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Skinner.(<t..Tu F and Sa morn 10,Kiiig's
Arms, Pnowhill
MILFORD, Hants 96.. Til and Sa aft 4,
Oxford Alms, Wnvvvirl.- Icne
WILFORD Surry 3S..F noon, King's
Head, and Spur, BorcTu Th and Sa
aft, Tnlbof, Boro
MILFORD HAA^EN, Pembroke 2Aft..
Fan,t\aLily, Hfi 4, Swan, Great Carter
Jane; Spread Eagle, and Black Beai,
Piccadilly.. Tu Th and Sa J 1,33 White
Cro.ss si, Cn\iple.g;a»..>P''aggotj, daily.
Griffin's Green Man and StiU,Oxlord-st ;
13 Aldersg;ate st,;ind 12 and 7,S3White-
cross st, Cripplecate
White Hart, Borough
MILLBROOK, Hants 79..Tuand Sa aft
4, Oxford Arms, Warnicl; lane
WlLLHILt, Middlesex 9..Dailv, Blue
Posts, Totteriham-ct-ioad,and Holbon, ;
and Cook, Snowhill. .Tu Th aiid Sa, Old
Bell, Holborn
MILL WALL, Middlesex 3.. Tally, Black
Boy and Camel, Leadenhall st; and
Cock, Snowhill
MILNTHORPE, Westmorland 2.16...
Daily, aft 4, Bull and Mouth
MILTON . .Th aft 5, Oxford Arms, War-
wick lane
MILTON ABBAS, Doisei i\l....Fan,
daily, 4. and ff'aggon , i mom. Bell,
Friday st 'I
MILTONBRYANT, Bedford 39. . Tu andi
K, Georee, Smithtield I
MINCHIN HAMPTON, Gloncester 99— I
Tan, Tu Th and S.I II, S3 Whiieemssi
sl,Cripple";ate— //u^go/j, daily, I; andi
7, King's Head, Old Cb.inge. .s■^ White-
cross street, Ctippletrate Boar and
Castle, and Griffin's Green Man Still,!
Oxford sl..M and Th noon, Three'
Cups. Alders2;ate st
AUNFJIEAD," /•-<!;,, daily, 4 aft. Bell,
Friday st, and Siran, tireat Carter lane
. . ffaggoii, 8 morn, BeJl, Friday st
MISSEXDEN. Bucks 2i.. Daily, tVreen
Mauand Stil|, Oxford st. .W and F
Bell, , Warwick ljne..Th morn lo'
Kind's Arms, Snowhill : and Brown's
Warehouse, u'lS Oxford-st. .Th, Angel,
Fleet market.. 1\I and Th noon, Sn'an'
. Holtiorn bridge. .M jmd F noon, Geoiee
MISTLKV, Essex 6i).. Daily, Ipswich
Arms. Culliiinst..Tii Thand l^a i, Sara
cen'sHead, Aklgate; and King, Arms,
Leadenhall st
MITCH AM, Snrry S . .Daily, aft 3,0f or=c
and Gate, Bell, Bell yard, Cross Keys
Half Moon, Pewter Platter, and No. 1 1 ]
Gr^cpchiirohst; Spotted Dog, Pi, and;
Black Boy and Camel, Leadenhall st ;
Magpieand Slump, Newgate st ; Kini'-
and Key, Fleet st; Red Lion, Strand;
Flower Pot, and King's Aims, Bisl.op*-
gate st ; Silver Cross, and Ship, Charins
crossj.Sivan, Holborn bridgejHorseShoe'
Catherine W'heel, Talbot, and Halt
. Moon, Borongh.. New Inn, Old Ba ley..
Gock, Snowhill.. White Hart, Boro.".*
. Forlline of War, and White Hart Gilt-
spur st-George, Old BaiV'v..S«an
Skinner St.. Blue Posts, Holliorn . .and
Pour Swans, Bishopsg-atc st
MITCHRLDRAN, Gloucester H6..ra»
TtiTjiandSan, anii Ifaggou, 12 and
7 daily, 33 Whitecross st, Cnpplegate
. .Goorge & Crown, Broad »t,Blooinsbry
MIXBU liY, Oxnn 63-M and'Sa morn jr,,!
Oxford Anns, Warwick lane '
MODBUKY, Devon ^08.. ran, l aft.dailv)
and If'aggon, morns, Uell, FridaV st 1
MOFFAT, Dumfries S4r.. Daily, aft 4
fJidla.id Month ■"
MOLD. Flintsh 202.. Daily, 13 Alders^ate
st.and Axe, Alderu'anbiirv
MONKSKLKIGH, SiiUblk >'!».. Sa.King'-.
Arms, Leadenhall st,. Thand Sa 3, Blue!
Boar, Aldg.ite 1
MONK .SOHA.\r..Tu Tb and .''a aft <> I
Bltie Boar, Aldsate 'i
MON-MOUTH, Monmouth !3l....l'a„,
daily, aft 4, Swan, Great Carter lane-
.nndSpieadRa4!c,,ind Black Bear, Pn--
ci>»tilly..WandSa inoiii 10,ICiiig'vAri>is
9nowhill..TnTh andSa M,.« White-
croj'sVAf Ciipplegati».. Wt^soM, daily.
Ilolborli bridge.. 13 Alderssate st..l2&
7, 33 Whitecross st, Cripplegate, and
King's Heart, Old Change.. Mbn Thufi
and Sa, Bell, Warwick lane
MONTACUTE. . ra«,daily,aft AjJ'aeeon
« morn. Bell, Fiiday-st
MONTFOnT..Tu noon, 26 Snn-st, Bi
shop.-gnte st. .M, W, and Sa noon. Blue
Boar, Aldentc
MONlGOlflERY, Montgomery 1C8....
Daily, 13 Aldersgale-st..M W F & Sa.
Bell, Warwick lane..M W & Sa aft 4,
Bell. Wood st, Cheapside
MORDEN, Surry 9. . Vau, Tn Th & Sa 1 ,
Vine, and King's Arms, Bishopsgale st,
IVaggon. daily, Cock, Snowhill ; Flow-
er Pot, Bi»hopsgate s t"; Silver Cross, &
Ship, Charinti cross ; George and Gate,
Bell, Bell vaid. Pewter Platter, Cro>s
Ke>s,and )<ia.\\ Gracechurch-st; Black
Boy and Camel, Leiidcnhallst ; Ipswich
Arms, CuUmii st ( Magpie and Stump,
Newgate st ; rortiine of War, (kWhite
Hart, Giltspiit st; Georje, & New Inn,
Oldllailey; Swan, Skinner st; & Blue
Posts. Holborn.. W and Sa moiu 9, Ca-
therine Wheel, Boro
MORETON, Berks 48.. T morn lO,Snan.
Holborn brijgc. .Tu & F alt 4, tJxton-
Atm.s, Warwick lane
Fan, daily aft 4, Waggon, morn 8, Bell. I
Friday st; New White Horse Cellar, 4 1
Dyson V, Black Bear, Piccadilly
MORETON IN MARSH, Gloucester?'
.. Daily, 13 Alderseats st
Ct..WandSa morn 10, Oxford Arm
Warwick lane
I2,JJm11, Bishopsgale-st
MORPETH , Northumberland 288. .Daih
aft 4, Bull and Moulli; and 12, While
Hori-e, Cripplegate
MORTLAKE, Surry 6. .Daily, <Jeorge &
Gale, H-alf Moon, Pewter Platter, Cros.-
Keys, No. 11, and Bell, Bell yd, Grace
chmch st; Kings and Key, Fleet-st ;
Red Lion, and Spotted Dog, Strand ;
Ship, and Silver Cros?, Charing cross;
Goose & Gridiron, & Ctown, St. Paul's
Church yard ; Catherine Wheel, Boro:
New Inn, Old Bailev ; Magpie A Stump,
Newgate st; Cock,' Snowhill; Brown's
Warehouse, 248 Oxford st; Fortune of
War, and Wh.te Hart. Giltspur street ;
George, Old Bailey; "Sv» an. Skinner st ;
and King's Arms, and 'Vine, Bishops-
!?«te't [A Ideate
AlORTON EXD..W & Sa ll,BlueBoar,
MOTHEY, Carrmarthen 180. .Daily 12,
33 Whitecross st, Crippleeate
MOTTINGHAM.. Daily, Ship, Charing
cross.. Mon Wed Fr and Sat, Catherine
Wheel. Boro
MOTLSEY, Surry l2..Tiiand Sa morn
8, Swan, Holborii-bridge ; and Spotted
Dog, Strand.. Tn and Fr iporn 8,White
Hor>c, Friday st I
MOI7LTO>f-, Norfolk 100.. Sat 1. Vine,
Bisliopssrate st
MOIINTFIELD, Snsscx.'M-.W alul Sa.
White Hart, Boro
MOUNTNESSIN'G, Es.-ieH 21.. Tu and F
fl. Blue Boar, Aldsato
MOlTSKHOLl<i...'<''i2, Spur, Boro
MUCH BIRCH.. Daily 12,33 Whitecros.-
1 .<t, Cripplegate
I MIICKINGFORD..Mon and Fr iO, Blue
Bpar, Aldgate
MIILBART0IV..M W and Sat 12, Bull.
I Bishopsea'e st
1 .MULLIO'n, Cornwall 279. . Vun, daily 4,
and A/hjf^on, 8 morn, Bell, Friday st
MUNDFOKD, Norfolk 83, Kan, daily,
Swan with Two Necks, Lad lane ; and
Ip-^wirh Arms, Cnllum ■ft..lfiigyu,i, Sa
I, Vine, Bishopsgatc st
MUNnOM..Fev 6, Blue Boar, Ablate
iVHJNDSLKY..Mon W and Sat 12, iJuH,
Bishopsgale «t |
iMUSS.>i;LBU»!'JH.EdinlniTgh SS6.. Daily,
aft 4, Bull and Mouth I
MOSWELL HILL. Middlesex 6.. Daily, I
Flower Pot, and King's Arms, Bishops- 1
gate st ; Bine Posts, 'Holborn; Magpiej
and Stnnip, .Neweate st; Fortune of
War, and: White Hart, Giltspur st;!
Go -k. Snowliiil ; Gi-oige, Old Bailey J
Swan. Skinner st, Pewtei Platter, Ciog*
Keys, No. II, No. 4, and Bell, BeU yd
Giacechuich st
N ACTON.. Daily, Ipswich Arms, Cnl-
Kim ot
NAILSWORTH, Gloucester 99. . Fan,Tn
Th and Sa 11, 33 Whitrcross st. Crip.
plegate IFcggon, daily. Old White
Forse Cellar, and While Bear, Picca-
dilly ; GritTin's Green Man and Still, ft
Boar and Castle,Oxford st ; Three Ciipj,
Aldersgatest; King's Head ,01dChange ;
and at 12 and 7, 33 Whitecr/isj st. Crip,
plegate.. M Wand K,Geiard'» hail, Ba.
sing lane
NANTWICH, Che-shire 169.. Daily, No.
13 Aidersgatest ; & Axe,Aldermanbnrv
NAPHILL. .F morn r,Swan,Holborn-brdV
NARBKTH, Pembroke 2M..Fnn, Tu Th
and Sail, 33 W^hitecross st, Cripple-
gate.. ^ojgoM, daily, 13 Aldersgate «t ;
and 12 and 7, 33 Whitecross si, Crip-
NAREOROUGH..W and Sa aft 2, Four
Swans, Bishopsgate st..Th noon, 26
Sun st, Bishopsgate «t..M and Th 10,
Bull, Bishopfrate st
NARFORD..W& Saafta, Foni Sferinf,
Bishopsgate st
NASH MILL..TU and Fri noon, George,
NAVE3TOCK.. Daily, Ipswich Arni.s,
Cullum St. . Wed and Sat 10, Blue Boar.
A Ideate
NAYLANB, Snflrolk.57..DaiIv, Ipswich
Arms, Cullum st. .Tu 'Th and Sa,King^
Arms, Leadenhall .st
NAZING, E«sex 1S..M W and Sat morn
10, Vine, Bishopsgate st
NEATH, Glamorgan \W..Fan, daily, aft
,"), Swan, Great Carter laj Spread ^agle,
and Black Bear, Piccadilly.. Tu Th and
Sail, 33 Whitecioss st, Cripplegate.,
;?^HiWon, daily !2,Swnn,Holbom bridge:
Old White Horse Cellar, & Black Bear,
Piccadilly; 13 Aldrrs^atest ; at 12 a^d
7,Whitecross st,Cripp!esAte ; and Green
Man and Still, Oxford st
NEAT1SHEAD..M Wand Sat 12, Hull,
Bishopsgate st
NECTON..Wed and &v 10, Four Swms,
Bishopsgate st
NF.DGTNG. .1 i.es Th and Sat aft i. Blue
Boar, Aldgate
NEKDHAM .MARKET, Suffolk lOO..,.
Daily, Ipswich Arms, Cullum ist..Tues
Thurs and Sa, Blue Boar, and Saracen's
Head, Aldgate. .Sat King's Anns, Lead-
en hall st
NKF,DIl\GWORTH..W and Sa j.Vine,
Bishop.«sate st
NREDSDON.. Daily, Blue Posts, Holborn
NKTTlEBKD, Uxon40..Tu«fc F morn
If), King's Head, Old Change, & White
and Black Bears, Piccadilly.. TI> aft o,
Oxloirt Arms, Warwick ia..W morn,
Nag's Head, Coven t garden
NETTLEDEN, Bucks 2t.. Fri morn 10,
Swan, Holborn bridge
NETl'SWELL..Tu & Sa I, Vine, Bi
shop.sgale st
NEWARK, Nottingham 124. . Aa«,daily,
att.'i. White Horse, Cripplegate; ar>d
oft 4 Bull and Mouth, Bull & Mouth st :
fFaggoii, daily, Ship, Charing cnrss; &
12, White Hoi>e, Ciipplegate..M W «fe
S,i, Castle & Falcon, Aldersgate st..M
Th & Sa noon, Three Cups Aliiers£;ate st
NEW BUCKENHAM, Norfolk 96'. . Taw,
ilaily. Swan with Two Necks, Lad la..
H'nggon, Mon W and Sa, Bull, Bishops-
e-ale st
NEWBURY, Berks ,^6. . Fan, daily, aft 4,
Swnii, Great Carter la : Spread Kagle, &
Black Bear, Piccadilly : Ship, ChWing
cro.ss : (Sn ex) Swan Holborn bridge : &
j Old White Horse Cellar, & White" Bear,
i Picca.lilly. . fFaggoii, daily, 6.T Old Bai.
Icy : (-Jreeu Man and Still, Oxford s< :
While Horse Cellar, and Black Bear,
Piccadilly. .Tn Th and .■^at,Rose, l-lcet-
mnrket. .To Th and Sa niiirnlo. King's
Arms, Snowhill.. Mart l,Oxfotd Arms,.
Warwick lane
230. .daily 12, 33 Whitecro.ss st, Crip-
ulegate; and 13 Aldersaate st
1 49.. Daily, 13 Aldersgale st; BeU,

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