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OM Bailej ; Pewter Platter, Grace-
cliurch St ; and George & Gate, and
Kiiis's Arms, liisliopsnate st
GRKETHAM, Rutland 97-DaiIy, aft 4,
Bull & Mouth
GRESHAW-M W and Sa 12, Bull, Bi-
shoDsgate st
GREStOM-W 9, Bull, Bishopsijate st
GRETA BRIDGE, Yoik 212 Daily, ;ilt
4, Bull & Month
GRETFORD-Daily, Ipswirli Arms.Cul-
lum st
GRIMSBY, Lincoln 168-D,iily,aft 4,Bull
& Mouth, & Ship, Charing cross
GRIMSTONE, Norfolk 103.-W & S.vaft
2, Four Swans, Bishopsiate st ; & M
&Tb iO, Bull, Bishops?ate
GRIN STEAD, Essex 21-DaiIy,Ips(cich
Arms, C'ullnm st
& F noon, Spur, Borough
GRIPPjNGj'.-Tu Th & Sa 2, Blue Boar,
GROOMBRIDGE, Sussex 40- Fan, Tn
Th & S 3, New Inn, Dover road, & 56,
Watlingst ; & Wat/gon, Tn 2, Cathe-
rine Wheel, Borough
GROVE, Bucks 42-Tu & F aft 4, Oxford
Arms, Warwick-laue
GRUNDESTON, TuTh & Sa 12, Sara-
cen's Head, Alds;ate
GRUNSBURGH, SuffolU 78-I)aily, Ips-
wich Arms, CuUura st ; & Tii Th and
Sa 12, Sar=icen's Head, Aldgafe
GUERNSEY, (Isle of Guernsey) Daily,
White Horse, KriJay st ; New While
HorseCellnr, pi'caHilly; & Ship, Char-
ing cross. .Tu & F aft, Girrard's H,.II,
Basing li.ne, & Bell, Wood st..Tu Th
& Sa morn.l0,KiTig'sHead,OldChanse;
t)ld WhiteHorsc Cellar, Spread Eagle,
& White & Black Bears, Piccadilly, &
Saracen's Hea':l,>nowhill..Tu & Sa*lt
4, Oxford Arms, Warwick lane
GUESTLING, Sussex 66-W-&Sa White
Hart, Borough
GUILDFORD, SurrySO Daily, Saracen's
Head,Frid.-iv st, & Ship, Charingcross.
Tu W F & Sa, King's Head, & White
Hart, Borough. . M&; F 11, C.fherine
Wheel, Boro..W & Sa 12, Talbot,Bnro,
10, George, Boro, & Oxford Arms, War-
wick l,ine..F nft2, Suur, Bcro..Tu F &
Sa, aueen'sHead, Boro..Tu & F all I,
New Inn, Old Builev, & Nag's Head,
Boro, & Tu Th & Siit aft 4, Belle Saa-
vaste, l.udgnte Hill
GUiSBRO, Yoi-k..faH, daily, aft 5, and
Waqgon, 12, White Horse, Cripplegite
GUIST, No. folk ]09..Tunoon, 20, Sun
st, Bishopsgate ; & M W & Sa, Blue
Boar, Aldgate
GUNDEN,'(Underwood)-M Th & Sa
noon, Gteorge, Snowhill
GUN TON -M W & Sa, Bull, Bishops-
gate st
GUYHORN, Cambridge 85-W & Sa, Ca-
therine Wheel, One Swan, Bishops-
«WENAP,Cornwall263- Fan, flail y,4aft,
and Waqgon, 8, morn, Bell, Fri^ay-st
6YTHORN-M W& Sa,C.aherine Wheel,
HACKN!^!^', Middlesex 3--Daily, Vine,
Flower Pot, King's Arms, & Marlboro
Head, Bishonss'ate ; Bell, Bell yard,
George & Gate, Half Moon, & No. 11,
Gracechurchst ; Goose & Gridiron, St.
Paul's Church yard ; Mngpie&.Slump,
Newgate st ; CatherineWheel, Bishops-
gate st ; Black Boy & Camel, Leaden-
hal' st ; Cock, Snowhill ; George, Old
Bailey ; King's & Key, Fleet st ; Red
Lion, & Spotted Dog, Strand ; Blue
Posts, Holboru ; Fortune of War, and
AVhiteHarr, Giltspur st ; Swan, Skin-
ner st ; Pewter PI ttter, & Cross Keys,
Gracechurch st ; & New Inn, Old Bai-
ley j & \I W F & Sa, Four Swans, Bi-
shopsffate st
HADDENHAM,Caiuhridge6.5-W & Sa
aft 2, Four Swans, Bishopsgate st..M
& Th, Bull, Bishopsgate st ;'& Th, Ca-
therine Wheel, Bishopsscate st
HADDENHAM, Bucks 45..M&Th noon.
Swan, Holborn bridge, & Green Man
& Still, Oxford st
HADDINGTON, Hadd 374-Daily, aft 4,
Ball & Mouth
HADHAM, Herts 27. .Daily nft:i. Vine,
Bishopsgate si. .F noon, Windmill, St.
John st i andTu & Sa eve 8, Vine, Bi-
shopsgate st
HADHAM, (LITTLE) Herts 32. Daily,
aft 3, and Tn & Sa 1, Vine, Bishops-
gate st
HADLEIGH, Essex 3li..«,i,Kini;'sArms,
Leadenhall st ; and F noon, Blue Boar,
HADLEIGH, Suftolic C4..Fan, M W&
Sa 2, Blue Boar, Aldgate; hWaygnn,
Daily, Ipswirh Anns, CuUum st..Tu
Th & Sa, Kind's Anns, Leadenhall st.
& Saracen's Head, Aldgate
H.ADLEY, Herts. .Daly. Gulden Lion,
St. John st ; Blue Posts, Tottenham-
court road, and Holboin ; Magpie and
Stump, Newgitest; Fortune of War,
&Wh:teHart,Giltspur«t ; Cock,Suow-
hiU ; Georg •, Old liailey ; Swan, Skin-
ner st ; PewterPlatler,Gracechurch st;
& ^hip. Charing cross ; W even. Ram,
HADLOW, Kent 33-Fon, daily, even 6,
Cross Keys, Gracechu -ch st; & Tu &
F noon, Nag's Head, Boro ; and IFaj-
(/o»t, dail). Spur, & Catherine Wheel,
HADLOWDOWN... Fan, daily 3, New
Inn, Doverroad, & 56, Watlingst
HADSTOCK, Bucks. .M and F oft 5,
Georee, Snowhill
HAnSTOCK, Essex 47. Tu Th & Sat 1,
Vine, Bishopsgate st..Th & Sa, Cathe-
rine Wheel, Bishopsgate st ; Th noon,
One Swan, Bishopsgate st
HAGBOURNE, Berks 54. .Tu & F aft4.
Oxford Arms, Warwick lane
HAILSHAM, Sussex o6...Dailv, Ship,
Chariiig cross ; & W & Sa, WhiteHart,
HALBERTON.. Fare, daily, 4 aft. Swan,
Great Carter lane
HALDEN, Kent 56.. Tu & F noon, Tal-
bot. Borough
HALE-s OWKN, Salop 124. .M W Fri &
Sa, Bell, Warwick-lane
HALES WORTH, Suffolk lOO.Daily, Ips-
wich Arms, Culluni st, & BulI.LeaileM-
hall st .Sa aft 4, Sarar en's!-Iead,Sni>w
hill ; Three Nuns, Aldgate, and King's
Arms, Leadenhall st -, & Tu Th & Sa
HALEYBURY, Hprt.s..Tu Th & Sa,Ca-
thf-rine Wheel, Bishopsgate st ; & Tu
& F, Vine, Bishoosgate st
HALIFAX, York 197... Fan, daily, aft 5,
& W & Sa morn. Bell, Warwick lane ;
& daily, ev6. Castle, Wood st, & Grif-
fin's & Moor's, Green Man & Still, Ox-
ford st ; and Wu'jgon. daily, aft 4, Bull
and Mouth, & Axe, Aldermanbury ; &
12 White Horse. Cripplegate
HALLIFORD, Middlesex IS.. W & Sat
morn 8, Saracen's Head, Snowhill ; &
Tu and F morn 9, King's Head, Old
HALMAKER, Tu Th & Sa aft. Talbot,
Born; & W & F, WhiteHart, Boro
HALSTEAD, Esses 46.. Fan, dai!vaft4.
Swan withTwoNecks,Lad lane. Flower
Pot, His'iiopsgate st, & B ill, Ald?--ite ;
& morn 5, BlueBoar, Aldgate ; & Wap-
gon, Th & Sa, King's Arms, Lra-k-n-
hallst. andS, Bine Boar, AldMte..Tu
Th & Sa, Catherine Wheel, Bishops-
gate st..F aft4, Three Nuns, Aldgate ;
'&Th 1, Sararen's Head. Aldsate
HALSTEAD. Kent 1S...M & Th 5, Tal-
bot, Boro. & Sa 1, Swan,Bishopsgt-st
HALTWHISTLE, Northumberland 283.
Daily, aft 4, Bull & Mouth
HAM,'Surrv U.Dfiily, Kinjs and Key,
Fleet st ; Spotted Dog, and R-d Lion,
Strand ; Goose & Gridiron & Ciown,
St. Paul's Church yard ; Cock, Snow-
hill ; Fortune of War, & White Hart,
(iiltspur st, & King's Arms, Bishops-
gate St. .M & F, CatheiMneWheel,Boro,
& Vine, Bishopsgate st
HAMBLE, Hants7]..Tn&Saaft4, Ox-
ford Arms, Warwick-lane
HAMBLEDON, Hants 75. .Daily, noon,
White Horse, Friday st ; & Tn & Sat
morn 10, Saracen's Head, Snowhill ;
King's Head, Old Change, & OldWhite
Horse Cellar, Piccadilly
HAMILTON, Lanark 391. .Daily, <(ft 4,
Bull h Mouth
HAMINGFIELD. W k Sa,l, Swan, and
Ciithcrine 'V'Vhecl, Bishopsgate st..Tll
cv 5, Blui' Boar, Aldgate
HAMMERSMITH, Middlesex 4.. Daily,
Cu.:k, Snowhill ; Nag's Head, Covent:
garden ; Bull, & Black Boy & Camel,
Leadenhall st ; Bell, Bell yard, George,
& Gate, Cross Kejs, & No. 11, Grace-
church st ; Kings and Key, Fleet-»t ;
Red Lion, Spotted Dog, and Edinboro'
Castle, Strand , Mai:pie&Stump,New-
gate st ; Silver Cioss, Charing cross ;
George, Old Bailey ; Black and White
Bears, Piccadilly ; FlowerPot,&King's
Arms, Bishopssatest ; New Irni, Old
Bailey ; Goose'& Gridiron, & Crown,
St. Paul's Chursh yard ; Old & New
WhiteHorse Cellars, Piccadilly ; Green
Man & Still, O.xford st ; Cock, Hay-
market; BluePosts,Holborn ; Fortune
of War, and White l^ait, Giltspur st ;
Swan, Skinner st ; & PewterPiattcr, &
No. 4. Gracechurch st
HAMOND, Tu & Sanoon,Vine,Bishops-
£at' st
HAMPSTEAD, Midd. 4.. .Daily, Silver
Ciois Charing Cross; Bell, Bell
yard. Pewter Plattter, George Ik Gate,
Cross Keys, and No. 11 and 4, Grace-
church st ; Blue Posts, Tottenham ct.
road; Magpie & Stump, Newgate st;
Flower Pot, King's Arms, & Marlboro'
Head, Hishopsgate at ; Swan, Skinner
st. Spotted Dog, and Red Lion, Strand;
Goose & Gridiron, St. Paul's Church
yard ; Bull, Holborn ; Cock, Snowhill ;
Nag'sHead, Covent garden ; BluePosts,
Holborn ; Green Man & Still, Black
Boy & Camel, Leadenhall st ; Fortune
of War, & White Hart, Giltspur st, &
George, Old Bailev.
HAMPTON, Midd. 14. .Daily, aft 3 to 4,
Kings & Key, Fleet st ; Flower Pot,
Bishopsgate st ; Cock, Snowhill ; For-
tuneof War, & WhiteHart, Giltspnv st,
& King's Arms, Bishopsgate st...M W
F & Sa morn 3, New Inn, Old Bailey..
W & SamuinH, Saracen'sIJead, Snow-
hill. .Tu & F morn 8, King-s Head, Old
Ch„nse ; White & Black Bears, Picca-
dillv, & White Horse, Friclay-st
HAMPTON COURT, Midd. 13.. Daily,
aft 3 to 4, King's&Key. Fleet st ; Cock,
Snowhill ; h'oitune of War, and White
H«rt, Giltspur st ; Ship, Charing cross,
& King's Arms, Bishopsgate st..Tn &
F mora 1, Vi'liite Horse, Friday st, and
morn 9, King's Hciid, Old CbauiLC, and
Tu & Sa morn 8, Swan, Ho;born bdge
HANUCROSS, Sussex 30.. Tu &F2,Ca-
tharine Wheel, Borough.
HANFEY, Berks 60..Tu & F aft 4, Ox-
ford Arms, Warwick-lane
HAW WELL, Middlesex 8. .Daily, aft 4,
Black Bear, Piccadilly ; Cock, Snovr-
hill; Boar*; Castle, Oxford-st; George
&Crown, Broid-st.Bloomsbury ; Green
Man & Still, and Brown's Warehouse,
248, Ox(ord-st..M W & Sa, Old Bell,&
Bull, Holborn, and Cock, Ha^ market.
HAN WORTH, Midd. 13..W & S mora
8, Saracen's Head, Snowhill; Spotted
Dog, Strand, and White Swan, Hol-
born hriilce
H \PP1SBURGH..M W & Sa 12, Ball,
Bishopsgate street
New Inn, Diver-road, and 53, Wat-
ling-st ; and Waggoyi, W 3, Catharine
MTieel, &Th morn. Horse Shoe, Boro
HARBOROUGH, Leicester 83... Van,
daily, ev 6. Castle,Wood-st , &Grifrin's
and Moore's, Green Man & Still, Ox-
HARDINGHAM..M W and Sa 12, Bull,
HAREFIELD, Midd. 18.. Daily, aft 5,
iioar & Castle, and Grilfin'sGreen Man
and Still, andBrowa'sWarehouse, 248,
Oxford-st, and Ansel, Broad-st, St,
Giles's ; even 6, King'sArms, Snowhill.
tlAREHATCH, Berks 32.. Th morn 10,
Green Man & Still, Oxlord-st,&.*wan,
HARE .STREET, Herts 30.. Daily, Bine
Boar, Aldiate, & Ship, Charing-croM.
F mora 10, Vine Bishoi)Bgate-»t..W &

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