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cellos Head, BlacU Bull, and Bine Bofir,
AldsatcMospie & Stuinp, NesVf^ale
»t; Spotted Uoj;, Sfr.'vud..(>)i'k, Snnw
bill.. For tune of War, and White Havt,
Giltspiir »t. .Swan, Sliiniier-stieet. .and
Pewter Plaller, Giacecliiirih st.
LRAKKN HEATH Sa aft 1, Vine,
LEAMINGTON, Warwick 92 Van,
daily, .^ aft, 17 Old Change; and noon
Castle & Falcon, Aldersgate-st and
White Horse, Ctipplesate — fFaggoii
daily, noon, 17 Old Change; Bell, Wood
st, and Green Man and ?tUI, Oxford-st
..M W F and Sa, Bell, Warwick-lane,
nndOI.I White HorseCellar, Piccadilly.
LKARMOUTH.. Daily, aft 4, Bull and
LEATHKRHKAD, Surry 18. ./an. We
and Sa 9, Vine, Bi-.hopsgate-st. .Talbot
and C.itherine Wheel, Borough.. and
Oxford .iritis, Warwick-lane. .Til Th
& Sa morn 9, George, Borough. .W & F
ev 6, Boar and Castle, Oxford-street. .
IFasgon, daily, Talbot, Borough, Ips-
wich Arms, Cnlluni-st,& Ship, Charing-
cross..Tu morn 7,Swan,Holl)orn-bridge
LECHLADE, Gloucester 76... Ton, Tu
Tb & Sa II, 33 White Cross-st, Crip-
ulegate..and H'agnon, 12 ahd 7, daily,
White Bear, and Old White Horse Cel-
lar, PiccXililly, & Green Man and Still,
Oxford street.
LEDBHRY, Hereford 120 fFaggon,
daily, 33 White Cross st, Cripplegate. .
and 13 Aldersgate st..Sanoon, George,
LEE, Kent CDailv, Cock, Snowhill..
Bell, Bell\ard, George & Gate, Cross-
.«a...King»'& Key, Fleet-st. .Red Lion,
Strand . ^Catherine Wheel, and Dog and
Bear, Borough. .Silver Cross, Charing-
oross. .Flower Pot, and King's Arms,
Bishopsgate-st.. Black Boy and Camel,
Leadenhall-st.. Spotted Dog, Strand..
Cock, Hayniarket.. Fortune of War, &
White Hart, Giltspur St.. George, Old
Bailey . .Swan, Skinner-st Che(iners,
King's Mews Gate. .. .Belle Sanvage,
Lndgate hill.. and Fountain, Cheapside.
LEE 'bridge, Middlesex 4.... Daily,
Vine, Flower Pot, King's Arms, Bi-
shopsgatest..and Cock, Snowhill.
LEEDS, Kent 37.. /"aw, Tn Th and Sa 9,
New Inn, Dover road. .and .56 Wat-
ling-street. . l/^a^go?!, Tu and Fr noon,
Talbot, & White Hart, Borough.
LEEDS, York 186.. .Tuh, daily, aft 5,
Ship, Charing cross, .evening 6, Ciistle.
Wood St.. W& Sa inorn. Cell, War^
wick lane.. and M Th and Sa noon
Three Cups, Aldersgate ^L.tfaggon,
daily, aft 4, Blossoms Inn, Lawrence-
lane. .Bull (fe Mouth, Bull & Mouth st. .
Axe, Aldermanbury . .morn S, Saracen't
Head, Snowhill. . 1-', White Hoise, Crip
n legate.
LKEk, Statford 1.54. . ra);,daily,ev 6, Cas
lie, Woi>d-st, and Griffin's and Moore'.-
Green Man and Slill, Oxford-st. . Wiig
gun, IS Aldersjate st..W and Sa moin,
LEEMING, York 2il.. Daily, aft 4, Bull
Bell, Warwick lane. [and Mouth
LEICESTER, Leicester S>i..Van, daily,
.■; aft, 17 Old Change ev. 6, Castle,
Woo(l-st, Griffin's and RJoore's Green
Man and Still, Oxford st. .ev. .-i. White
Horse, Cripplegate. -Tn Th & Sa morn,
Three Cups, Aldersgate st. . . JVaggon,
daily, -i aft, 17 Old Change. .and l^i.
White Horse, Cripplegate.
LEIGH, Essex 41..M W Th F and Sa 3,
Blue Boar, and Th 1, Saracen's Head.
A Ideate.
LEIGH, Lane. \9^...Tan, daily, ev. 6,
Castle, Woiul-st, * Griffin's ct Moore's
Green Man and Still, O,xfoi-d st.. /fa^-
gon, dailv. Axe, Alderinanburv.
LEIGH, Kent 29.... Th lO, Catherine
Wheel, Boro.
LEIGHTO^ BUZZARD, Bedford 41...
Daily, Ship, Charing-cross ; W and Sa,
Cross Keys, and Golden Lion, St. John's
st..& Brown's Warehouse, 248 Oxfd-st.
LEISTON. Suffolk, 90 Dail>,Bnll, l:
Leadenhall-st, and Ipswirh Arms, Cul
]um-st..Sa, King's Arms, Leadenhall-
st.. Tu Th and "Sa 12, Saracen's Head,
LKITH, Edinburgh 393.. Daily, aftn 4,
Bull and Mouth.
LK.MSFORD MILL..F 10, Windmill,
St. ,Iohn-street.
LENHAM, Kent 44.. Fan, Tn Th & Sa
9, New Inn, Dover road, and S6 Wal-
ling st. . Ta^gon, daily. Ship, Charing
cross.. W ev. King's Head, Borough..
Tu & F noon, Talbot, and White Hart,
2, Blue Bo.ir, Aldgate.
LEOMINSTER, He'refoid 137.. Daily, 33
White Cros.s-.st,;Cripplegate. .13 Aiders-
gate st. ..and Ship, Charing (•ro.<s..Fev
6, Griffin's Green Man and Still.Oxfoid
LEONARD STANLEY.Gloucester 103..
ran, Tu Th & Sa II, 33 White Cross
st, Cripplegate.. /rai,'^o«, daily. White
Bear, and 0;d White Horse Cellar, Pic
cadiily..and 12 & 7, 53 White Cross-st,
Cripplegate Monday and Thursday
noon. Three Cups, Aldersgate st, &
Griftki's Green Man and Still, Oxford-
LETCOMB, Berks 60..Ttf & F aft 4,Ox-
t'ord Arms, Warwick-lane.
LEVERnVGTON..W & Sa aft 2, Four
Swans, Bishopsgate st.
LEWES, Sussex 50.. r«H, daily, .?, New
lun, Dover road, & ."jGWatling-street..
ev. 6, Cross Keys, Gr.-icechurch st.. .
calls at Queen's Head, Borough, and
Spread Eagle, Piccadilly. .4, Shepherds
Office, 3.»" Camomile st. . .Angel, Fleet-
market. .Spur, Boro.. Boar & Castle,
and Brown's Warehouse, 248 Oxford-
street.. Old White Hor.se Cellar, White
and Black Bears, & Gloucester Coffee-
house, Piccadilly.... and Ship, Charing-
cross. .ev. 7 Cross Keys, Giacechurch-
<treet,Wand Sa 6, George, White Hart,
and Talbot, Boro.. F aft 4, Spur, Boro.
..IJ'aggon, daily, Catherine Wheel,
i5oroiigh...W & Sa, King's Head, Boro,
and Black and White Bears, Piccadilly;
Monday Wednesday it Sa,Ship,Charing-
LEWISHAM, Kent .■>. .Daily, Bell, Bell
yard, and George& Gate, Cross Keys..
Halfmoon, & No. II, Gracechuich-st ;
Magpie & Stump, Newgale st.. Silver
Cross, and Ship, Charing-cross ; Flower
Pot, and King's Arms, Bishopsgate st ;
Black Boy and Camel, Leadenhall st;
Kings and Key, Fleet st..Red Lion &
Spotted Dog, "strand.. Cock, Snowhill;
George, Old Bailey ; Catherine Wheel,
Dog & Bear cfe Halfmoon, Boro ; Cock,
Hayinarket.. Nag's Head, Covent gar-
den ; Fortune of War, & White Hart.
Giltspur st. .Swan, Skinner-street, .and
Pewter Platter, Gracechiirch st.
LEWKNER, Oxon 68. .W aft 4, Oxford
Arms, Warwick lane.
LEXV AM, Norfolk 98. .Th noon. No. 26
Sun st, Bishopsgate-st.
LEXDEN.. Dailv, Ipswich Arms, Cul
Inm St.
LEYBURN, Kent 3l..TuandF 12,Spiir,
LICHAM, Norfolk 92. . Van, Tu Th and
Sa aft 4, Swan with Two Necks, Lad
lane.. Waggon, Tu noon, No. 26 Sun st,
Bishopseate..M W and Sa noon. Blue
Boar, Aldgate
LTDGATE, Suffolk 62. .Sa l,Vine, Bi
shopsijate st.
LIDLINGTON..F, One Swan, Bishops
gate st.
LI'DNEY, Van, Tu Th & Sa 11, IVaggon.
daily, 12 & 7, 33 Wliite,Cro.ss-st..Crip
LIFTON, Devon 209. ..fan, 4 aft, Wag-
gon, 8 morn, daily. Bell, Friday st.
LI.MEHOUSE, Midd. 2.. .Daily, aft. 3,
George & Gate, Cross Keys, Halfmoon,
&No. II Gracechurch st Blaok Boy
and Camel, and Cock, Leadenhall st..
Flower Pot and King's Arms, Bi.shops-
gate St. .Magpie and Stuinp, Newgate st
..George, and New Inn, Old Bailey..
Fortune of War, and White Hart, Gilt-
spur St.. Pewter Platter, Gracechurch
street.. Cock, Snowhill, & Swan, Skin-
ner street.
LIMEKILNS, Kent.';.. Daily, Goo.se and
Gridiron, St. Paul','^ Church yard.
LIMPSFIKLD, Surry 22..,. Tu & F lO,
Calheiine Wheel, antl Spur, Boro.
LINCOLN, Lincoln l'29...ra>H, Tu Th
and Sa, aft 3, King's Arms, Snowhill. •
lrag^on, daily, aft. 4, Bull & Mouth,
and Shij), Cliaiing cross.. Tu and Ft
noon. Three Cups, Alderssatc.
L1\FlKLD,Su^sex37. ./'««, Tu and Fr
4, New Inn, Dover road— and ."ifi Wat-
ling st. .Th uiorn 7, Horse Shoe, Boro.i
JViiggon, We 3, Catherine Wheel. Bo-
LINDFORD Hall- Van, daily, aft 5,
Swan with Two Necks, Lad l.-ine.
LINDSELL, Essex 39. .Tuand Sa l.Blue
Boar,. Aldgate
LINDSEY,' Suffolk ,58.. Tu Th & Sa, aft
2, Blue Boar, Aldgate.
LINGFIKLD, Surry 23.. Tu, George, Th
morn Nag's Head, and W 3, Cafhferine
Wheel Borough.
LININGSTONE..M and F 12, George,
LINLITHGOW.. Daily, aft 4, Bull and
LINSTEAD, Suffolk 9S..Tu Th and Sa,
aft 2, Blue Boar, Aldgate.
LINTON, Cambridge 4 8.. Daily, I psvrioh
Anns, Cullum-st..Th and Sa, Catheririe
Wheel Tu Th and Sa 1, Vine, and
Th, Four Swans, Bishopsgate st..'rh 1,
Blue Boar, Aldgat«.
LINTON, Kent s's.. Daily, Ship, Charing
cross. .Tu and F, White Hart, Boro.
LIPHOOK, Hants 4.5..D.iily, Ship, Char-
ing cross.. Tu Th and Sa morn, Talbot,
Borough. .Fr noon. Spur-, Borough.
LI SKKARD,Corn wall 222.. ra?(, daily, 4
aft. Bell, Friday st. .2 aft Swan, Doctors
Commons. . fVaggon ,iai\y 8 morn, Bell,
Friday St.. New White; Horse Cellar,
and Dyson's Black Bear, Piccadilly.
LISSON GREEN, Middlesex 2. ..Daily,
Magpie & Stump, Newgate-st.. Flower
Pot, Bishopsgate st... and Blue Posts,
LITCHFIELD, Stafford 11 8.. Taw, daily,
noon. Castle and Falcon, Aldersgate st..
Waggon, daily, 13 Aldersgate st. .Bell,
Wood-st.. Green Man and' Still, Oxfoid
St.. and Ship, Charing cross..MWF
and Sa, Bell, War wide lane.
LITTLEBURY, Essex 42.. Dailv, Ips-
wich Anns, Cullum-st..Th l, Vine,(fe
Tu Th and Sa, Catherine Wheel, Bi-
shopsgate st.
LITTLKDEAN..ra«, Tu Th & Sa II..
If'aggon, 12 and 7, d^ily, 33 White
Cross st, Cripplegate.. //•ag^o?i,MTh
and Sa. Bell, Warwick-lane.
LITTLE EASTON....Sa 12, Saracen's
Head, Aldgate.
LITTLE HAMPTON, Su.ssex 64.. Daily,
Spread Eagle, Piccadillv, & Ship, Char-
ing cro.ss. .Mo Tu Th and Fr:, King's
Head..M and Th l, Queen's Head..Tu
Th and Sa, aft, Talbot, and Wand F,
White Hart, Borough.. Tu and Sa 12,
Catherine Wheel, Borough.
LITTLE HORSTED, Sussex 15 . . . . Van ,
daily, 3 New Inn, Dover road, and fiG
Watling St. . Waggon, daily, Catherine
Wheel, Borough.
LITTLE PORT, Cambridge 72.... ^a?^,
daily, aaflShepherd 'sOffice,3.')Camomile-
sl..Blaek and White Bears, Old White
Horse Cellar, and Gloster Coffee House,
Piccadilly.. Boarand Castle, A- Brown's
Warehouse, 2 18 Oxford st. .Spur, Boro
..and Angel'Fleet market.. M W& Sa,
t)neSwan, & Catherine Wheel. . /fa#-
gon,M and Th, Bull, T!ishopsgat.e-st..
W and Sa aft 2, Four Swans, Bishops-
LITTLETON.Cambridge, 41. .Sa l.Vine,
Bi.shopsgate st.
and Sa, King's Arms, Leadenhall-st..
Tu and Fr, aft. r,. Blue Boar, Aldgate.
LIVERMERE, Suffolk 79.. Fan, daily,
aft 4, Swan with Two Necks, L,id laKc,
Waggon, M W Th and Sa 3, Blue Boar,
LIVERPOOL, Lancashire 20.5 Van,
daily, noon, Castle and Falcon, Aiders-
gate st— ev 6, Castle, Wood-street.. and
Griffin's end Moore's Green Man and
Still, Oxford ft.. Waggon, daily. Bell,
Wooti St. .Green Mm & Still,Oxford st;

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