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COLVILL, Tu Th and Sa, aft J, Blue COWDEN, Surrey. .Tu, George, 4 Th,
Boar, Aldgate i Naa's Head, Boro
COMBS, Hereford 149. .Dally, Ipswich; COW KS, }!^le of Wight-Tii find Saaft
Arm», CuUuin st
CO MB.. St. Nicholao, daily, ran,*, Wag-
gon 8, Bell, Friday st
COMPTOX, B«rlts .«. .Th morn 10,Swan,
Holborn bridge
CONEHTIRST Surrey .. IVaggon, Tu,
New Inn, Drtver-road, and fiG Wat.
Itng st : F 1 1, Catherine Wheel, Borough
CONEY JVESTON..Th and Sa aft 3,
Blue Boar, Aldgate
CONGLKTON, Cheshire 162. .Tan, daily,
ev 6, Caslie, Wood st ; and Grilfin's and
MotJre's Green Man and Still, Oxford st
..Waggon, W and Sa, Bell, Wood ist :
daily, 13 Aldersgate st, and Axe, Alder-
man bury
CONISTONE, York ir2..Dnily, aft ■),
Bull and Mouth
CONNAHDjTh* Sa 3, Blue Boar, Aid-
CON WAY,Caernarvon23r.. Daily, 13 Al-
dersgate st
COOKHAM, Berks 2S..Sa morn 10, Ox-
ford .^rms, Warwick la: Tu & Sa morn
g. Swan, Holborn bridue
COOKSBRIDGE, W & Sa aft, Talbot,
CO0LlNGE,Sa aft 2, Blue Boar, Aldgate
COOMB K. dailv, Bell, Friday st
COVDOCK, SuirolU6,1..Tu Th and Sa 12,
Saracen's Head, and Blue Boar, Aldgate
COPFORD, daily, Ipswich Anns, Cul-
lum st
COPPICE LEASE, Tu & F aft 4, Ox-
ford Anns, Warwick lane
COPTHORNB, Fan, Tu * F 4, New Inn,
Dover-road, & .-ifi Watling st. . Waggon,
W 3, Catherine Wheel, Boro-. and Th
morn, Horse Shoe, Boro
CORFE CASTLE, Dorset 116 ran,
daily, 4 afl. Waggon, 8 morn. Bell
Friday st..Tu aiid Sa aft 4, O.xford
Arms, Warwick lane
CORHAMPTO.\',Hants 62.. Daily ,Whi(e
Horse. Frulav-t
CORNARD, Suffolk .V)..Th & Sa, King's
Anns, Leadcnhall st
CORNER HALL, Tu A F 12, Ggjrge.
Snowbill, and Green Man, and Still,
Oxford st
CORNHILL, Northumberland 333.. Dailv
aft 4, Bull and Month
CORNEY BURY, W and S.it, Catherine
Wheel, Bishopsgate st :..Tu & Fnoon,
One Swan, Bishopsgate st
CORRINGHAM, Essex 2.'>— M and F 10.
Bhie Boar, Alilgate
CORSHAM, Witts 9.5.. Daily 12, Swan,
Holliorn bridge: Old White Horse Cel-
lar, and Black Bear, Piccadilly
CORWEN, Merioneth 194. . Kah, 'daily.
Castle and Falcon, Aldersgate st, and
Waggon, dailv, 13 Aldersgate st
COSrtAM, Hants 6r.. Fan, dailv, 2 afl,
Swan, Doctor's (Commons, & tf'aggon
daily, Saracen's Head, Friday st..Tii
Th and Sa Talbot, Borough; and Ship,
Charing Cross
COTRED, Herts 32.. F 1, Vine, Bishops-
gate street
COTTENHAM, Cambridge .-ie— Th, Ca-
therine Wheel, Bishopsgate sf
COTTINGLEY, daily, aft 4, Bull and
COUNTER HILL, daily, aft 1, Ship
Charing Cross
COVE, Sa 3, Spur, Boro : Tu and F noon
George, Snowbill: Old White Horse
Cellar, and White Bear, Piccadilly
COVEN TRY, War wick 91.. ran,M"W&
F morn 12, White Cross st. Cripple-
gate. .Daily, noon. Castle and Falcon,
Aldersgate St.. 5 aft, ir Old Change..
Waggon, M W & Sanoon,Moore'sGreen
Man and Still, Oxford st, &Bell,Woo(l
.*treet, Cheapside. .daily. Ship, Charing
COWAN BRIDGE, York 233.. Daily,
aft 4, Bull and Mouth
COWARTH, F morn 7, Swan, Holborn
COWBRIDGE, Glamorng. 173. . Van, Tu
Th and Sa 11, 33 White Cross st, Crip-
plegate, and Waggon, daily, 12 and 7,'
33 Whitecross ft,Cripplegate; & White
Swan, Holborn bridge
Oxford Arms, Warwick lane.. Daily.
White Hart, Borough: and Ship, Char-
ing Cross
COW FOLD, Sussex 42.. Tun, Tu F 4,
New Inn, Dover road, & Jve Watling s(
.. Waggon, Tu and F aft 2, Catherine
W'heel, Borough
COWLEY, Gloucester 92.. Daily, Bell,
Friday st : and Castle & Falcon, Aiders-
gate st
COWLEY, Middle.sex 14.. Tu & Sa morn
9, Moore's Green Man and SliU, Oxford
si: daily. King's Arms, SnonTiill, and
Boar and Castle, Oxford st
CRAIL, dailv aft 4, Bull and Moulh
CRANROUliNE, Dorset 98.. ra«, 4 afl.
Bell, Friday st, and Waggon, 8 morn.
Bell, Friday st..* Tu even Rose, Fleet
CRANBROOK, Kent M...ran, daily,
ev 6, Cross Keys, Gracechiirch st. . Wag-
gon, W, White Hart.. Th 12, George,
(fe Tu & F aft 4, Ha If moon. Borough. .
dailv. Ship, CharingCross.. W <t Saaft,
Talbot, Boro
CRANLEY, Surrey S7..M and F II, Ca-
theiine Wheel, Borough
CRATFIELD, Suffolk 96.. Tu Th and Sa
2, Biue Boar, Alitate
CRAWLEY, Sussex 30- /'«», Tu and F
4, New Inn, Dover road, and .''6 W^at
ling st. . If'aggon, Tu and Sa, aft 4, Ox-
ford Arms, Warwick lanc.M W F &
Sa King's Head..Tu W & F Catherine
Wheel. .M Tu W Th & F 12, Talbot. .
Th 12, Spur; and W Halfmoon, Boro;
and daily, Ship, Charing Cross
CRAYFORD, Kent 13— M W & F Nag's
Head, Boro; daily 3, George and Gale,
Gracecburcti .st
CRAYSHILL, Essex, F 12, BUie Boar,
and Three Nims, Aldgate
CBEDITON, Deven im.J'an, 4 aft, Bell,
Friday st, and Waggon, s morn. Bell,
Friday st. Castle and Falcon, Aldersgate
CRENDON, Bucks 4.5.. Th aft ^, Oxford
Anns, Warwick.lane.
CKESSING, Essex 41..Tu Th & Sa, Ca-
therine Wheel, and Sa 12, One Swan,
Ci.-hopsgate-st..Th & Sa aft 3, Blue
Boar, Aldgate.
CRESSINGH AM. .W, 9 Bull,Bishopgt-.st
CREWKERNE, Somerset 131.. -Van,
daily noon, Caslle& Falcon, Aldersgate
st;4aft,cfe Waggon'fi morn,Bell,Fridny-
st ; Swan.Holborn'biidgej New White
Horse Cellar ; & Black Bear, Piccadillj'
..Th morn 10, King's Arms, Snowbill.
CRICK, Northampton 76. .Tan, daily, ev
6, (/astle Inn, Wood st ; (-irillin's and
Mnore's Green Man & Still, Oxtord st.
CRICKHOWEL, Brecknock I.«..7an,
Tu Th Sat II, 33 White Cross street,
Cripplegafe ; and Waggon, 12 and
daily ; Tu and Sa Griffin's and Moore'i
Green Man and Still, Oxford st.
CRICKLADE, Wilts 83. . Tnn, daily. K
morn ; Waggon, 10 morn. Kings Head,
Old Change; Sa ."i. White Bear', Easing-
h.ill-st, and Boar and Castle, Oxford st
CRIEF..daily, aft 4, Bull and Month.
CROBOROUGH, Sussex, 38..Tu2, Ca-
therine Wheel, Borough.
CROFT, Lincoln 129. .Daily, aft 4, Bull
and Month.
CROMARSH..Th morning 10, Oxford
Arms, Warwick-lane.
CROMER, Norfolk I ;50. .Fern, dailv, morn
.1, Blue Boar,Aldgate.. Wand F I, Vine,
Bishopsgate St.. M W and Sa 12, Bull,
Eishnpssate st.
CROMFORD, Derby \i\..Van, daily
even 6, Castle Inn, Wood-st j and
GriHln's and Moore's Green Man and
Still, Oxford st ; and White Horse
CRONDALL, Hants 39.. Tu and Fnoon
George, Snowbill ; Old White Horse
Cellar ; and White Bear, Piccadilly.
Sa aft 3, Spur, Borough.
CROOKL AND., Daily, aft 4, Bull and
CROPREADY..M and Sa ntorn 10, Ox
ford Arms, Warwick-la, and Moore';
Green Man and Still, Oxfoid-atreet.
CROSS HILLS, York a 13.. Daily, aft 4,
Bull and Mouth.
CROUCHKNU, Middle.sex 7.. ..Daily,
Flower Pot, and King's Arms, Bishops-
gate «t ; Black Boy and Camel, Leaden-
ball st ; Cock, Snowhill ; p'ortune of
War, and White Hart, Giltspur-.st ;
Magpie and Stump, Newgate st jPewter
Platter, Gracechurch-st ; George, Old
Bailey; Swan, Skinner st: George and
Gate, Cross Keys, No. w'. No. 4, and
Bell, Bell yaul,"Gracechurch st.
CROWELL, Oxon 37. .Tu aft ."i, Oxfoid
Arms, Waiwick lane.
CRdWLAND, Lincoln 89.. Td WFand
Sa Ram, Smithlield.
CROWLE, Lincoln 162. .Daily, aft 4,
Bull and Mouth.
CROXTON, [Cambridge .50. .W & Sa 12,
OneSwnn,tV:CKtherme Wheel, Bshopgt-st
CROYDON, Surry 9.. Daily, aft 3, Tal-
bot, Horse Shoe, Catharine Wheel,
Nag's Head, and Half Moon, Borough;
Vine, Catharine Wheel, Four Swans,
Flower Pot, and King's Arms, Bi.'-hop-
gale st ; George and Gale, Pewter
Platter, Bell, Bell yard. Cross Keys, No.
11, and Half MoonJGracechnrch-st ;Ship
and SilverCross,Charing cross ; Red Lion
and Spotted Dog, Strand ; Magpie and
Slump, Newga"te-st; While Bear, Pic-
cadilly ; Black Boy and Camel, Lcaden-
hall-sl ; Greyhound, Smilhtield ; Cock,
Haymarket,"and Snowhill; Fortune of
War,'Giltspur-st ; White Hart, Strand;
King's Head. Wood-st; Star, Old Bai-
ley ; Goose* Gridiron, St. Paul's Church
yard; White Lion Cellar, Gracechurch
st ;Ship,Tower-st ;& Blue Posts, Holbn
CUBLINGTON, Bucks 45.. W and Sa
morn 10, Swan, HoUiorn bridge, and
Oxford Arms, Warwick-lane.
CUCKFIELD, Su.ssex 39. . Van, daily, aft
4, George, Boro. . 7ru:ggo)i,Boar&Ca.stle,
Oxford-st ; Ship, Charing cross ; Flower
Pot, Bi.shopsgale st ; ev 6, Cross Keys,
(iracecba ch st ; Spread Eagle, Plcca-
diUv ; and Brown's Warehouse, 248
Oxford-st. .M and F ev .0, Talbot, Boro;
Tu and Fri 2, Catherine Wheel.. W&
S.I, King's Head and George, Boro, and
Bull, Holborn. .W 4, Half Moon,Boro,
and Tu & F, Halfmoon, Boro.
CIIDDINGTON, Bucks 46.. M and Th
noon, George, Snowhill, and .Swan,
Holborn bridge.
CUDSDON, Oxon 49.. Th aft 5, Oxford
Arms, ■V\^^rwick-lane.
CULLUM.. Daily, Cock, Snowhill.. Th
morn 10, Oxford Arms, Warwick-lane,
CULWORTH, Northampton 6T..M & S
morn lO, Oxford Arms, Warwick lane.
CUMNER, Berks .'.9..W morn II, Ox.
fold Arms, WHrwick-lane.
CUPAR OF ANGUS, Perth 44.'j. .Daily,
att 4, Bull and Mouth.
CUSLING WORTH. .Saturday, Catherine
Wheel, Bishopsgate-st.
DAGENHAM, Essex 12.. Daily, Black
Bull, Aldgate. .M and F 10, Blue Boar,
DALLAM, Suffolk 67.. Saturday 1, Vine,
Bishopsgate-st.. Th noon, 26 Sun street,
Bishopseate st.
DALKEITH, Edinburgh 374.. Daily, aft
4, Bull and Mouth.
DALLlNGHAM..Sa 1, Vine, Bishop.sgtst
DALSTON. Middlesex 2. .Daily, Flower
Pot, and King's Arms, Bishopsgate st ;
Black Bov aiid Camel, Lfadenhall st ;!
Gi'orge & Gate, & Pewter Platter, Grace-
church st ; Cock, Snowhill. and Red
Lion, Strand ; Fortune of War, and
White Hart, Giltspur st ; George, OUl
Bailey; and Swan, Skinner st..AftS,
Kings and Key, F'leet st ;and Magpie &.
Slump, Newgate st.
DALTON, Lancaster 266.. Daily, aft 4^
Bull and Moulh.
DA.VBURY, Essex 33 . .Th ev .'i,BlueBoar,.
Aldgate.. W ev Ram Inn, Smithfield.
DANE HILL, Sussex 48. .W and Sa aff^
Talbot, & F 12, Catherine Wheel, Boro.
DARCY. .W ev. Ram, Smithfield
DARLASTON, Stafford 126.. M Wand
Sa, Bell, Wood-st. -
DARLINGTON, Durham 236. .Daily,
aft 4, Bull & Mouth, & 12, White Horse, -
Cripplegate. .W & Sa,Bell, Waiwick la.

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