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HBNLOW, Biidlord 42. .W, While Hart,
at. John-st
Boar, Alde;afce
HENSTRIUGE ASH.. Van, daily, 4 aft,
& Waggon, 8 inoni, Bell, Fiiday-st
HEP\VO'RTH..?a aft i, Saracen's Head,
SnowliiU, & Three Nuns, Aldgate..Th
& Sa 3. Blue Boar, Aldgate ; W & Su,
Bull, Bishopsgate-st
HEREFORD, Hereford iSG ..Wii(jgoii,
daily, 33 White Cro.ss-st. Cripplegate ;
13 Aklersgate st ; Biown's Warehouse,
248, Oxford st ; and Black Bear, Pic-
cadilly.. Sa nooii,Geora;eInii,Smithlield;
King's Head, Old Cliauge ; Griftiii's,
(ireen Man & Still, (.>xfor(l st ; & Ship,
Cliaring-cross..W & Sa moni 10, King's
Arras, Siiowhill
HERNE HILL, Surry 4,. .Daily, Cock,
Snowhill; Flo\verPnt,Gishpsgate st; Blu
Boy & Camel, LeadenhaU st ; Kings &
Key,EIeet st ; Red Lion &r^pottedUog,
Strand; Silver Cross, Cliarias-cross ;
Goose & Gridiron, St. Paul's Church
yard ; Pewter Platter, & No. U, Grace-
church st ; Dos; & Bear, Buro ; Mag-
pie & Stump, Newgate st ; Fortune of
War, and White Hart, Giltspur-st ;
George, Old Bailey; Swan, Skinner-
st; Kiug'sArms, Bishopsgatest ; Cross
Keys, & Bell, Hell yard, Gracechiirch
st ; & Blue Posts, llolborn.
HERONGATE..W & Sa lu. Blue Boar,
HERRINGSWELL, Suffolk 67. .F noon,
2GSnn st, Bishopsg'ate st
Blue Boor, Aldgate
HERSHAM, Surry.. F, Cock, Hayniar-
Uet ; Arthirhoke, Stones End, Boro, &
y.Iephant &■ C.istle
HERSTMONCEUX, Sussex 54.. W &
Sa, White Hart, Boro
HERTFORD, Herts -21. .Daily, Ship,
Charing-cross..Tu Th & Sa, Catharine
Wheel, and OneSwon, Bishops.;ate st;
1, Four Swans, Bishopsgate st...'ru Th
Fr & Sa, Vine, liishopsgate-st
HESKETH, Cumh. 297... Daily, aft 4,
Bull and Mouth
HE50NGATE, Essex...W & Sat morn
in. Blue Boar, Aldgate
HESTON, Middlesex 11. .M W & Sa aft
3, Cock, Haymarket, & SnowhlL.Saaft
half past 3, White Bear, Piccadilly
HEVINGHAIM, Norfolk 118. .Tu Th &
Sa aft 2, Bine Boar, Aldgate
HEXHAM, Norlhnraberlnd 280. lF«f/30)i ,
daily, aft 4, Bull & Mouth, & 12,Whiti?
Horse, Cripplegate
HEYBRIDGE, Essex 39.. F ev 6, Blue
Boar, Aldgate
HEYDON, Northumberland 284. Daily,
aft 4, Bull & Mouth
HEYTESBURY, Wilts 92..Daily,Angel,
Fleet market, & mora 10, King'sArras,
HIDESIDE.. Daily, Catharine Wheel,
Bishopsgate st
HIGHAM, Norfolk 112. .Daily, Ipswich
Arms, Cullum st..TuTh & Sa 2, Blue
Bonr Aldgate
HIGH BEECH.. Daily, Blue Boar, Aid-
gate; & King's Arms, Bishopsgate st
H'lGHBRIDGE..Tn & Satalt4. Oxford
Arras, Warwick lane
HIGHBURY, Midd2..Daily, Black Boy
& Camel, LeadenhaU st, and Cock,
HIGH EASTER.. Daily, Ipswich Arms,
HIGH GARRATT, Essex 42. .Tu Th &
Sa, Catharine Wheel, Bishopsgate st..
Th & Sa aft3. Blue Boar, Aldgate
HIGHGATE, Middlesex 4. .Daily, Spot-
ted Dog, Strand ; George, Old Bailey;
George & Crown, Broad st. Blooms-
bury ; Black Bov & Camel, LeadenhaU
st; Bell, Bell yard. Pewter Platter,
George & Gate, Half Moon, and No. 11,
Gracechurch st ; Flower Pot & King's
Arms, Bishopsgate st ; IMagpie&Stump,
Newgate st ; Silver Cross, Charing
cross ; Blue Posts, TotlerJiara court
road, and Holborn ; Cock, Snowhill-
Nag's Head, Covent garden ; Fortnne
of War, & White Hart, Giltspur st ;
Swan, Skinner st ; & Cross Keys and
No. 4, Gracechurch st
Sa aft 2, George Inn, SmithlieM..Th &
.S;i, CrossKeys, St, .Iohn-st,it M noon
White Hart, S(. ,Iohn-st
HKill ClU)SS-Sa, Catherine Wheel,
HIGH EAST-Tu morn Il,lpswichArnis
Cullum st
HIGHV^■OOD HILL-TuTh and Sa 4,
George & Crown, Broad st, Blooms-
bury, & Blue Posts, Holborn
HIGHWORTH , W iUsli-YanhWaqgon,
d.iily 10, King's Head, Old Change. .Sa
aft 2, New Inn, Old Bailey ; & White
Horse ''ellar, Piccadillv
HIGH WYCOMBE, Bucks 29-D.iilylO,
King's Head, Old Change. Tu & Fri
Angel, Fleet market, & Griflin'sGreen
Main & Still, Oxford st..W & Sa, Bell,
Warwick lane, & Brown'sWarehousp,
218, Oxtord-st ; & Tu & Fri mora 10,
King's Arms, Snowhill
H1LBOROUGH--TU noon, 12 Sun st.
Bishopsgate St.. M W & Sanoon,Blue
Boar, Aldgate ; and W & Sa aft 2, Four
Swans, Bishopsgate st
H1LDERSHAM--Th & Sa, Catherine
Wheel, Bishopsgate St. .Tu'Th & Sa, 1 ,
Vine, Bishopsgate st ; and Th, One
Swan, Bishopsu^ate st
H1LGAY..M W & Sa, Catherine Wheel,
& Four Swans, Bishopsgate st
HILLINGDON, Middlesex 13. . Daily, ev
(j, King's Arms, Snowhill ; UreenMan
& Still, f.nd Boar & Castle, Oxford st.
Sanoori, Angel, Broal st, Bloomsbnry,
& M & P aft, George, Snowhill
HILLINGTON, Norfolk 113-M W & Sa
Catherine Wheel, Bishop-gate st,.W
and Sa aft 2, Four Swans, Bishops-
gate st
Hi LL POUND, Hints6G-Daily,atnoon,
White Horse, Friday st
HILLSLCT, Gloucester- FoH, Tu Th &
Sa II, and Waggon, daily 12 & 7, 3a,
Whitecross-st,Cripplegt ; While Bear,
& Hooper's, Old White Horse Cellar,
Piccadilly ; and Griffin's, Green Man
and Still, Oxford st
HILSDEN-M & F, George, Snowhill
HL TON, Hunts 56-W & Sa, Catherine
Wheel, Bishopsgate st; and One Swan
Bishopsgate st
HINCKLEY, Leicester 99-rfl»i,, daily,
noon, C.iistle & Falcon, Aldersgate st ;
5 aft, 17 Old Change; Sa 3, VVindmil!
St. John st ;& Waggon, daily, 12, Whit'
Horse, Cripplegate , and 8, morn. Bell,
Friday st
Bishopsgate st
HINDON, Wilts 97-7an, daily, 4 aft, &
Waggon, morn 8, Bell, Friday st; daily
Swan, Holborn bridge,, Tu evening',
Rose, Fleet market
HINGHAM, Norfolk 99.. Van, W and Sa
12, Vine, Bishopsgate. st ; and Wag-
gon, W & Sa2, Ipswich Arms, Cullum
st ; and M W & Sa 12, Bull, Bishops
gate st
H INKS WORTH. .W 1, Vine, Bishops
HiNTLESHAM-Ilail)', Ipswich Arms,
Cullum st
BINTON, Northampton 61-M&Sa morn
10, Oxford Arms, Warwick lane
HINTON, Hants 67-Tn &Sa, aft 4, Ox-
ford Arms, Warwick lane
Kan, daily, 4 aft ; and Waggoii, 8 morn
Bell, Friday St.. M W f< K aft. Swan,
Iloll)orn bridge ; and NewWhiteHorsc
Cellar, andBiack Bear, Piccadilly
HINXTON, Cambridge 4.5..Th 1, Vine,
Bishopsgate st
H1RNE--Daily,aft 4, Bull& Mouth
UITCHAM, Suffolkfi4-Sa,King'sArras,
LeadenhaU st..Tu Th & Sa aft at 2,
Blue Boar, Aldgate ; and W & Sa aftat
2, Four Swans, Bishopsgate st
HlTCHENDEN, Bucks 30-Tu WF and
Sa noon, George, Snowhill
;1ITCH1N, Herts 34 W and Sa, Cross
Keys, St. John st.Tu audFmornIO,
Golden Lion, St. John st..W noon. Red
Lion, Aldersgate st; & W & Sa, White
Hart, & Windmill, St. John st.
HITCIUN, (Isle of WightJ-Tu & Sa aft
4, Oxford Arms, Warwick lane
HOCKEKILL, Essex 30-Darly, Ipswich
Arms, Culluui st ; King's Arms,Lead-
enhall st..Tu Th and Sa, Catharine
Wheel, and 1, Vine, Bishopsgate st ;
and Th & F, One Swan, Bishops-
gate st
HOCKERING-M M^ and Sa 12, Bull,
Bishopsaate st
HOCKHAM--IV'rt3f/07(, M W and Sa 12,
Bull, Bishopsgate st, and Swan with
Two Necks, Lad lane
HOCKLEY, Essex 3()-V 12, Blue Boar,
HOCKLIFFE, Bedford 38- W &Sannon,
Windmill, St. John st ; and Th & Sa,
Cross Kays, St. Jrhn st
HOCKWt>LD-VKo(;i(on, W 9, Bnll, Bi-
shopsgate st
HODDESCO, Norfolkll9-Sa aft4, Sa-
racen'sHead, Sn.iwhill ; &ThreeNuns,
HODDESDON, Herts 17-Daily 3, Vine,
Bishopsgate st..Tu ik F, Four Swans,
and TuTh F & Sa, Catharine Wheel,
Bishopsgate st ; and Tu Th & Sa, One
Swan, Bishopsgate st
HOLBEACH, Lincoln 109-Fon, daily,
aft at 2, King's Arms, Snowhill!. W &
Sa 1, Vine,Cathar)neWhe»l,OneSw<in,
and Four Swans, Bishopsgate st ; and
Ram, Smithfield
HOLBROOK-.. Daily, Ipswich Arras,
Cullum st
HOLDSWORTHY, Devon 213.. .Fan,
daily. 4 aft ; & Waggon, 8 morn. Bell,
Friday st, and Swan, Holborn biidge
HOLKBOND .Sa afternooi.3, Spur, Bo-
HOLLINGBUBY....Sa. King's Arms,
LeadenhaU st
HOLKHAM, Norfolk 121. ..Th noon, 26
Sun St. Bishopsgate st ; and M W and
Sa noon. Blue Boar, Aldgate
HOLLINGBOURNE, Kent 40.. Fax, Tu .
Th & Sa 9, New Inn, Dover road, &
56, Watling st ; and Waggon, Tu & F
noon, Talhot, Boro
Snowhill ; Kings & Key, Fl.et st ; Red
Lion, & Spotle'd Dog, Strand ; Flower
Pol, and King's Arms, Bishopsgate st ;
George and Gate, Cross Keys, Hal
Mooi'i, and No. U, Gracechurch st ;
Magpie & Stump, Newsrate st ; For-
tune of War, and White Hart, Giltspur
st ; George, Old Biiil' y ; Swan, Skin-
ner st ; Bell, Bell yard ; Pewter Plat-
ter, and No. 4, Gracechurch st
HOLME, Westmoreland 253.. Daily, aft
4, Bull & Month, and Axe, Alderman-
HOLMES CHAPEL, Cheshire 165.. Dai-
1\ , Bell, Wood st ; and Green Wan and
Still, Oxford st, and Axe, Aldeiman-
HOLT, Norfolk 119.. Fon, daily aft 4,
Swan with Two NecKs, Lad lane ; &
Waggon, Tu noon. 26, Sun st. Bishops-
rate. .W W (t Sa no(Ui, Blue Boar, Aid-
gate ; and M W & Sa. Bull, Bishops-
HOLTON,Suirolk59..Ta Th&Sa,Blue,
Boar, Aldgate
HOLTON, 'Ox<m 49. .M Th & Sa noon,
George, Snowhill
HOLYHEAD, Anglesea 278..Faji, M W
&F 12, White Horse, Cripplegate ; and
noon. Castle & Falcon, Aldersgate st;
and Waggon, daily, Bell, Wood st. and
Axe, Alderinanbury ; Green Man &
Still, Oxford st ; Spread liagle, Picca-
dilly ; Castle and Falcon, and No. 13,
Aldersgate ; and Ship, Charing cross .
M W F &Sa, Bell, Vv'arwick lanc.Tu
and F evening 6, White Bear, Basing ■
hall st
HOLYPORT. .Tu & Sa morn 8, Swan,
Holborn bridge
HOLYWELL, "Huntingdon 60.. W & Sa
1, Vine, Bishopsgate st
HOMiMERSFIELb, Suffolk 103. .TuTh
and Sa, Blue Boar, Aldgate
HOMMERTON, Middlesex 2.. ..Daily,
Magpie & Stump, Newgate st ; Bell,
Beli yard, and George & Gate, Grace-
church st ; Goose & Gridiron, St Paul's
Church yard ; Black Boy and Camel,

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