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This parish, extends 6^- miles from north to south, by 51 from east to west
Population in 1861— Males, 476 ; females, 534. Total, 1010.
Patron— The Right Hon. the Earl of Moray.
Minister — The Rev. James Mackie, ordained 10th July, 1850.
Stipend — 16 chalders of victual, half meal and half barley, and £10 sterling with
manse and offices, a glebe of four acres, and £8 in lieu of a grass glebe.
Parochial School— Alexander F. Smart, teacher ; salary £52 10s with Dick Bequest,
school fees, &c, amounting in all to about £110, besides house and two guineas in
lieu of a garden.
There is the yearly interest of £189, lodged in the British Linen Company's Bank
in Elgin, divided into seven bursaries, for the education of children of the poorest and
most deserving persons in the parish. Patrons — The Kirk-Session.
Session Clerk and Registrar — A. F. Smart.
Female School— Teacher— Miss Dean, who receives about £9 voluntarily contri-
buted by the heritors, and has fees.
Free Church — Rev. Alex. Gentle, minister, ordained 1828.
Free Church School — James Miller, teacher.
Heritors— The Earl of Moray, the Trustees of the Earl of Fife ; the Hon. G. S. Duff
of Milton-Duff ; the Rev. John Brodie Innes of Milton-Brodie ; T. S. Brodie, of
Lethen and Coulmony ; C. L. Cumming Bruce of Roseisle and Kinnaird ; Dr Forteath
of Newton ; Trustees of Robert Tulloh of Burgie.
Post Office— At Crook of Alves. Postmaster— Wm. Moir. Letters arrive from
Forres at 9 p.m., and the latest time for posting letters to be despatched is 1*30 p.m.
Raihvay Station — Alves Station, near the Crook of Alves. Here the Burghead line
branches off from the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway, and turns to the
north towards the sea terminating at Burghead, between which and Littleferry in
Sutherland, there is direct steam communication twice a-week.
Parochial Board — The Heritors mentioned above or their representatives ; for
the Kirk-Session, the Rev. James Mackie ; John Cruickshank, Cloves ; James E.
Anton, Coltfield ; Wm. Hay, Reeves ; John Collie, Ardgay ; and Donald Junor, Rye-
yards ; for the ratepayers, James Russell, Claydales ; and James Sinclair, Coltfield ;
Chairman, Alex. Colvin, Earlsmill. Amount of assessment levied annually about
£270, at the rate of 5Jd per pound on owners, and 5id per pound on occupiers. Num-
ber of poor on the roll 38. Inspector — John Watson, Coltfield.
Post Town — Forres.
Anton, James, farmer, Coltfield.
Adam, Walter, farmer, Sweethillock.
Anderson, William, farmer, E. Cloves.
Brown, Alex., blacksmith, Coltfield.
Collie, John, farmer, Ardgay.
Collie, A. M., farmer, Carsewell.
Cruickshank, John, farmer, Cloves.
Craigen, John, farmer, Gateside.
Dickson, W., farmer, Wester Alves.
Duffus, David, tailor, Coltfield.
Ellis, William, crofter, Coltfield.
Forteath, Mrs of Newton.
Falconer, James, farmer. Wards.
Fraser, John, crofter, New Alves.
Fraser, James, brewer, Kilnflat.
Forsyth, Jos., farmer, Whitehill.
Findlay, Wm., contractor, Sweethillock.
Kay, Charles, farmer, Earnside.
Kelly, James, farmer, Lauchlenwells.
Leitch, A. K., farmer, Inchstellie.
Laing, George, farmer, Shed of Asleisk.
Leslie, Elspet, grocer, Crook.
Leitch, Simon, farmer, Coltfield.
Leitch, James, farmer, Coltfield.
Mackie, Rev. James, The Manse.
Murray, Jane Ann, Newtown Toll.
Mitchell, John, farmer, W. Alves.
Moir, William, Postmaster, Crook.
Munro, Hugh, blacksmith, Crook.
Milne, John, cartwright, Crook.
Mitchell, William, joiner, Coltfield.
Mann, John, tollkeeper, Gateside.
Miller, James, schoolmaster, Newmill.
Miller, Alex., farmer, Cloves.
Munro, Thomas, farmer, Dykeside.
Masson, Peter, farmer, Cothill.
Masson, James, farmer, Murryscairn.
Mitchell, William, farmer, Hempriggs.
M'Kenzie, Andrew, crofter, Ryeyards.
M'Gregor, Don., baker, Crook.
M Andrew, Archbd., farmer, Knockside.
M'Pherson, Don., In. Revenue, Kilnflat.
M'Kenzie, William, crofter, Dykeside.
Gentle, Rev. Alex., F.C. Manse.
Grigor, J. D., farmer, Wester Alves.
Gilzean, John, shoemaker, Crook.

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