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fc still, Oxford St W & Sa Bull, Hol-
born ; daily Ship, Charing Cross; Tu
& F Catharine Wheel, Boro ; & Tu Th
& Sanoon, White Hart, Borough.
BRIGIITWELL, Berks 47..W aft 40x-
ford Arms, Warwick lane.
BRILL. Bucks 46. .Th Oxford Arms,
Warwick lane ; IVI & Th noon, Golderi
Lion, St. Jjhn st, and Swan, Holborn
bridge; Tu W F & Sa noon, George,
BRIMSCOMB, Kan daily, Tu Th Sa 11
33, White Cross-st. Cripplegate, and
Waggon 12 & 7 daily, 33, White Cross st
Cripplegate ; and Boar and Castle
Oxford St.
Three Cups, Aldersgate st.
BRlNKLEY,C..mb. 57.,.Tu Th & Sa 1,
Vine, Bisliopsgate st.
BRINTO.V, Norfolk ll8..Tu 12, 26 San
st, Bishopsgate st ; M W & SaBull,
Bishops^ate st ; M W & Sa noon, Blue
B jar, Aldgate.
BRISLEY, Norfolk 107..Tu 12,26, Sun
st, Bishopsgate st ; M W & Sa noon,
Blue Boar, Aldgate.
BRISSINGHAM, M W & Sa noon, Bine
Boar, Aldgate.
BRISTOL, Somerset 120.. Van, Tu Th &
Sill, daily aft 5, Swan, Great Carter
lane; Ship, Charins; Cross; & Spread
Eagle, and Black Bear, Piccadilly;
& Castle and Falcon, Aldersgate-st
Waggon daily 12 k 7, 33, White Cross
street, Cripplegate; Swan, Holborn
bridge; Angel, Fleet market; Old &
New White Horse Cellars, Black
Bear, & Spread Eagle, Piccadilly; and
Moore's Green Man 8c Still, Oxford st
King's Head, Old Change; Boar and
Castle, and Brown's Warehouse, 248,
Oxford street; Three Cups, Alders
gate street ; and King's Arms, Snow
hill; M W& Sa, Castle & Falcon, Al
dersgate ; M W & Sa 12, Rose, Fleet
market; W &Sa aft Gerard's Hall, Ba-
sing lane; M & Thl2, White Horse,
Cripplegate; daily 69, Old Bailey ; White
& Black Bears, Piccadilly ; and Griffin's
Green Man & Still Oxford st-
BRISTON, Norfolk 119..Tu 12, 26 Sun
st, Bishopsgate st ; M W & Sa noon
Blue Boar, Aldgate, and Bull, Bi
BRIXHAM, Devon 201. .Fan 4, & Wag-
gon 8, Bell, Friday street ; and Castle
& Falcon, Aldersgate street.
BRIXTON, Surry 4....daily, Flower
Pot and King's Arms, Bishops-
irate st; George & Gate, Bell, Bell yd,
No. II, Cross Keys, &Halfmoon,Grace-
church st; Catharine Wheel, Borough ;
Ship & Sil. Cross, Charing Cross ; Mag-
pie & Stump, Newgate st ; Kings and
Key, Fleet st ; Red Lion & Spotted
Dog, Strand; George & Crown, Broad
st, Bloomsbury ; Black Boy & Camel,
Leadenhall st; Boar & C.istle, Oxford
st ; Rose & George, Old Bailey ; Cock,
Sno«'bill; Swan, Skinner st ; Fortune
of War, White Hart, Giltspur st ; Pew-
ter Platter, Gracechurch st ; and Blue
Posts, Holborn.
BROADFIELD, F 1, Vine,Bi^hopsgtst
BROADSTAIRS, Kent 75... Ton, Tues,
Th & Sa 6 even. No. 35, Camoraile-st,
& Wajgon, daily 3, George & Gate
Gracech st ; Tu Th & Sa, White Hart,
Borough ; daily, Ship, Charing Cross.
BROADWAY, Somerset 141. ..Tu morn
10, Swan, Holborn bridge; daily, 13,
Aldersgate st, & GrilTin'a and Moore's
Green Man & Still, Oxford-st
BROADWATER, Herts 29...Ta&F 12
Catharine Wheel, Borough.
BROCKDISH, Sa aft 4, Saracen's Head,
Snowhill, & Bull, Leadenhall st.
BROCKENHURST, Hants 90.. Tu & Sa
aft 4, Oxford Arms, Warwick lane.
BROCKHAM, Van, W & Sa, & Waggon
daily, Talbot, Borough.
BROCKLEY, Suffolk 67.. Sat aftn One
Swan, Bishopsgate st ; Th & Sa aft 3,
Blue Boar, Aldgate.
BROMLEY, Kent 10..Daily, Macrpie and
Jjitump, Newgate st ; Ship, & Sil Cross,
Charing Cross ; Black Boy and Camel,
Leadenhall st J Bell, Bell yard, Grace-
church st ; Cock, Snowhill; Nag's
Head, Covent garden ; George & Gate,
Pewter Platter, Halfmoon, Cross Keys,
& No. 11, Gracech st ; Flower Pot, Bi-
shopsgate st ; Catherine Wheel, & Dog
& Bear, Boro ; Kings & Key, Fleet st ;
Red Lion, & Spotted Dog, Strand ;
Cock, Haymarket; George, Old Bailey ;
Nag's Head, Covent Garden; Fortune
of War, & White Hart, Giltspur st ; &
King's Arms, Bishopsgate st.
BROMLEV, Middlesex 4.. Daily, Blos-
soms Inn, Lawrence la ; Flower Pot, &
King's Arms, Bishopsgate st ; George
& Gate, Gracechurch st; Magpie and
Stump, Newgate st; Black Boy and
Camel, Leadenhall st ; Nag's Head,
Covent Garden ; Fortune of War, and
White liart, Giltspur st ; George, Old
Bailey, Swan, Skinner st ; & Pewter
Platter Gracechurch st ; Tu & F Half-
moon, Boro; Cock, Snowhill, and
Blue Boar, Aldjate.
BROMPTON, Kent 31. .Tu Th & Sa,
White Hart, Boro ; daily, 3, George &
Gate, Gracech street ; Tu Th & Sanoon
No. .35, Camomile st
BROMPTON, Middlesexl.. Daily ,George
& New Inn, Old B.iiley ; Goose anil
Gridiron, & Crown, St. Paul's Church
yard ; Geoi'ge and Crown, Broad street,
Bloomsbury ; Boar & Castle, & Browns
Warehouse, Oxford st ; Kings & Key,
Fleet st ; Red Lion, and Spotted Dog^
Strand; Black Boy & Carael, Leaden-
hall st; George &Gate, Bell, Bell yd, &
Cross Keys, Gracech st ; Flower Pot, &
King's Arms, Bisbopsgt st ;Silver Cross
Charing Cross ; daily. Fortune of War',
& White Hart, Giltspur st; Magpie &
Stump, Newgate st; Swan, Skinner st;
Pewter Platter, Gracech st ; Blue Posts
Holborn; Cock, Snowhill, and Bell
BROMS6ROVE, Worcester l]6...Dail;
13, Aldersgate st, and Griffin's Green
Man & Still, Oxford st; Bell, Wood st
W & Sa 10, Riim, Smithtield.
BROKEND, Bedford Sa, Red Lion, Al-
BROOK GREEN, Middlesex 3.. .Daily,
Black Boy k. Camel, Leadenhall st ;
Cock, Snowhill ; Fortune of War, and
White Hart, Giltspur st ; Swan, Skin-
ner st. Magpie & Stump; Newgate st;
George, Old Bailey, Flower Pot, Bi-
shopsgate st, & Blue Posts, Holborn.
BROOK STREET, Essex 17..W & Sa
10, Blue Boar, Aldgate.
BROOM, Suffolk yo..Tu Th & Sa aft 2
Blue Boar, Aldgate ; daily, Ipswich
Arms, Cullum street.
BROOMFIELD, Essex31. . Fan, Tu, Th
Sat 9, New Inn, Dover rd, & 50, Watlin-.
St. and Waggon, Tu & F5, Blue Boar,
Aldgate; Sa, King's Ar;ns, Leadenhall
BROOMSWELL, Tu Th and Sa aftn 2,
Blue Boar, Ald?ate.
BBOOMYARD, Hereford 12.5..D,uly 13,
Aldersgt st ; King's Head, OldChange
33, White Cross st, Cripplejate.
BROSELEY,Salop 140...Fan; M W & F
noon Castle & Falcon, Aldersgate st-
and Waggon Daily 13, Aldersgate st ;
W & Sa 'lO,Ram, Smithfield, & Moores
GreenMan& Still, Oxford st.
BROUGH, Westmoreland 261.. Daily aft
4,Ball& Mouth, & Axe, Aldermanbury
BROUGHTON, Lincoln 152. Daily aftn,
4, Bull & Mouth.
BROXBOURN, Herts 15.. Daily 3, Vine,
& One Swan, Bishopsgate st; Tu Th
Sa, Catharine Wheel, Bishopsgate st.
BROXTED, Essex 34...Tues. Catharine
Wheel, Bishopsgate st, & BIuo Boar,
BRUISYARD, Suffolk 91.:Tu Th & Sa,
aft 2, Blue Boar, Aldgate.
BRUTON, Somerset 109.. .Fan, daily, 4
aftn, and Waggon, 8 morning, Bell,
Friday street, M W and Sa, Castle &
Falcon, Aldersgate st ; & M. & Th 11,
King's Arms, Snowhill
BUCKDE>I,Hunt60. Tu W F & Sanoon,
Ram, Smithfield ; Sa nooB, White Hart,
St. J9hn street.
BUCKENHAM, Norfolk 9o..Waggon,T%
& Sa alts. Bine Boar, Aldgate.
BUCKINGHAM, Bucks 57. .Si &Fnoon,
George, Snowhill, & Modre's Green
Man & Still. Oxford st; daily, Bell,
Wood st, Cheapside, and Swan, Hol-
born Bridge ; M W F & Sa Bell, War
wick lane, & Grifiin's Green Man and
Still, Oxford st; &M & F morn Jl,
King's Arras, Snowhill.
BUCKLAND, Kent 09.. W & F 9, Half-
moon, Borough; Sa 1, Vine, Bishops-
105.. Tan daily 4afin, and Waggon, 8
morn, Bell, Friday-street.
BCILTH, Brecon 173.. Van, Tu Th Sa.
11, 3.f, White-cross st,_ Cripplegate;
and Waggon, daily. King's Head, Old
ChangeGriffin'sGreenMan & Still, Ox-
ford st; 13, Aldersgt st ; and Moore's
Gieen Man and Still, Oxford street.
BUKLY, M Th & Si, George, Snowhill
BULL'S CROSS, Daily Cock, Snowhill,
and King's Arms, and Flower Pot, Bi-
.shopsgate street.
BULMER, Essex 52..M W& Sa, Blue
Boar, Aldgate.
BUMSTF.AD, Essex 08.. Tu & Sa, Blue
Boar, Aldgate; Sa, Four Swans, Bi-
BUNGAY, Suffolk 105.: Tan, daily morn
5, Blue Boar, Aldgate; Waggon,
M W & Sa Bull, Bishopsgate st. th k
Sat 12 Saracen's Head, Aldgate ; daily
Ipswich Arms, Cullum-st & Blue Boar
Aldgate ; Sat. aft. 4, Saracen's Head,
Snowh;& King's Arms, & M W & S*
Bull. Leadenhall-st.
BUNTINGFORD.Herls 31.. Fan daily,
3 aftern, No. 35, Camomile-street,
Waggon W F & Sa, Catharine Wheel,
Bishopsgate st ; F 10 Vine, Bishopsgate
st; F aft 3, Red Lion, Aldersgate st;
Tu & F noon, One Swan, Bishopsgate
st; Fri & Sat 12, Cross Keys, Grace-
church st.
BURES, Essex 48. TuTh&Sa, King's
Arms, Leadenhal)-st.
BURES, Suffolli59..Th&Sa, King's Arms,
Leadenhall st ; M W & Sa noon. Blue
Boar, Aldgate; daily Ipswich Arms,
BURFORD, Fon, & Waggon, 10, daily.
King's Head, Old Chanire ; Wed. Fri.
& Sat. eveng. 9, 33, WhiteCross st»
BURFORD,Oxon 76..DailyKing'sHead
Old Change, & Griffin's Green Man &'
Still, Oxford st; W & Sa aft 2, Ox-
ford Arms, Warwick lane ; W Th & Sa
Moore's fireen Man & St II. Oxford st •'
M W & F aft 5, NewgInn, Old Bailey'
& Boar & Castle, Oxford st ; M Th, &
Sa noon. Three Cups, Aldersgate st.
BURFORD, Salop ISL.Paily, 12, White
Bear, & Old White Horse Cellar, Pic-
cadilly, & Griffin's Green Man & Still
& Boar & Castle ; Oxford st. '
BURGATE, Suffolk 90..Tu Th & Sa aft
2, Blue Boar, Aldgate.
BURGHAPTON, M W & Sa 12, Bull,
Bishopsgate street.
BURLEY, York 206.. .Daily aft 4, Bull &
BURLING, Tu & Fri aft 2, Spur, Boro.
BURLINGTON. .Dailyaft4,BuIl&Moath
BURNHAM,Essex48..F ev 6, Blue Boar
Aldgate ; M & Th noon, 26, Sun street,
BURNHAM, Bucks 24..TU & Sa morng
10, Bull, Holborn ; Griffin's & Moore's
Green Man & Still, & Brown's Wareh,
248, Oxford street, and White Bear,
Waggon, M & Th 10,Bull,Bishopsgt st
BURNHAM THORPE, Norfolk 120...
Waggon, M & Th 10, Bull,Bishopsgt st
BURNLEY, Lancashire 2 10.. Daily aft 4,
Bull & Mouth, & Axe, Aldermanbury
BURSLEDON, Hants 70..Tu & Saaft 4,
Oxford Arms, Warwick lane.
BURSTON, Surry 26.. W morn 9, Nag's
Head, Borough.
BURTON. York 198... Daily aftn 4, Bull
and Mouth.
BURTON ON TRENT, Stafford 125.. .

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