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D U LLI N G H A M .Cambridge i6 . . Th noon
12, Sun st, Bisliopsgate at.
UUliVERTON, Somerset 163. .Tun, daily
4 aft, Bell, i-riday it.. Ifaggon, i morn
Bell, Friday st.
DUL WICK, Siivry 4.. Daily, Flower Pot,
and King's Anns, Uisliopsgate st ; Cock,
Saowhill ; Silver Cross, >S- Ship, Charing-
cross J Kings and Key, Fleet st ; Red
Lion, and Spotted Dog, SUaml ; Bell, Bell
yd, & George & Gate, Cross Keys, Half
Moon, & No. 1 1 Giacechnrch-»t ; Magpie
and Stump, Newgate st ; Dog and Bear,
■fioro; Blaeli Boy & Camel, Leadenhall
•st ; !■ ortune of War, and White Hart,
Gittspurstj Swan, Skinner st; George,
Old Bailey , PevvterPlatter,GrttCeohurcb
st ; and Blue Posts, Holborn.
DUMBARTON, Scotland •130. .Daily, aft
4, Bull and Moutb.
BUM BLAfN, Scotland. .DaUy, aft I, Bull
and Mouih.
DUMERLAIN, Scotland.. Daily, aft 4,
Boll and Mouth.
D UMFHIKS, Dumfries 34 1 . .Daily, aft 4
Bull .ind Mouth.
DUNBAR, Haddington 363..Daily,afl 4,
Ball and Mouth.
DTTNCHURCH, Warwick 80.. Daily,
Ship, Charing cross.. W and Sa iz,
George, Smithlield .
DUNDKE, Scotland 441. .Daily, aft 4,
Bull and Mouth.
DIINGENKSS, Sussex. .Wand Sa ev C,
Queens Head, Boro.
DUNKKLD, Scotland.. Daily, aft 4, Bull
and Mouth.
DUNMOVV, Essex 38.. Sa 12, Saracen's
Head, AldgatcTuaud Sal, i31ue Boar,
DUNN1.VG..TU Th & Sa, Saracen's Head
DUNSE.. Daily, eft 4, Bull and Mouth.
DUNSTABLE", Bedford S3., fan, M W.F
li, WhiteUorse.Crippletjate.. /■faggo?/,
daily, Ship, Charing cross.. Ta and Fr,
George, SmithQeld, auci Golden Lion,
St. John St.
DUNSTKR..rn;!, daily, 4 aft, Bell, Fri
day st; and Swan, Great Carter lane.,
IVaggon, 8 inorn, Bell, Friday st.
DUNTON, Bucks 40.. VV and Sa morn 11
O.Klord Arms, Warwick lane.
DURHAM, Duihani 2.19. .Daily, aft 4,
Bull and Mouth ; noon. White Hor.se,
Cripp legate.. M VV & Sa, Castle & Fal-
con, AUlersgate sljeet..Wand Sa, Bell,
Warwick lane.
DURSLKY, Gloucester I0S..7an, Tr.
Th and Sa, 11, 33 White Cro.ss st,
Cripplegate..//a;§gOM, 12 and 7 daily,
.■j3 Wh'te Cro.-s st, Cripplegate. .M and
Th noon. Three Cups Aldersgate-st. . 'V
and Sa motn in. King's Ann^, Snowhill
..Dailv, White Bear, and Old While
Horse Cellar, Piccadilly; Green Man
ai.dStill, and Boarand Castle, Oxford-st.
DUTON HILL, Essex.. Sa 12, Saracen's
Head, .\ldgate.
DUXFORU, CambridRe 47. .Pa, Cathe-
rine Wheel, and Vine, and W. One
Swan, Bishopsgate.
EALING, Middlesex 6.. Daily, Magpie
and Sunup, Nl'v^ s;ate st ; Grimn's Green
Man and Still, Oxford st ; Goose and
Gridiron, and Crown, St. Paul's Church-
yard ; Blue Posts, Tottenham-court-rd,
and Holborn ; Kings and Key, Fleet st j
Red Lion, Strand ; Black Boy and Camel.
Leadenhall-st ; Flower Pot, Bishopsgate
st ; Geortre and Gate, Gracechurch st ;
(ieorge anrt.Crown, Broad st, Blooms-
bury ; George, Old Bailey; Black and
White Bears, Piccadilly ; Boar and
Castle, and Brown's Warehou^ie, 248
Oxford-st; and New Inn, Old Bailey ;
Cock, Snowhill, Fortune of War, and
White Hart, Giltspur st ; Swan, Skin-
ner st ; Pewter Platter, Gracechurch st;
Ship, and Sliver Cross, Charing cross;
and King's Anns, Bishopsgate-st ; at ^
ev,. Angel, Broad-st, Bloomsbnry. .Tu
and Sa aft 4, Oxford Arms, and Bell,
EARlTH..Wed and Sa l, Vine, Cathe-
rine Wheel, and One Swan, Bishops-
gate st .
EARLS COLNE, Essex.. Tu Th and Fa,
King's Arms, Leadeahall 9t..and Th &
6a3, Bine Boar. Aldgate. .Th i, Sara-
cen*s Head, Alagate.
EARLSOHAM, Sutlblk 84.. Daily, Bull,
Leadenhall-st.. Tu Th and Sa 12, Sara-
cen's Head, and Blue Boar, Aldgate.
EARSHAM, Noifolk 107. .Sa alt -I, Sara-
cen's Head, Snowhill ; ,ind Three Nuns,
Aldgate.. Tu Th and Sa aftn 2, Blue
Boar, Alduate.
EASINGTON, Gloucester 81. . Fan, Tu
Thand Sa II, 33 White Cross st, Crip-
plegate.. Wttggon, daily, 12 and 7, 33
White (Irossst, Cripplegate. .Mand Th
noon. Three Cups, Aldersgate st.
EASINGWOLD, York 20s. .Daily, aft-i
Bull and Mouth. [Holborn.
EAST ACTON', Midd.. Daily, Blue Posts,
EAST BAKNETT, Herts 10.. Daily,
Flower Pot, Bisliops^ate-.st. .Tu Th "
Sa aft 3, Red Lion, Aldersgatc-st.
EAST BERGHOLT, Essex. .TuTh and
Sa 12, Sara('en's Head, and Bhie Boar,
Aldgate; King's Arms, Leadenhall st..
and daily, Ipswich Anns, CuUum st.
EASTBOURNE, Sussex 62.. W and Sa,
White Hart, and Dog and Be^ir, Boro..
Tu Th and Sa aft, Talbot, Boro.. Daily,
Ship, Charing cross.
KAS'I" BUDLEIGH, Devon 16.1.. M W
andFi, Swan, Holborn-biiilge ; New
White Horse Cellar, and Dyson's, Black
Bear, Piccadillv.
EAST CHINNOCK, Somerset 127.. MW
and F, Swan, Holborn bridge ; New
White Horse Cellar, am^ Dyson's, Blact
Bear, Piccadillv.
EAST COKER, Someis-et )27..M W and
F, Swan, Holborn bridge ; New White
Horse Cellar, and Dvson's, Black Bear
EAST GRINSTED, Sn-^sex 29.. Fan,
4 daily. No. 3.'> Camomile st; ev 7,
Cross Keys, Gracechurch-st. . ^/-aggun,
Tu "Th and F ev .1, Half Monn, Boro..
Th morn 10, Catherine Wheel, and
Nag's Head, Boro..Tu and F aft 2,
Talbot, Boro.. Daly, Ship, Charing
cro.ss ; & Catherine Wheel, Boro.
EAST HAM, Essex 6.. Daily, Black Boy
and Cainel, and Cock, Leadenhall st ;
Blue Boar, and Bull, Aldgate ; King's
Arms, and Marlboro Head, Bishopsgatc-
st ; and Cuck, Snow hill. '
Bine Boar, Aldgate.
EAST H ART JNCi", Norfolk 89. .M W and
Sa 12, Bull. Bishopsgate .st.
EAST HOATHLEY, Su.sscx 46.. Fan,
daily, ev 7, Cross Keys, Gracechurch-st.
iraggon, W and Sn, White Hart, &
Dog and Hear, Eoro. .Tu and .F noon.
Spur, Boro.
Th F and Sa 1, Vine, Bishopsgate st.
EAST LODE. Cornwall 230., /an, daily,
4 alt Bell, Friday nt.. iraggO}i, 8 mor
Bell, Friday st..Mon Wed and Fr,
Swan, Holborn bridge ; New While
Horse Cellar, and Dysons, Black Bear,
EAST MF.ON, Hants .'■.5. .Daily, noon.
White Horse, Friday street. .Tu and Sa
inovn 10, Saracen's Head, Snow hill ;
King's Head, Old Change, & Old White
Horse Cellar, Piccadillv.
EAST PKCKHAM, Kent 27.. Tu and Fi
12. Talbot, and White Hart, Boro.
EAST SHEEN, Surry 7.. Daily, Brown's
Warchou.se, 2-18 Oxfordst ; While Bear,
Piccadilly; Goose and Gridiion, and
Crown, St. Paul's Church-yard ; Ship,
Charing cross; Magpieand Stump, New-
gate-st ; Kings and Key, Fleet-st ; Red
Lion, and Spotted Dog, Strand; Cock,
Snowhill ; and Cross Keys, and Half
Moon, Gracechurch-st ; Fortuneof War.
and White Hart, Giltspnr st ; George,
Old Bailey; Swan, Skinner st ; Pewter
Platter, and No. 1 1, Gracechurch st;
Silver Cro.ss, Charing cross ; Vine, Ei-
•shopsgate st ; and Bell, Bell yard.
EASTO'N, Essex 89.. Tu and Sa 1, Blue
Boar, Aldgate.
EASTWICK, Herts 19.. Tu and Sa 1,
Vine, Bishopsgate st.
EATINGTON, M Th and Pa morn 10,
King's Head, Old Change, and Griffin's,
Green Man and Still, & Eoar and Castle,
EATON, Bedford .05.. Sa 12, Red Lion,
Aldcrsgate-»t, and WMte Hart, St.
John-st. .M Th and Sa, Three Cups, At-
EATON BRIDGE, Kent 23.. Tu and Ft
noon. Spur, and Nag's Head, Boro
EBLEV, Gloucester. :/'an, Tu Th and Sa
11, and hf'ag^on, 12 and 7, daily, .!.'>
Whitecros»-st, Cripplegate; aild Boar
and Castle, Oxford-st.
ECCLEFECHAN, Dumfries 324. .Daily,
alt 4, Bull and Mouth.
ECCLES..MV'VandSa r2,Bull, Bishopsgi.
ECCLESHALL, Slalford 148.. Daily, 13
ECCLESTON, Lancashire 190... Daily,
Axe, Aldermanbnry.
EDENBRIDGK, Kent SO..Tuand Fr aft
4, Catherine Wheel, Boro.
EDGCtJT, Bucks 47.. M Th and Sa noon,
George, Snowhill
EDGFIELD, M W and Sa 12, Bull, Bi-
EDGWARE, Midd. 8.. Daily, 2, Boar &
Caslle, Oxford-st ; ev. .0, Gilffiu'i<,Green
Man and Still, Oxford-st.. .W and Sa
11, Rose, Fleet-market; Tu Thand
Sa, Angel, Fleet market ; Bell, War-
wick-lane ; and Cock, Snowhill.. W ev
Ram, Smilhfield..M Th and Sa 1, Sa-
racen's Head, Snowhill; Brown's
Warehouse, 248 Oxford-st; and Angel,
Eroad-.st, Bloomsbury. ...Tu Th and Sa
3, Old Bell, Holborn; and W and Sa
morn U), Kind's Arms, Snowhill
EDGWARE ROAD, Midd. I.... Daily,
Black Boy and C^amel, Leadenhall-st;
Blue Posts, Holborn ; Cock, Snowhill ;
Fortune of War, and White Hart,
Giitspur-st ; Magpie and Stump, New-
gate-st; George, Old Bailey; Swan,
Skinner-sjt; Pewter Platter, CrossKeys,
Bell, Bell-yard, and No. 11 Grace-
EDINBURGH, Edinburgh 391 — Daily,
aft 4, Bull and Mouth ; noon, White
Horse, Cripplegate. ..W and Sa morn,
Bell, Waruick-lane.
EDMONTON, Midd. 6 Daily, Cock,
Snowhill; Swan, Skinncr-.st ; George,
Old Bailey; Magpieand Stump, New-
gate-st ; aft 3, George and Gate, andNo.
11 Gracechurch-st ; Flower Pot, King's
Arms, and Marlboro'Head, Bishopsgate-
st ; Black Boy and Camel, Leadenhall-
st ; New Inn, Old Bailey ; Vine, and
Catherine Wheel, Bishopsgate-st ; and
Bell, Bell-yard, Gracechurch-st ; For-
tune of War, and White Hart, Gilt-
spur-st ; Pevvter Platter, Cross Keys,
and No. 4 Gracechurch-pt; and Four
Swans, Bishopsgatc-st.
EFFINGHAM, Surry 22 Daily, Ship,
Charing-cross..Tu morn 7, Swan, Hol-
born-brulge. .Tu and Fr, Talbot, Boro.
EGHAM, SirnylS. .Daily, Ship,Charing-
cross. .Tu and F morn, Swan, Holborn-
bridge; Saracen's Head, Friday -st; New-
Inn, Old Bailev ; King's Arms, Snow-
hill ; Spotted Dog, Strand ;King'sHead,
Old Change; aiid Black and White
Bears, Piccadilly.
EGLWYSWRW, Pembroke 226.. Daily,
33 Whitecross-s(, Cripplegate. ..Tu Th
and Sa, Moore's, Green Man and Still,
EGREMONT, Cumb. 293.. Daily, aft 4,
Bull & Month.
EI3T0N..TU Thand Sa 12, Saracen's
Head, Aldeate.
ELGIN.. Daily, aft 4, Bull and Moutb.
ELLAND 'D.<iily, aftn 4, Bull and
ELLENGHAM..M W and Sa 12, Bnli,
ELLESMRRK, Salop 178. .Daily, 13 A1-,
dersgate-st-M W F and Sa, Bell,War-
ELLOUGH, Suffolk i0.1..TuTh and Sa
2, Bine Boar, Aldgate.
ELM, Cam'uridge 91.. W and Sa aft 2,
Four Swans, Bishopsgate-st.
ELMDON, Essex 44 Wed, Catherine
Wheel, Bishopsgate-st.
ELM HAM, Norfolk loR..Tu noon, No.
12 Sun-st, Bishopsgate-st.
ELMSETT, Suffolk .')7..Tu Th and Sa 2,
Blue Boar, Aldgate.

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