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Jl H E parish of Abei-la'ly lies on the south coast of
the mouth of the Frith of Forth ^ it is »ery fertile, and
contains an area of six square miles : it is bounded on
the south by Gladsniuir and Haddington, and on the
east also by the latter parish and Dirleton. The beach
ht re prest-nts such facilities for the disembarkation of
an invadins? force, that in the course of the last war,
when Britain was menaced with invasion by France,
serious apprehensions were entertained, in all the
southern districts of Scotland, that the enterprising
and insidious Bonaparte might have thought proper to
select it as one of the chief points of attack, in order
to divide the operations of the British. The village is
15 miles w. of Edinburgh, 5jw. N. w. of Haddington,
and 45 s. of Dirleton ; situate at the head of a long flat
sandy beach, and at the mouth of the small river
Peffer. Though this place may be considered as the
port of Haddington, it has neither harbour, nor pier.
James VI, by charter, erected this parish into a tem-
poral barony, which grant it was said was confirmed
by Charles, in 1633, but the privileges or immunities
conferred thereby are not manifest in the present day.
The Earl of Wemyss and March is patron of the
parish ; the seat of this nobltman, Gosford House,
stands nearly a mile south-we^t of the village. The
edifice, which is surrounded by beautiful enclosed
grounds, contains a valuable collection of 1 are paint-
ings, which are shewn, in a Lberal and courteous
manner to visiters. About a mile from Aberlady, on
the north-east, is Luffness House, a mansion belona-
ing to Sir Alexander Hope, built in 1549, as a fortiti-r
cation by the French general de Tliermes, for the
purpose of awing the earrison of Haddington, then in
the possession of the English. The parish church is
a neat structure ; nearly oppossite to it is the parochial
school, a well-conducted institution.
POST OFFXGEj Ann Eraser, Post Mistress.— Letters from Haddington and all parts airive (by
mail gig) every afternoon at two, and are despatched every morning at seven.
Burnet J as. esq. (factor for the Earl
of Wemyss & March), Aberlady
Hope Hoii. Sir Alexander, knight,
G. c. B. Luffness
Hope George William, esq. Luffness
Johnston Mr. John, Aberlady
Smith Rev. John, Manse
Wemvss and March the Right Hon.
the Earl of, Gosford house
Anderson Robert, Aberlady
Parochial, James Cowan, master
Sutherland Margaret, Aberlady
Croil John, Spittal
Mvlne William, Loch hill
Reed George, Ballencrieff
Scott Archibald, Craiggitiaw
Shirreff Francis, Aberlady mains
Skirving James, Luffness mains
Forrest Alexander, Aberlady
Harley Ann, Bogle hill
Hnckerby George, Aberlady
Menilees James, Aberlady
Tait John, Aberlady
The Names without Address are in
Armstrong Mary, shopkeeper
Blair Thomas, baker
Brooinfield James, flesher
Brnce John, baker and grocer
Bryson Thomas, baker and grocer
Chirnside George, stone-mason.
Bogle hill
Conualton John, boot & shoemaker
Douglas Robert, tailor
Dunn John, smith
Eeles Franci'j, flesher
Forrest Euphemia, shopkeeper
Eraser Ann, draper
Henderson Maria, dress maker
Hepburn Alexander, tailor
Lamb Janet, joiner & cartwright
Maben Thomas, grocer, firaper, and
librarian to the East Lothian
itinerating library
Mackay James, road surveyor
Ness William, tailor
Paterson Wm. boot and shoe maker
Punton Peter, baker
Reid George, brick and tile maker,
Reid John, surgeon
Scott David, maltster
Tait J no. coach proprietor & grocer
Wakeland Henry, excise officer
To EDINBURGH, the New Times (from
North Berw ifk), calls at Mr.Tait's, every
morning (Sunday excepted) at a quarter-
past eight; goes through Prestonpans,
Musselburgh, &c.
To NORTH BERWICK, the New Times
(from Edinburgh), calls at Mr. Tail's,
every evening (Sunday excepted) at a
quarter before six; goes throughGulane
and Birletou.
and MUSSELBURGH, John Watt,
every Monday — Charles Runciman and
Charles Ramage, every Tuesday — John
Runciman,evei7 Thursday — PeterTait,
every Friday morning— & Robert Daw-
son, every Friday night.
To H ADDING TON, Robert Dawsonand
John Waft, every Friday morning.
DIRLETON, Charles Runciman and
Charles Ramage, every Wednesday —
and John Runciman, every Friday night.
J. HIS parish lies on the north-east boundary of that
of Haddington, and is separated on the north by
Dirleton, from tlie mouth of the Forth ; and the
small village lies within 5^ miles s. of North Berwick,
5 s. E. of Aberlady, and 3 N. e. from Haddington. It
contains a neat modern church and parochial school,
a brewery and a manufactory for edge tools. This
parish possesses considerable interest from the cir-
cumstance of having for its ministers successively, in
•the early part of the last century, two men of emi-
nent poetical genius— Blair, author of ' The Grave,'
and Home, the author of ' Douglas.' The manse
occupied by the former stood opposite the present
modern manse, near the west end of the church-yaid.
The site is now comprised in the minister's garden,
where an apple tree is pointed outas having stood close
to the window of the poet's study. On the author of
' Douglas' leaving his pastoral charge, whicli he did
from disgust of the proceedings instituted against him
by his presbytery and the Isirk in general, for the
publication of so secular a work, he built and retired
to an elegant mansion, in the neighbourhood still
exhibited as a pattern of his taste. About a mile west
of the village stand all that remains of Garleton Castle.
POST, Receiving House at George Cow's. — Letters from Haddington arrive every forenoon (Sunday
«xcepted) at eleven, and are despatched every morning at eight.
GEITTRY AND CLERGY. I Buchanan John, tailor
Kinloch Sir David, hart.ofGilmerton
nitchie Rev. William, Manse
Srodie Alexander, East fortune
Darling Thomas, West fortune
Fleming Roger, New mains
Reid James, Dreni
Shirreff Fras. Muirton [farm
Somerville Andrew, Athelsianeford
White John, Garleton
Brown Charles, cartwright
Brown Robert, hoot & shoe makej-
Carrick Alexander & Sons, smiths*
and edge tool makers
Clark Charles, bnker
Colman Hannah, smith, Clackmay
Cowan GeOTge, mason
Cunningham VViUiam, brewer
Darling John, shopkeeper
Hamilton Jane, shopkeeper
Hewat Mary, schoolmistress
Hewat Thomas, tailor
Lawrie James, boot & shoe maker
Lons; Mary, shopkeeper
M 'Carter James, ijalor
Mitchell William, vintner
Nasmyth Simson, master of paro-
chial school
Reid Alexander, tailor
Robertson Janies,millwright,Clack-
Sinclair George, mason
Skirving Peter, smith. East fortune
^initli John, vintner
Stewart James,schoolmaster,Drim
John Uarlinj;, evwy Friitay.

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