorary Members — His Grace the Duke of
Richmond ; Lord George Gordon Lennox ; Thomas Balmer ; Alex. Marquis ; Rev.
Jas. Wilson, Enzie ; John Gray, Fochabers ; John Webster, Gordon Castle. Strength
of Force, 62.
Principal Inns — Gordon Arms Hotel, James Wallace. Plough Inn, John Grant.
Total Abstinence Society — Established May, 1860. Managed by a President, Secre-
tary, Treasurer, and a Committee numbering about twelve. President — Mr James
Henderson, carpenter. Secretary — Mr Wm. Innes, student. Treasurer — Mr James
Innes, shoemaker.
On 3d Wednesday of Januarj'. On 2d Wednesday of August
On 4th „ of March. On 4th „ of October.
On 4th „ of May; On 4th „ of December.

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