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Kent-road; thro' (imlstonp, Kast Grin-
stead, Forest-tow, Wycti Cioss, Mures
field, Uckfield, Horsted, Lewis, Urigli-
ton, Newhaven, & Soaford.
LrEWKS & GODSTONE. morn 9, Gol-
den Cross, Charing Cross, and Cross
Keys, Wood-stj thro' Uckfield, Mnres-
East Grinstead, and Gof'stone...See
daily 4, fSu exj Kini-'s and Key, Fleet-
st ; thro' Kent-road & Deptfoid.
LEWESHAM & •BRaMLEY..inorn7, &
aft. 5, Pewter Piatlcr, Gracerhurch-st
LEWISHAM.. daily at 9, 1, 3,7, andS
No. 11, Gracechuroh-st ; quarter before
11, half-past 3, & quarter-past 7, Ship,
Charin; Cross, ealls at Half Moon,
Borough.. See Bromley.
LIMEHOUSE, Middlesex 2.. .hourly.
Black B»y & Camel, Leadenhall-st, &
B-lue Boar, Aldsrate
LINCOLN, Lincolnl3!..PostCoaoh,daily
morn half-past 8, White Horsa, Fetter-
Jane, and Angel, St. Clement's St and..
See Hull.
LINTON, Cambridge 18.. See Haverhill.
LINTON, Kent 41.. See Rye.
LIPHOOK, Hants 46.. See Portsmoutb.
LISKEARD, Cornwall 934.. ..See Fal-
mouth and Exeter.
LrlCHFlELD, Stafford 118..SeeBirminj-
bam, Manchester & Holyhead.
LrlTTLEBURY, Essex 42.. .See Cam-
bridge and Norwich.
LITTLE HAMPTON, Sussex 60.. .daily
morn 7, Ship, Charing Cross, through
Ocklev, Billinghurst, & Pulbro'
LITTLE HAMPTON, daily morn quar-
ter before 7, Angel, St. Clement's Strand,
and Belle Sauvage, Ludgate-hill j thro'
Kingston, E»her,Guil(lford,&Godalmins
PF.TWORTH...Tnes. Thurs. & Sat.
morn nnar b.7,Ans;elSt Clement's Strand
LITTLEPORT, Cam. 7t..See Lyim .
LIVERPOOL, Lancaster 305... Mail, ev.
half-past 7, Swan with Two Necks,
Lad-lane J thro' Stoney Stratford, Pa-
ventry, l>unchurch, Coventry, Meriden,
Stone Bridge, Coleshill,LiEhfield,WoIs-
ley, Rugeley, Heywood, Sherleywick,
Sandon, Stone, Trentham, Newcastle,
Talk of the Hill, Lawton, Congleton,
Monksheath, Knutsford, Warrington,
and Prescot.
LIVERPOOL.. Umpire, dr.ily 1, Golden
Cross, Charing Cross, Saracen's Head,
Snowhill, & Cross Keys, Wood-streetj;
through Northampton, Welford,Lutter-
worth. At herstone,Taraworth, Lichfield
. Wolseley Bridge, Sandon, Newcastle,
and Warrington, and arfives at Liver
pool at 7 next evening
LIVERPOOL. Royal Champion, daily I,
Swan with Two Necks, Lad-lane, calls
at Flower Pot,Bishopsgntc-st. & Pea-
cock, Islington ; through Dunstable,
StoneyStratford,Fenny Stratford ,Tow-
cester, Daventry. Coventry, Lichfield,
Newcastle, Stone, Congleton, Monks-
heath, Koutsford,VVarrington& Prescot
LI VERPOOL.. Royal Alexander, morn 6,
Three Cups. Aldersgate street. Golden
Cross, Charing Cross, & Cross Keys,
Wood-st. thro' Northampton, Market
Harbor o, Leicester, Ashby-de-la-Zoucb,
Burtnn-on-Trent, Uttoxeter, Hanly,
Staffordshire Potteries, Middlewich,
Northwich, Sandbach. & Warrington
LIVERPOOL. .dailymoi-n quarter-past 5
Belle Sauvage, 'Ludgate-hill.
LIVERPOOL.. daily aft 3, White Horse,
Fetter-lane, and Angel Inn, St. Cle-
ment's, Strand.
LIVERPOOL.. daily morn, half-past S
half-past 6, & Union dailv aft 3, Bnll &
Mouth,Bull & Mouth-st. & Cross Keys,
Wood-st. thro' Oxford, Birmingham
Penkridge. Stafford, Stone, Newcastle
Knutsford, & Warrington.
LIVERPOOL.. Post Coach, dailyaf quar
ter-past 3, Saracen's Head, Snowhill
through Warrington, Knutsford, Stone
Stafford, & Lichfield.
CHESTER.. daily aft quarter before 3,
O'orge and Blue Boar, Holborn.
LrVERPaOL..Post Coach, through Bir
min^ham, Newcastle, and Knutsford,
daly half-p.ist .5. Castle and Falcon,
LIVERPOOL. Express, thro' Warring-
ton, Prescot, Congleton, Lawton, New-
castle, Rudgly, KiMitsford, Stone, and
Lichfield, daily quarter before 3 aftern,
Saracen's Head, Snowhill,
LIVERPOOL.. Defiance, daily aft 3, Wh
Bear, Piccadilly, & GoIdenCross, Ch.i-
ringCross, thro' Leamington & War-
wick. .See Birmingham.
cestei- Sc Carmarthen.
LLANDOVERY, Carmarthen 191... See
Gloucester & Carmarthen
LLANGOLLliN, Denbigh, 192.. ..See
Shrewsbury and Holyhead.
LONG COMPTON,^ Oxon 77.. See Bii--
LONGFORD, MiddlesexlS.SeeWinctsor
LONG MKLFORD, Suffolk 57. .See Nor
wich and Bury.
LONG STR.ATTON, Norfolk 100-..See
MancbestSr, & Sheffield.
LOUGHTON Essex II. .morn half-past
10 ev 7, & Sun morng. 9, ev. 8, Three
Nuns, Aldgate..See Epping.
LOUTH, Lincoln 14S.. See Boston.
LOWEST'OFT, Suffolk 114.. ..See Yar-
LOW LAYTON, E.ssex 7. .morn at 10,
aft 4, [Sun ex.] Green Dragon, Bi-
LUDLOW, Salop 143.. .Mail, daily7, Su
quarter before 7, Bull & Mouth, thro'
Oxford, Worcester, and Tenbury.
LUDLOW..PDst Coach, daily quarter-
past 2, [Sun exJ Bull & Mouth, thro'
Oxford, Worcester, & Tenbury.. .See
LUTON, Bedford 31..Blucher, daily at
half-past 2, [Su exj Three Cups, AI-
dersgate-st thro'^ Harpenden, St. AI-
b.in's, Mimms. & Barnet.. See Bedford
LUTTERWORTH, Leicester 89.. See Li-
verpool & Hsjlyhead.
LYDD,Kent73.. See Dover & Folkstone
LVMINGTON, Hants 94.. See Poole &
LYNDHURST, Hants 86..Eee Poole &
LYNN, Norfolk 102.. Diligence.. .M. W
& F. half-past 6, White Horse, Fetter
lane. Cross Keys, Wood st, and Bull,
& Four Swans, Kishopsgate st ; thro'
Harlow, Chesterford, Newinnrket,Bar-
ton Mills, Brandon, & Stoke Kerry.
LYNN, Union, Tu Th & Sa morn "hMf-
pastS, Belle Sauvage, Ludgate-hill, &
Bull, liishopsgate stjthro' Hoddesdon,
Barkway, Cambridge, Ely, Littleport,
Higlev, & Downhau).
LYN N,"Lord Nelson, M W- & F morn,
at half-past 6, White Horse, Fetter-la,
calls at Cross Keys, Wood st, & Four
Swans, Bishopsgate st, thrj' Hoddes-
don. Ware, Puciieridgp,Royston, Cam-
bridge, Ely, Southery, & Downham.
LYNN, morn at half-past 7, ev. 6, Gol-
den Cross, Charing-cross, & CrossKeys
Wood st, calls at Flower Pot, Bishops -
gate st, thro' Cambridge, Ely, Little
port, & Downham.
LYNN, ELY, & DOWNHAM.. .daily,
quarter before 8 morn. (Su. ex.) Cross
Keys, Wood street.
MACCLESFIELD, Cheshire 167.. .See
MAIDKNHEAD, Berks 26.. See Bath,
Marlow, Henley, Wantage, Oxford,
Reading, Bristol, Newbury, Plymouth,
Birmingham, Holyhead, Highworth,
and AhiuL-don,
MAIDSTONE, Kent 31. .Daily morn 12,
Golden Cross, Charing Cross, & Cross
Keys, Wood-st. through Mailing, Wro-
tham, & Wateringbury.
MAIDSTONE. .At7 morn, aft 2. & quar-
ter before 4, George Inn,Boro, calls at
Bricklayer's Arms, Kent-road, thiough
Elthani, Footscray, Birchwood, Farn-
ingham, Kingsdown, Wrofham, and
Wrothara Neath, Mailing, & Aylesford
MAIDSTONE, Post Coach, daily at half
past 6 morn, half-past 1 aft. Blossoms
Inn, Lawtence-lane, calls at George
Inn, Borough. & King's Arms, Kent
road, thro' Elthnm, Footscray, Brick-
wood, Farningham, Kingsdown, Wro-
tham, Mailing, Larkfield, Cranbrook,
Tcnderden, Staplehurst, Beddenden,;
Rolvenden & Cox.
MAIDSTONE, Regulator, Kalf-past 8
morn.att4, [Su ex.] Nag's Head and
No. 98, Borough, Bigb-st, thro' Foots
Cray, Farningham, Wrotham, & Mai-
MAIDSTONE. M W & F. at 10,George
Inn, Borough, calls at King's Arms,;
Kent-road, through Wrotham, Heath,
West Peckham, Mereworth, Teston,
Wateringbury, & B.irming.
MAIDSTONE. .daily [Su ex] morn at 7,
half-past 9, alt half-pasta, & 4, Spur
Inn, Borough.
MAID <TONK.. Morn 10, Ship, Charing
cross. See Folkstone.
MAIDSTONE.. Times, daily half past 1,
Eagle Office, Piccadilly, 98, Boro' at i
M ALDON, Essex 38. M. W. & F.j aft at
half-past 3, Cross Keys, Gracechurch- '
street, through Ingatestune, Chelms-
ford, and Danbury.
MALDON. through Ingatestone,Cholm»-
ford, & Danbury Tu Th Sa half-pa»t3,
aft Mon Wed. Fri at 4 aft. Bull, Blue >
Boar, Aldgiite.
MALLING Kent 29. .See Maidstone.
MALMSBURY, Wilts 96.. See Bath and
MALVERN, Worcester 116, .Tn Til and
Sa morn at half-past 5, Bolt-in Tun,
Fleet st, through Tewksbary.
MANCHESTER, Lancashire 185.. Mail,
ev at half-pa»t7. Swan viith Two Necks
Lad-lane, thro' Dun.stable, Market St,;
Woburn, Northampton, Harborougl;,
I-.eiccster,Loughboro, Derby Ashbourne
Leek, & Macclesfield; joined at Man-
chester by the North Mail, wbirh pro-
ceeds to Lancaster, Kendal,. Carlisle,
and Glasgow.
MANCHKSTER.. Telegraph, half-past 3
afr Castle & Falcon, Aldersgate st ;•
White Horse, Fetter-lane, and Cross
Keys, M'oadst, calls at Peacock, Isling-
ton ; tliro'Miras, Coney, St. Alban's,
Redburn, Market Street, Dunstable,
HockliH'e, Woburn, Newport Pagnell,
Northampton, Harborough, Leieester,-
Monnt Sorrel, Qnorne, Loughborough,
Keg worth, Cavendi3hBridge,Shardlow,
Derby, Ashbourne, Leek, Macclesfield,
and Stockport.
MANCHESTb;B..through Oxford Biv
mingham, Stafford, Stone, Newcastle,
Congleton, Macclesfield, & Stockport,-
daily half-past 6 morn. Bull & Mouth,
Bull and Mouth street.
MANCHESTER, Regulator, at quarter
before 3 aft. Swan with Two Necks,
Lad-lane, calls at Peacock, Islington;
thro' Northampton, Leicester, Lough-
boro. Cavendish Bridge, Derby, Ash-'
bourne, Newhaven, Buxton, &c Stock
port ; and proccsds to Bolton, Black-
burn, IJurnley, Colne, Skipton, Chor--
ley, Preston, Lancaster, CIverstone,
Whitehaven, Workington, Wigton, Pen-
rith, Carlisle, Glasgow, & Edinburgh.
MAN CHESTER, Defiance, at 5 aft Swan
with Two Necks, Lad-lane, calls at
Peacock, Islington, thro' St. Alban's,
Redbnrn, Dunstable, Woburn, New-
port Pagnell, Northampton, Kegworth,
Market Harborough, Qnorne, Lough-
borough,Leicester,Ashby-de-la -ZoucTi
Button on Trent, Derby, Leek, and -
MANCHESTER, daily, Independent, ei :
at a quarter hef 5, Spread Eagle, Grace-
church-st. Bull Inn, Aldgatc, & Castle,
King-sll Cheapside, thro' Derby& Lei-
cester, arrives at Manirhester the fit-
lowing evening at 6, from whence di-
rect conveyances proceed to Liverpool,
Rochdale, Halifax. Preston, Boltoa,
Kendil, Calisle,and Kdiubnrgh
MANCHESTER, Cobourg, quar bef 5,
Bull&Mouth,.StMavtin's leGrand, calls ^
atAxe,Aldermaiibury; thro' St. Albans,
Redburn, Dunstable, Hockliffe, B/'ck-
hill. Fenny Stratford, Stoney Strallnrd,
Towcester, Weedon, Davenlry, Fan

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