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Adams & Morton, 5 Half Moon-st
Atkinson John, 51 Ring-st
Aubrey Geo. F. Exchange-buildgs
BainbridgeThos. 4 Essex-st
Barnes Robert, (and canal agent)
2 Palace-st
Broome Wm. (and canal agent)
24 Back King.st
Dillon Lin, 29 Krown-st
Gibson Wm. 11 Marsden-sqnare
Hodson Thos. lORyland-st.Salford
Hodson T. R. 20 Ridgefield
King Saml. 25 King-st. Salford
Lees Jonatban, 3 St. Mary'&-gate
Rowbottom John, 43 Major-st
Adam« & Morton, 5 Half Moon-st
Alexander John, (porter) 46,
Askew and Dewhurst, (and manu-
facturers) 50 High-st
Aubrey Geo. Evans, Exchange-bds
Barnard Jno. Barlow' s-ct.Market-st
Beddome Josephus and Co. 15,
Bellott Henry, 15 Cannon-st
Bennett Thos. 18 Brown-st
Blacklock John, 10 Pleasant-st
Boond John, (land and building)
2 Ancoats-grove
Booth Benj. 11 Half Moon-st
Bowman Joseph, [and warehousc-
manj 49 Fountain-st
Bradley Benjamin, (to W. Caslon,
chemical manufaclurer,Rugeley)
14 Watling-st
Bremner, Yates and Co. 10 New
Burt Jas, H Bridgewater-buildings
Clayton Miles, 7 Cannon-st-buildgs
Clegg John, Charles-st. Cottage
Cooper L. 7 Bridgewater buildings
Crossley Wm. 38 York-st
Deane, Braidley and Co. 23 New
Deane Thos. 6 Shepherd's-court,
Dodd G. L. Exchange-buildings
Dunderdale Wm. Thompson, 1,
Eaton James, [to the late Duke of
Bridgewater] Hulme
Elliott Thos. 59 Fountain-st
Everall Samuel. 6 Palace-st
Fawcett and Kenworthyj 4 New
Fish Wm. 49 High-st
Fraser Geo. and Son, 31 Yoik-st
Gaskell Henry, 49 Fa]k^er-st
Gibson James, 20 Caiinon-st
Gibson Wm.(to the Savings' Bank)
11 Marsden-sq
Greenhow Wm. 16 New Cannon.st
Grenon H. W. 23 Cannon-st
Hamnet James, Riding's -court, St,
Hardie James, 41 Church -st
Harrison George, 14 Brown-st
Harrison John, Queen-st
Harrison John, 2 Meal-st
Hartley James, 6 Hunter's.lane
Holroyd Daniel, (to Bradford Col-
liery Company) 20 Newton-st
Hopwood John, 18 New Cannon-st
Horley Charles, 1, Birchin-lane
HoyleThos. and Co. 12 Birchiti-la
James John J. 11 Palace-st
Jewsbury Thos. 7 Spring-gardens
Johnson and Bury, 12 Four-yards
Kenyan Abraham, 4 Bank-place,
Kerr James. 1 Peel-st
Knight Samuel, 38 High-st
Knight Wm. 21 Milk-st
Langston Thos, 6 Brown.st
Law John, 194 Gt. Ancoats-st
L'tt and Mather, Worsley's-court
Lord James, 14 Marsden.square
Lovitt Thos. Harrison's court, 62
High -St
M'Farlane and Barbour, 7 Back
M'Keand Joseph, 13 Back
M'Kie A, S. 19 Marsden square
Makinson Jos, 1 Bridgewater-bldgs
Massey James, 17 Marsden square
Meadows James, (to the Ashton-
under-line, Oldham, Stockport,
and Peak Forest canals,) Ashton
canal warehouse, Ducie street,
Millar John, (general) 33 High st
Minton Thos. (for the steam-pac-
kets from Hull to Antwerp,) 11
New street
Morley Thomas, 4 Fountain st
Mort Jonathan, 49 Fountain st
Munn John, 8 Cannon st
Newham Daniel, 46 Church st
Newnham Peter, 10 Bridgewater
Newton Smith, 3 Tipping st. Ardwk
Nickisson John, 13 Cooper st
Norris W. H. and Son, 19 CaffHOt**-
street buildings
North Joseph, 34 Spring gardens
Parker John, 31 Gartside st
PeetThos. 5 St. James's square
Pilling and Gill. 6 Brown st
Pilling John, I Dale st
Kailton John, 10 Rateman'sbuildgs
Rampling C. 44 Fountain-st
Read John, 4 Cannon st
Robinson Thomas, 9 High st
Kookcr Francis, 1 Merchant's sq
Royle Charles, 2 Angel yard
Royle Joshua, E. 61 High st.
Russell James, 3 Church st
Scott Thomas, 1 Palace st
Shaw Samuel; Marriott's yard
Silburn Thomas, 13 New High st
Slow George, 35 High st
Smethurst Jas. 2 Bridgewater yard
Smethurst John, Barlow's court.
Market street
Sowter Robert, Toad lane
Spencer Gal)riel, 14 Cannon st
Swau and Buckley, 9 Half Moon st
Thompson J. and J. 30 Cannon st
Thornber and Jones, 1 High st
Thoruber John, 1 High »t
Wainwright John, 9 Dukest
Waldie Samuel, 6 Friday st
Walton John, 2 Bridgewater bldgs
Watkin Absalom, 30 Cannon st
Watts Wm. & Co. 8 New Markt-Ia
Williams Owen Lloyd, 285 Deansgt
Wittich F, W. 41 King-st
Wolff Ernst, 7 Marble st
Barriit Sellars, Water st, liaiik-top
Fleming Thos. 72 Water-st
Atkinson Wm, 12 George si
Dickinson Thomas, Grosvenor-st,
Goldsmith Robert, 4 Bond-st
Hartley Jesse, Paddingtou, Pen-
Palmer John, 37 Granby-row
Rawstorh John, 3 New -street, Li-
Atkinson W, H. 9 Market-st
Bpwker John, 4 St. Mary's gate
Bradwell Thos, Palace st
Chown Charles, 3 King st
Dickenson Thos, Grosvenor st
Dodd G. L. Exchange buildings
Dodd Thomas, 28 King st
Pyson W. 5 Dawson's eroft, Salford

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