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Three Cups, Aldersgate-street ; thro'
Wansford, Norman's Cross, St'lton,
Eaton, Tempsford, Biggleswade and
STAMFORIJ. .daily, morn at half p 8
White Horse, Fetter lane,andAngpl, St.
Clement's Strand ; thro' Hertford, 13al
dock, B;asleswade and Stilton.
STAMFORD. .fteg•e»^ every ev. at J bef
6, George & Blue Boiir, Holborn; thro,
Baldock, Biggleswade, Tempsford. St.
and Wansford.
STAMFORD. .flegenrthro 'Stevenage,Big-
gleswade, St. Noet's, Huntingdon and
Wansford, daily, 9 m irn, George and
Blue Boar, Holborn.
STAMFORD..flo,vffl^ Union, daily, morn
at a quarter bef 7, George and Blue
Boar, Holborn ; through Baldock and
Eaton. .See Leeds, Carlisle, York and
STAMFORD HILL, Midd. 3.. daily at
half p 12, Swan, Skinner-st
STAMFORD HILL..hourly, Flower Pot,
STAMFORD HILL.. .every half hour,
King's Arms, Bishopsgate-st
STANFORD LE-HOPE, Essex 25.. .See
STANMORE, Midd. 10..See Rickmans
Worth, Gaddesdon, Hemel Hempstead,
Aylesbury and Araersham,
STANMORE. ..i/iTOjWon/onjdailylOmorn,
7 ev. Boar and Castle,Oxford-street,St.
Albau's, thro' Eistree and Edgeware,
daily, 3 aftn, Old Bell and Bull, Hoi
born, and King's Arms, Oxford-st
STANSTEAD, Essex 33.. See Ware, Ha
verill, Camhjidge & Saffron Walden,
STAPLEHURST, Kent 4i).. See Rye and
STAVERTON, Northampton 74.. .See
STEBBING, Essex 40. .See Bardfield.
STEPNEY, Midd. •2..Daily,hourly,Black
Boy and Camel, Leadenhall-st
STEVENAGE, Herts 31.. Daily, aftati
• p 3, Greyhound, Smithfieldjthro'Baruet,
Hatfield", Welwyn, Codicote, Langley
and Hitchin..Pep Oundle, Carlisle, Hit-
cliin, Stamford and I,eeds.
STEYNING, Sussex 50.. See Worthing.
STIFFORD, Essex 22. .See Bowers and
STILTON, Hants 7.5.. Daily, fi morn & 6
evening. Bell and Crown, Holborn.. See
Sheffield, Harrowgate, Carlisle, Stam-
ford, Hull, Boston, Leeds, York&Hunt-
STOCK, Essex 23..SeeBillericav.
STOCKBRIDGE, Hants06..See Exeter
STOCKPORT, Cheshire 179. .See Kenda
and Manchester.
STOCKWELL..SiIver Cross, Charing
. cross, daily, 10, 4 and 8
STOCKWELL. .hourly, from 10 mom to
i p 8 ev. Half Moon and Pewter Plat-
ter, Gracer.hurch-streKt..See Brixton,
Wandswoith and Mitcham.
mingham, Thame, Worcester, Wood-
stock and Oxford.
STOKE NEWINGTON, Middlesex 2^.,
Hourly, Flower Pot, Bisliopsgate-st
STOKE NEWINGTUN..mornatip 12,
Swan, Skinner-st
STOKE NEWINGTON. ..daily, at 12,
- Sni p8ev. Nag's Hea(l,Covent-garden
STOKE NEWINGTON.. every hallhour,
King's Arms, Bishopsgate-st
STOKE POGIS, Bucks. .See Burnham
STONE, Stafford 140.. See Manchester,
Birmingham and Liverpool.
STONE BRIDGE, Warwick 100... See
Liverpool and Birmingham.
STONEHAM, Suffolk 79.. See Norwich.
STONEHILL. See Folkstone.
STONEPOUND,Sussex46..See Brighton
; CoTentry, Daventry, Holyhead, Bir-
mingham, Liverpool, Manchester and
STORTFORD, Herts 30.. See Haverill
and Saffron Walden.
STOURBRIDGE, Woreestw 126..See
Birmingham and Dtidley.
STQW MARKET, Suffolk 68..See Wick
ham Market and Yoxford.
STRATFIELOSAY, Hants 37. .See Ba-
4^.. Hourly, Goose and Gridiron, St.
Paul's Church-yard.
STRATFORD. Essex 3. ..Daily, hourly,
STRATFORD. Essex, daily, hourly, Sa
rnren's Head, Aldgnte.
STRATFORD, Suffolk 58. See Ipswich
STRATFORD, Wilts 81. .See Holyhead
aid Kidderminster.
STRATFORD ST. MARY, Norfolk 100.
5 e YarraDUth and IpswicJi.
STR.-VTTON..See Norwich.
STR.VTTON PARK.. See Sonthnrnpton
STREATH,\M, Suiry 7 .Morn II, ev
4 p 4, ^ bef 5, and quarter p 7, Cross
Kevs, Gracechurch-st
STREAFHAM.. daily, at 10, 4 and 6,
Geori^e and Gate.
STREATHAM.. Daily, at 10 and i p 4,
No. 11 Gracechurch-st.
STRE.\THAM.. daily, mom at 11, aft3
and 4, ev. 5 bef5, 7 and'8, CrossKeys,
Gracechurch-st. .See Croydon.
STREATLEY..See Highworth.
STROUD, Kent28 SeeBrompto»,Graves
end, Dover, Ramsgate and Margate.
STROUD, Gloucest'erl02..SeeGloncester
and Stroudwater.
Gloucester 102. .Tn Th and Sat. morn,
at 7, Old Bell, Holborn, calls at New&
Old White Horse Cellars; thro'Henley,
Benson, Abingdon,Farringdon,Lechlade
Fairford and Cirencester.
STROUDWATER.. .daily, ev. at 5,
Golden Cross, Charing-cross, & Cross
Ke. s, Wood-st; thro Abingdon, Far-
ringdon, Fairford and Chalford.
STROUDWATER..TU Th & Sat. morn
at J bef 7, Angel, St. Clements, calls at
Old White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly ;
thro' Henley, Dorchester, Abingdon,
Fairford, Lechlade, Farringdon, Ciren-
cester, Stroud, Tethnry, Wotton under
Edge, King.scote, Nailsworth, Michin-
hnmpton and Rodboro.
STROUDWATER.. daily, aft nt quarter
bef 5, Angel Inn, St. Martin 's-le-grand
thro' Slough, Henley, Abingdon, Far-
ringdon arid Fairford.
STURSTON, Norfolk 8o..See Norwich
SUDBURY, Suffolk .54. daily, 9 morn,
(.Sun ex) Greeu Dragon, Bishopgate-st ;
thrn' Twinstead, Hal-steaJ, Braintree,
Waltham and Chelmsford.. See Bury,
Norwich and Yarmouth.
SUDBURY. .Suffolk, daily, morn 4 p 5
Blue Boar, .\ldgate.
^UDBURY GREEN, Midd. a..SeePinner
'SUNBURY, Midd. 14. .See Chertsey.
SUNDERLAND, Durh3m271..See York,
Edinburgh and Newcastle.
SUNDERLAND, Yarm and Stockton
daily, half p 8 morn. White Horse,
SUNDERLAND, Stockton & Yarmlight,
daily, morn, Saracen's Hea I, Snowhill
SUNNINGHILL, Berks 23. .See Oaking
ham and Reading.
SUTTON, Surry 11. .See Brighton, Ban-
stead and Cheam.
SUTTON, Reigate. Crawley and Cuck-
fie'd, daily, half p 8, half p 10 morn,
6 half p 2aftn old Bell & Bull,Holborn
SUTTERTON, Lincoln 10(5.. See Boston
SWAFFHAM, Norfolk 93..SeeFakenham.
SWANSEA, Glamorgan 206.. /Joi/nt/fle^-K-
lator, M. W. and If. morn at J bef 6, &
noon, Bolt-in-Tun, Fleet-st, calls at
Hatchett's, Piccadilly, and BrowuVs
Warehouse, 248 Oxford-st, sleeps at
Gloucester, and proceeds next mornatO
thro' Newnham, Chepstow, Newport&
Cardiff.. See Bristol
SWANSEA, thro' Gloucester, Chepstow,
Newport, Cardiff, Cowbridge &Neath,
half past 7 morning, Bull & Mouth,
Bull & Mouth-street.
SWINDON, Wilts 83.. ..See Marlboro,
Bath & Bristol.
.SYDENHAM, Kent 6i..At 10, 12, 1 & 4,
Walworth, CamUerwell,Peckham,Dul
wich and Nor wood.
SYDENHAM, Aft at Iralf p 4, andevat8,
G.eorge and Gate, Gra,-echiirch-st
SYDENHAM.. Daily, aftn at 4, Silver
Cross, Charing-cross.
SYDENHAM. .daily, at 11,5 and 8, No.
11 Gracechurch-st
SYDENHAil.. daily, morn at 11, aft at
ip4, ev. half p 7, Cmss Keys, Grace-
churrh-st; thro' Camberwe.l, Forest
Hill and Dulwich.
SYDENHAM. .d.iily, morning at quart.r
bef 11, quarter past 4, and quarter bef
8, Su half p 9 morn, nnff half p 8 ev.
same route, same place.
SY 'ENHAM.. daily, morn nt halfplO,
aft 4 and half p 4, and Ev. 7, Kings and
Keys, Fleet-st, same route.
TADCASTER, York iy0..See York.
TAMW0RTH,Staff.ll5..DaiIy,at 1 Swan
with Two Necks, Lad lane. .See Birm-
ingham, Manchester, Holyhead an, I
TAPLOW, Bucks 26..See Marlow,
TAUNTON, Somerset 141. .Daily, a- h^ilt
p3 aft, Swan with Two Necks, Xad-
laue ; thro' Cross and Bridgewater..
See Barnstaple, Plymouth, Bath and
TAUNTON and Wellington, through
Langport, Somerton and Castle Cary,
daily, morning 9, Castle and Falcon,
TAVISTOCK, DeTon207..SeeBarn.<«tanle
TEDDINGTON, Midd. 12. .See Hamp-
ton and Walton.
TEMPSFORD, Beds 51 .See Stamford &
TENBURY (and LUDLOW) W^orcester
1-33.. ^'///, daily, at half p 12, Bull and
Mouth, St. Martin's-le-grand.
TENTEHDEN, Kent .56.. Sun Tues and
Th. at7, George Inn, Boro ; through
Biddenden and Headconi.
TENTERDEN, Bidder.den & Headcorn,
Sun Tu and Thnrs half past 6 morning,
Blo'ssom's Inn, Lawrence-lane.
TESTON, Kent 36..See Maidstone and
TETBURY, Gloucester 99. .See Stroud-
water and Gloucester.
TETSWORTH, Oxon 42.. See Worces-
ter, Oxford, Woodstock. Birmingham,
Hereford and Cheltenham.
TETSWORTH, through High Wvcombe,
daily, quarter bef 6, quarter bef 8 even.
Old Bell and Bull, Holborn.
TEWKESBURY, Gloucester 103. .See
TEWKESBURY, Gloucester, thro' Ox
ford and Cheltenham, Daily, 7 morn,
laftn Angel, St. Clement's, Str.-ind
TEWKESBURY, thro' Oxford and Chel-
tenham, Tu Tb and Sat. half p 7 morn
Bull and Mouth, Bull and Mouth-st'
and Bolt-in-Tun, Fleet-st. '
THAME, Oxfordshire 45. .Tn. Th. and
Sat. mom at i bef 8, Bull, Holborn. calls
at Moore's, Green Man & Still, and
Boar and CastI", Oxford-street ; thro'
Beaconsfield, High Wycomb,WestWy-
comb, Stokenchurch, ,Postcombe and
THATCHAM, Berk^ 52.. See Bath, New-
bury, Bristol and Plymouth.
THEALE, Bucks 44 .See Newbury and
THETFORD, Norfolk 80.. See Norwich
and Cambridge.
THIRSK, York 218..See York & Edin-
THORNBURY, Gloucester 122.. SeeBath
and Bristol.
THORNDON, Essex. . See Billericay and
THRAPSTON, Northampton 73. ...See
TICKHILL, York 155..See Carlisle.
TILBURY. Essex 52.. See Bowers and
TILBURY FORT, Essex 29..See Bowers
TISTED, Hants 51. . See Gosport.
TIVERTON, Devon 102. .See Plymouth
and Barnstaple.
TOOTING, Surry 6 Daily, aftn 1,
Pewter Platter, Gracechurch-st ; thro' and ev 6, Ship, Charing-cross ; through
TOOTING.. at half p 10, 3, half p4, 5, &

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