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FEARING. .Essex 4wi. .Tuand t-a, Kiiig'ii
Arms, Leadenhall-sl.
FECKKNHAM, Worcester 120. .Daily,
12, Bell, Woodst; Green Mini & Still.
Ox(ord-»t; & Old White Horse Cellar,
FEERING, Essex 42.. Sa morn 10, Sara-
cen's Head, Aldsate.
FELBRIG..M W and Sa. Bull, Bishops-
FELIXTON D-iily, Ipswich Avm.i,
FKLPHAM,Su.ssex S.-i.-Tu and Sa noon,
King's Head, Bovo.
FELSHAM-.Saaftn 4, Saracen's Head,
Sno\v-lilll,and Three Nuns, AldgalcM
W Th and Sa 3, Blue Boar, Aldgate.
FRLSTKAD, E.s-sex 39.... Daily, Black
Bull, Aldsate..Tu Th & Sa, Catherine-
Wheel, Bi.shopsSft'^"*t-
FELTHAM, Middlesex 13.. Tu and Sa
morn 8, Old Bell, Holborn ; Fortune of
War, and White Hart, Giltspur-st
FELTON, Northumberland id94.. Daily,
aft 4, BmUA Mouth
■FELTWELL..W 9, Bull, Bishop»gate-
FENDRAYTON, Camb..55... Sa af t 1
Vine, Bishopseate-st.
and Sa morn 10, Golden Lion,St.John-st
FENSTANTON, Huntingdon .W..W Th
and Sa, Catherine Wheel, Bishop.«gate-
st..W and Sa aft l, Vine, Bishnpsgate-
st. . W & Sa noon, One Swan, Bi.shops-
Fi5RLE, Sussex. .While Hart, Boro.
FERRY BRIDGE, York ir9.. Can, dai-
ly, aft .1, White Horse, Cripplegale ; Th
and Sa noon. Three Cups, Aldersgate-st
..ami /Fa^^on, daily, attn 4, Bull and
Mouth ; & \i. White Horse, Cripplegate
FERRY- HILL.. Daily, aft 4, Bull and
FERSFIELD, Norfolk 96. ..TaB, daily,
aft 4, Swan with Two Necks, Lad-lane
FETCHAM, Surry 19. . ran, VV and Sa 9,
Vine, Bishopsgate; IFaggoii,'Vu mornr.
Swan, Holborn-bridse.
FEYFIELD.. Daily, Ipswich Arms, Cul-
FIELD DALING,Norfolk 11.5..Tu noon,
■ 26, Sun-st, Bishopsgate-st..M W and
Sa, Bull,Bishopsgate-st.
FIFIELD... Daily, 12, Ipswich Arms,
FINBOROUGH.Su-ffolk 6T.. Daily, Ips
wich Arms, CuUum-street. .Sa, King's
Arm.s, Leadenhall.5t..Tu ThandSa2,
Blue Boar, Aldgate.
FINCHAM, Norfolk 93.. .M W & Sa
Catherine Wheel, and Four Swans,
FINCH INGFIELD, Es.sex 46.. Tu and
Sa 1, Blue Boar, Aldgate.
FINCHLEY, Midd. T Daily, Golden
FLEET.. W and Sa 1, Vine, Catherine-
Wheel, Four Swans, and One Swan,
FLEMPTON..W and Sa, Bull, Bishops-
F^KTCHING Sussex 40.. W and Sa 2,
Catherine Wheel.
FLIMWKLL, Sussex 44. .W morn, Tal-
bot, Boro...W and Sa, Spur, Boro .
FLINDERDAY..Thand Sa 3, Blue Boar,
FLINT, Flints 209. .Daily, 13 Aldersgate
St, and Axe, Aldermanbuvy-
FLIXTON, Suttblk I14....TU Th and Sa,
Blue Boar, Aldgate.
FLOWTO,\,Sullblk :2..TuTh and Sa,
2, Blue Boar, Aldgate.
FLUSHING. . Fuw^daily, 4 afn ; & Uag-
gon, » morn, Bell, Fiiday-st.
FOBBING, Essex 24.. Mo and Friday 10,
Swan.Whitechapel, & BtueBoiir, Aldgate
F0LKSTONE,:Kent 7i..ran, daily, ait
2, White Hart,Koro, and Ship, Channg-
cross..Wed even. King's Head, and
Geoige, Borough.. Tues Tbuis and Sat
9, New Inn, Dover-toad ; aid 56 Wat-
ling-^treet ; and Tu Th and Sa noon. No.
S,"), Camouiile-st.
FOOT^S CRAY, Kent 12.. Daily, Ship,
and Silver Cross, Charing-cross..M W
and Fr morn. Nag's Head, Boro— Tu Th
and Sa \i. Spotted Dog, Strand, and
Half Moon, Boro Tu and Fr, Spur,
Boro. .M Wand F, Flovrer Pot, Bishops
gatc-st; Magpie and Stump, Newgate
St; Kings and Key, Fleet-st; White
Hart, Strand; and Cock, Haymarket
and Snowhill.
FORDHAM, Essex 4J... Daily, Ipswich
Arms, Cullum-st. .Sa 1, Vine, Bishopa-
gate-st..Sa morn 10, Saracen's Head,
FORDHAM, Norfolk.. M& Th lO.Bull,
FORDIN 5BRIDGE, Hants 9\....l'an,
daily, 4 alt. Bell, Friday-street, .and Fun
and Waggon, Mo We and Fr l. Castle
and Falcon, Alder.sgate-st ; Tu Th and
Sa morn )0, King's "Head, Old Change ;
Old White Hovsc Cellar, Spread Engle,
and White and Black Bears, Picca-
dilly. .Tu and Sa aft 4, Oxford Arms,
■Warwick-lane.. Th and Sa noon, Sara-
cen's Head, Aldgate Tu ev. Rose,
Fleet market, & Saracen's Head, Snow-
hill and 8 morning. Bell, Friday-st
FORD STREET, Essex, Sa morn 10,
Saracen's Head, Aldgate. .Tu Th and Sa
aft 2, Blue Boar, Ald!i;ate.
FOREST GATE, Essex.. Daily, Pewter
Platter, Gracechuich-st ; Flower Pot,
Bishopsgate-st ; Cock, Leadenhall-st ;
Magpie and Stump, Newgate-st ; For-
tune of War, and White Hart, Gilt
spui-st; Cock, Snowhill, George, Old
Bailey ; and Swan, Skinner-st.
. .. .Baily, Bell,
Lion St John-st; Blue Posts, Totten-1 FOREST HILL, Kent f,...
ham-'coutt-road and Holborn ; George Bell-yard, Gracechnrch-street ; Cock,
& Crown, Broad-st,'Bloomsbury; Flow- Snowhill; and Silver Cross, Charing-
er Pot, Bishopsga!e-st ; Magpie and
Stump, Newgate-st; Half Moou, Graco-
chuich-st ; Fortune of War, and White
Hart, Giltspurstrcet ; Cock, Snowhill ;
(Jeorge, Old Bailev; Swan, Skinner-st ;
Pewter Platter, Bell, Bell-yard, Cross-
Keys, No. 11 and No. 4,Gracechurch-st;
and Blue Posts, Holborn.
FINNINGHA.M, Suffolk -?5. .Sa, King's
Arms, Leudenhall-st.
FINMERE, Oxon 62..Mand Sauiorn 10,
Oxford Arms, Warwick-lane.
FIRLE, Sussex. . I'an, dailv, 3, New Inn,
Dover-road ; and h6, Watling-street ;
ff'aggon, dailv, Catherine Wheel, Boro
FOREST ROW, Sussex 31.. Daily, Ship
Charing-cross..Tu W aud Sa 2, Cathe
rine Wheel, Boro.. aft Talbot, & Whitt
Hart, Boro. ...Th morn, Nag's Head,
W and Sa, Bull, Bi.>hopsgate-st, and Sa,
One Swan, Bishopsgate-st. .Th and Sa
3, Blue Boar, Aldgate. .Tues Thuv and
Saturday, Catherine Wheel, Bishopsgt.
FORTY HILL.. Daily, Cock, Snowhill
FOULMORE, Cambridge 42.. .Sa 1 Vine,
Catherine Wheel,
B shopsgate St. .F
and Wed, One Swan, Bishopsgate-st
''w'and¥rau3arbot,''Boro7.Fafr4, 1 FOULNESS, Essex. .F 12, Blue Boar,
FOULSHAM, Norfolk 1 11 .. Tan, daily,
4, Swan with Two Necks, Lad-lane. .
IJ'aggon, Tu noon, 26 Sun-st, Bishops-
gate.. M W and Sa noon. Blue Boar,
Aldsate, and Bull, Bishopsgate-st.
F0VANT,WiUs91..Tuev. Rose, Fleet-
FOWEY, Cornwall 239— fan, 4 after-
noon ; . . ff'aggon, 8 morn. Bell, Friday
Spur, Boro.
FISHGUARD, Pembroke ZW . . Fayi , Tu
Th and Sa 11, 33 White Cross-street,
andK'aggon, 12 and 7; daily, 13 Alders-
gate-street ; and White Swan, Holborn-
bridge-.Tu Th and Sa, Moore's, Green
Man and Still, Oxford-st.
FITTLEWORTH, Sussex 52.. Fr noon.
King's Head, Boro.
FIVE ASHDOWN, Tan, daily, 3, New
Inn, Dover-road ; & 56, Wa1ling-st..&
J'aeeuV, "daily, Catherine Wheef, Boro.j FOXHEARTH, Essex .M. .Sa aft ,5, One
FLAMBOROUGH, York 214. .Dally, aft Swan,Bi.shop.«gate-3t..Tb and ba 3,Blue
4, Bull and Mouth.
Boar, Aldgate.
FOXTON, Cambridge 46.. W <k Sa, One
Swan, Bishopsgate-st.
FRAMFIELD.. /an, daily, S New Inn,
Dover-road, and .56 Walling-slreet..
Waggon, daily .Catherine Wheel, White
Hart, and Dog aud Bear, Boro. .Tu and
Fr noon, Spur, Boro.
FRA.MLINGHAM, Suffolk Sr.... Daily,
Ipswich Arms, Cullum-st; Saracen'.s
Head, & Blue Boar, Aldgate. .Sa, King's
Arms, Leadenhall-st.
FRAMPTON, Dorset I2f... Fan, 4 aft..
H'aggon, daily, 8 morn, Bell, Friday-st.
FRA.MP10N, Gloucester 10.5. .. Tan, Tu
Th Sa II, 33 Whitecross-street, Cripple-
gate. ... /Fa^gon, daily, 12 and 7, 33
Whilecro.ss-slreet, Cripplegate; While
Bear, and Old White Horse Cellar,
Piccadilly; aud Green Man & Still,
FRAMSDEN, Suffolk 78. .Tu Th and Sa
12, Saracen's Head, Aldgate.
FRANT, Sussex ST.. Ian, Tu Th Sa 3,
Nevr Inn, Dover-road, and 56 Watling-
street. . /raggon, Tu and Fr 2, Queen's
Head, and White Hart, Boro
FRAZERBURGH.. Daily, aft 4,BuUand
FRKCKENHAM, Suffolk 67.. Sa aft 1,
Vine, Bishopsgate-ft.
FRENSHAM, Surry 40... Sa aft S, Spnr,
FRESH WATER, Isle of Wight. .Daily
noon. White Hor.se, Friday-st. .Tu and
Sa aft 4, Oxford Anns, VVarwick-lane.
FRESSINGFIELU, Suffolk.. Sa aft 4,
Saracens Head, Snowhill j & Three
Nuns, Aldgate.
FRESTON, SutJolk 66.. Daily, Ip.swich
Arms, Cullum st..Tu Th & Sa 12, Sa-
racen's Head <fe Blue Boar, Aldgate.
FRETTINGHAM..M W & Sa 12, Bull,
FRETWELL. .M Th & Sa noon, George,
FRIMINGHAM..TU Th & Sa 2, Blue
Boar, Aldgale.
FRliMLEY, Surry 30. .Tu & F, Angel,
Fleet market; George, Snowhill; Old
White Hor.-e Cellar, & White Bear,
Piccadilly. .Sa aft 3, Spur, Boro.
FRINKFORD, Oxon 58... \I Th & Sa
noon, Georee, Snowhill.
FRITTENDEN, Iient44..Tu & F 12,
Talbot, Boro.
FROCESTER, Gloucester 107, .Taw, Ta
Th & Sa 1 1, 33 White Cross st, Cripple-
gate. . /Fnggon, daily, 12 & T, 33 VVhito
Cross street, Cripplegate.... While
Bear, & Hooper's, Old While Hor.se
Cellar, Piccadilly ; & Green Man& Still
Oxford St.
FRODSHAM, Cheshire 192. .Daily, Axe,
FROGMILL, Gloucester 92.. Daily, 33
White Cross st, Cripplegate; White
Bear, & Hooper's, Old White Hor.«e
Cellar, Piccadilly ; & Green Man &
Still, Oxford St.
FROGMORE, Herts ir..F 1, Vine, Bi-
shop.egate st.
FRONlE, Somerset 103.. Tan, M W&
F 12,White Horse, Ciipplegate.. daily,
aft 4, Sw;m, Great Carter lane; Siuead
Engle, & White it Black Bears, Picca-
dilly :& Ship, Charing cross.. Tu Th
and'Sa 4 aft Castle and Falcon, Aldeis-
gate St. .M & Th aft, Gerards Hall,
Basing lane. ./ra,<i;un, daily. Angel,
Fleet market ; morn at 10, King's Arms,
Snowhill; aft 4, No. 69 Old Bailey;
White and Black Bears, Piccadilly; ie
Green Man and Still, Oxford st.
FROOME.. Daily, White Swan, Hol-
born bridge.
FROXFIELD, Wilts 66. .fan, daily, 4
aft. Swan, Great Carter lane. . Waggon,
W it F, Swan, Holborn bridge ; Old
White Horse Cellar, & Black Bear,
FROYLE, Hants 44.. Sa aft 3, Spur,
Boro'. .Tu & F aft 2, George, Snowhill,
Old White Horse Cellar, & White Bear,
FRYERING, Essex 23.. W & Sa 10,
Blue Boar, Aldgate.
FULBOTJRNE, Cambridge .52..MW&
Sa, Catherine Wheel, & One Swan, &
Th 1 , Vine, Bishopsgate-ft,

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