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HARTFORD, Kent l^.-Daiiy, Ship,
Cbarins cross, ami TaHiot, Boiouglu.^J
WamI F, Qneen* HeiiJ,andNa,iiV Henit,
Boio..Tn Tb & Sa, White H,trt, Boid
DARTMOUTH, Devon SiiiS. . /'tiH, .lailv,
■1 idt.. TFaggun, 8 iTioin, Bell, Fiicfiiy-.Nt!
DATCHKT, Bucks I?. .Til and Pa morn r,
Swan, HolLiorn biidije, and White Bear
Piccadilly. .Til Th i Sarinorn 10, King's
Anns, Snovihill. .Wand Sa moinini? s
White Horsf, Friday st; Old While
Horte Celkr,& White and Black Bears
. Piccadilly.
DAVENTRY, Norlhainpton 12..J'an.
M Watid F 12, White Hnrse, Cripple-
gate.. Waggon, daily, Ship, Charing
cross; M and Sa inorn 10, Oxford Arms
Warwick-lane, and Griffin's Green lUan
and Still, Oxford-st..W and Sa 12,
tleorge, SinitliHeld.
DAVIUSTOW, Cornwall 223.. Daily,
Bell, Friday St.
DAWLISH, Devon I85..rff», M W and
V 12, White Horsle, Cripnlegjite.. daily.
4 aft, and PFaggou, 8 morn,' Bell, Fri-
day St; Swan, Holboni bridge; and
Old White Horse Cellar, and Black
Bear, Piccadilly.
DAZZKNHAM..M W and Sa, Catherine
Wheel, Bishop5^'ate-st.
DEAL, Kent::4..V'<iH, Tu Th and Sa 9,
New Inn, Dover road, and .^6 Wallint
st ; and M W and F 4, S.") Camomile st
daily, aft 2, White Havl, Borongh ;
Blossoms Inn, Lawrence lane; Spr^ea.!
Eagle and New White Horse Cellar,
P.ccadilly ; Ship, Charing cross; anc
Talbot, Borough. . fj'aggon, M W and 1<
King's Head, Borcngh.
DEBDEN, Essex SS",. Daily, Ips'wioh
Arms, Cnlliim st.. Friday, One Swan
. BishopsgBte st..W 1. Vine, Bishops-
gate-st..Tii, Catherine Wheel, Bishops-
gale st, and Blue Boar, Akigate.
DEBENHAM, Suffolk 8.<)..Satnr, KingV
Arms, Leadenhall st..Tii Th and Sa
12, Saracen's Head, Aldgate, and Bull.
DEBTLINO, Kent..Tu and F, While
Hart and Talbot, Borough.
DEDDINGTON, Oxon 69. . Kan, dai ly, ;■
aft, 17 Old Chanjie. . fVaggoti, daily, noon
170id Change. .MW F <fe Sa,Bell,Wnr-
•vvick la, and Griffin's Green Man and
Still, Oxford St.. W and Sa 2, Oxford
Arms, Warwick lane,
DKDHAM, Essex 58.. Daily, Ipswich
, Arms, Culiiim st : Saracen's Head, i
! UJUie Boar, Aldgale ; Kings Arm.i, and
..Bull, Leadenhall-st.
DKE BRIDGE, Scotland .W.5.. Daily aft
4, BullandMoulh.
DEEP! \G, Lincoln 90. . Van, Tu Th and
Sa 3, King's Anns, Snowhill. . IJ'aggoii,
Sa noon. White Hart, St. John st, and
Ipswich Arms, Cullnm st..Wand Si,
inorn 10, Ram, Smithlield.
DENBIGH, Denbigh 213. .Daily, 1.5 Al
der.sgate st, and "Axe, Alderinanbury..
[ M W and Sa, Bell, V.^ood-st: Griffin's
Green Man and Still, Oxford si ; and
Old White Horse Cellar, Piccadillv.
DENHAM, Bucks 16.. Daily, KingV
Arms, Snowhill : Boar and Castle, and
Brown's Warehou.se, 2JS Oxford-st:
Rose, Fleet market.
DENHAJr, Snffjlk 72.. Tu Th and Sa aft
2, Blue Boar, Aldgate.
DRNHOLME.. Daily, afl 4, BullcV Month
DENMARK HILL, Surry 3.. Daily, Bell.
Bell yard, GracechurcU st ; Spotted
Dog, Strand ; Cock, Snowhill ; and
Silver Cross, Charing cross.
BENNINGTON, Suffolk 91 . .Tu Th and
Sat alt 2, Blue Boar, Aldgate
st : Blue Posts, .'Holborn ; aft, Talbot,
W^hite Hart, Catherine Wheel, and Dog
and Bear, Borough ; George, Old Bailev ;
Blossoms Inn, Lawience-lane ; Goo.se^
Grid ron,St. Paul's Church yd, George*
Gate, Cros^ Keys, and Halfmoon, Grace-
church st ; Bull, * Black Boy * Camel.
Leadeiihali «t ; Flower Pot, Vine, and
King's Arms, Bisho^isgate st ; Bell, Bell
>ard, Gracechiirch st ; Boar and Cast!
Oxfoj-d st ; Swan, Skinner .st ; Gerrard
Hall, Basing lane ; King's and Key, Fleet
st ; Red Lion, <fe Spotted Dog, Strand
Ship, & Silver Cross, Charing cross
Bell, Smithlield; Cock, Haymarket;
and -Vag'.s Head, Covent garden.
DERBY, Derby 126. .Tuh, daily, ev 6
Ca.slle, Wood-st, Cheapside ; GViffin'.-
and Moore's Green Man and Still, Oxford
st ; aft .5,' White Horse, Cripplegate ;
aftd Ship,Charingeross. . JJ'agg07>,did\)'.
12, White Horse, Cripplegate.. W and
Sa, Bell, Warwick lane..Tu Th and
Sa noon. Three Cups, Aldcr.sgate-st.
DEREHAM, Norfcdk I01..i)ail.v, Ips-
wich Arms, Cullum st, and FonrSwans,
Bi~hop.sgate-st..Tu noon, 26 Sun st, Bi-
shop.^gate st..MWand Sa, Catherine
Wheel, One Swan, and Four Swans,
Bishopsgatefet ; Blue Boat, Aldgate, &
Brill, Bishopseate st.
DERN'HILL. ."i'u it F aft ft, Talbot,Boro
DKRSINGHAM, Norfolk 10G..W& Sa
alt 2, Foirr Swans, Bishoj.sgate st.
DEVIZES, Wilts 89.. »'«n, daily, aft 4,
Swan, Doctor's Commons ; Spread,
Ka.gle and White and Black Bears, Pic-
cadilly ; and Ship, Charing cross. . ff'ag-
^on, daily, (Sncx) alt 1^, Swan, Hoi-
born liricigc ; Old White Horse Cellar ;
and White Bear. Piccadilly ; aft 4,
No. C9, Old Bailey ; White and Black
Beais, Piccadilly; and Green Man and
Still, Oxtord St.. M and Th morn 10,
Kings Anns, Snowhill. .]\I W and Sii
noon. Rose, Fleet market.. M and Th
aft, Gerraid's Hall, Basing lane.;M afi
4, Oxford Arms, Warwick iane..W \\
and Sn,Ca.stleand Falcon, Aldersgate st.
DEWSBURY, York 184..rrtn,and Jf'ag.
gou, White Horte,; Cripplegate. .Daily
aft 4; Bnll and Mouth.
DICKELBORO. . Ku!i,mom 5, Blue Boar,
Aldgate.. Tu Th and Sa, King's Anns,
Leadenhall st. .Saaft 4, Saracen's Head
Snow hill.. Daily, IpsWich Arms, Cul-
lum St.
DICKER.. Wand Sa, White Hart, Boro
DID.MARTON, Gloucester 104. .Tun,
Tn Th and Sa II, 33 White Cross
Ciipplesate. . Wo^^on, 12 and 7 daily,
33 White Cross st, Cripplegate.. Whi'te
Bear, and Old White Horse Cellar, Pic-
cadillv ; and Griffin's, Green Man and
Still, Oxford-st.
DIGBKTH..Y*^ & Sa, Bell, Wood st.
DISS, Norfolk 86. . ?'a«,daily, aft .1, Swan
with Two Necks, Lad lane; Ipsuicli
Arms, Cnllnin st; Saracen's Head.
Aldgate, and Bull, I,eadcuhall st.. «"«<'-
gOTi, M W Th andSa, Blue Boar, Aid-
gate.. Sat aft 4, Saracen's Head, Snow-
DITCHLING. Sus-.sex 4.5.. Tbh, Tu and
Fr, New Inn, Dover ro-tl, and ri6 Wat
ling s-t..lJ'aggoii, Tu and Fr 2, Cathe-
rine Yv'heel, ijoro.
DITTON, Surry l-l . .Daily, Spotted Dcg,
SIrand ; and Ship, Charing-cross..W
ev.Ranr, Smithlield.. F noon, George.
Boro ; and Cock, Hayinarket..Tu and
Fr aft 2, Half Moon, Boro.
DOCKHEAD, Surry 1.. Daily, Bell, Bell-
yd, Gracechuroh st ; and Silver Croi
Charing cro;
DENSTON..Th and Sa ait 3, Blue Boar, UOCKING,NoVfolk lH..Mand Th, Bull
DENT. York 274.. Daily, aft 1, Bidi and
Mouth. '
DENTON.. Th noon. Swan, Holborn
bridge. . W & Sa 10, Blue Boar, Aldgate,
DE.WER, Norfolk 83. .MW and S,.t.
Catherine Wheel, Ono Swan.-W an(f
Sa aft 2, Four Swans..M and Th 10.
Bull, Kishopssale.
DEPTFORD, Kent 4.. Daily, Magpie*
Stump, Newgate st ; Cock, Snowhill;
Pewter Platter, Giacechereh st ; For-
tune of Wsr, and While Hart, Gilr.'pin
Bishops^ate st. [F'ridav
DODBROOK, Devon 2(18.. Daily, iiell,
iJODDl.\GTON, Cambridge 76.. W and
Sa I, Vine, Catherine Wheel, and One
Swan, Bi.'hopsgate st.
DOLGRLLY, Merioneth 208.. Daily, 13
Aiderseafe st.
DONCASTER, York 162.. raw, aft .\
White Hor.<e, Crippiegate ; daily, aft
■ 4, Bell Fiiday st.. /rfl^^OH, daily, 8
morn, Bell, Friday-street; 4, Bull and
Aldersgate-Bt..AV and Sa morn. Bell,
W^arwick lane.
DONHEAI), Wilts 97. .Dailv,Swan, Hol-
born-bridgcTues evu, kose, F'leel-
DORCHESTER, Dorset 119. . /ah, daily,
4 aft. Bell, Fririay-st ; .r.oon. Castle 'ik
Falcon, Aldersgale-st.. H'aggun, 8 nior,
Bell, Friday st; Castle and Falcon,
Aldersgale st ; New White Horse Cel-
lar, Piccadilly ; and Swan, "Holborn-
bridge..Th morn 10, Oxford Aiin.<,
Warwick lane, and White Bear, Picca-
dilly.. W'ed and .'^a morn 10, King's
Arms, Snowhill.. Tu Th and Sa morn.
Angel, Fleet-market.. Tuev Roses Fleet
DORKING, Surry 23.,F«n, W^ and Sa,
Talbot, Boro ; and W and Fr ev 6",
Boar and Castle, Oxford st. . /-^a^s'"'!
daily. Ship, ChariuK-cross ; and inorn,
Talbot, BofO. .W and Fr morn 9, Half
Moon, Boro ; and 'I'u and Fr Half Moon,
lioro..Tu Th and Sa mom 9, George,
and White Hart, Boro. .Tu and Sa noon,
Snur, Boro.
DORNSDKN..TU Th and Sa aft i. Blue
Boar, Aldgate.
DORRELL^.Mon and Fri noon, George,
DOVER, Kent 71., Fan, daily, aft 2,
While Hart, Boro. Black Bear, Picca-
dilly, and Ship, Charing-cross ; Tu ih
Sa 9, New Inn, Dover road, and .'16
Watling st ; and M W and F 4 aft, 3.1
(.'aiiiomile ^i. . /f'aggon, daily, aft 2,
Blossom.s Inn, Lawrence la ; Spread
Eagle, and New White Horse Cellar,
Piccadilly, daily, Talbot, Boro.iW ev,
George, Boro..M W and F King's
Head, Boro.
DOWNHAM, Norfolk 8.5. . TaT?, daily 2,
Shepherd's Office, 3.5 Camomile st;
Brown's Warehouse, 248, and Boar and
Castle, Oxford st ; Spur, Boro; Angel,
Fleet market ; and Black and Wh to
Bears, Old White Horse Cellar, and
Glouce.-ter Coffee House, Piccadilly. .
Mon Wed and Sa, Catherine Wheel,
and One Swan, Bi.-ho|vgate-st, and
Blue Boar, Aldgate.. Mon and Th, Bull,
Kishopsgate st. . /rn^gon, daily, Ipswich
-Anns, Cullum .st; and Four Swans,
Bishopsgafe st.
DOWNTON, Wills S7..F/y Fan, and
lf''aggon,M W and F I noon, Caatleand
Falcon, Aldersgale »t..Tu ev, i^ose.
DRAYTON, Oxon 77.. Th morn 10, Ox-
ford Arms, Warwick-lane.
DRIFFIELD, York 192.. Daily, aft 4,
Bnll and Month.
DRINKSTONE, SufPilk 70..TU Th and
Sa 12, Saracen's Head, Aldgate.. Th and
S0,Blue Boar, Aldgate.
DROITWICH, Worcester 118. .Daily,
13 Alderssate St.
DROXFORD, Hants 63.. Daily, neon
White Horse, Friday st..Tu aft 2, New-
Inn, Old Bailey.. Tn it Sa morn 10, Sa-
racen's Head, Snowhill ; King's Head,
Old Change,and01d White Hoise Cellar,
DRY DRAYTON, Cambridge 54.. Th,
Catherine Wheel, Bishop.^gate st.
DUBLIN, Ireland.. /aH, M W and F
noon. Castle and Falcon, Alder.sgate st:
JVaggon, daily. 13 Aldersgale st, and
Grirtin's, Green Man and Stiil, Oxford st
DUDBRIDGE../«//, Tn Th and ."^at ii,
33 White Cross si, Cripplegate. . //'u^-
gon, 12 and 7 daily, 33 While Cio.«s st,
Cripplegate. .Daily 12, White Bear, and
Old White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly ; A-
Griffin's (Tieen Man and Slill, Oxford st.
DUDDEN HOEND.,W,Catherine Wheel,
Bi.shop'gate st.
DUDLEY, Worcester 126. . Van, M W &
F 12, White Horse, Cripplegate, and
•Castle and Falcon, Aldersgale »t..M
W and Sa Bell, Wood st;; Griffin's
Green Man and Still, Oxford st : and
Old White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly..
Waggon, dailj', l.s Aldersga'e st ; Bell,
Warwick lane ; and Angel, Fleet markt
DIIGLAS MILL..riaily, aft 4, BuU and
Mouth ; and noon, White Horse, Crip- DULHAM. .Sa noon, One Swan, Bi.5jiop«-
plegste ; M Th and Sa noon. Three Cups,| gate-st.

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