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moatb,Coggesha)l, Burnhiim, and Nor-| 8, Magpie and Stump, Newgate-st
wich. KERNINGE, See Holyhead.
IPSWICH, Suffolk 69... Independent,/ KETTERING, Northnrap74..TelegrBi.li
morn hatf-past 8, and ev quarter before
9, Golden Cross, Charing Cross, Cross
Keys, Wooc1-s( ; Saracen's Head, and
Blue Boar, Aldgate; Flower Pot, Bi-
shops-gate; through Stratford, Rum-
ford, Chelmsford, Witham, Colchester,
and Stratford St. Mary
IPSWICH.. .daily morn half-past 5, and
half-past 6 ev. Spread Eagle, Gracf-
fhurch-street, same route.
IPSWICH. ..Post Coach, daily, even. 6.
White Horse, Fetter-lane, Angel, St.
Clement's, Strand and Bull, Aldi:ate,
M W & F morn half-past 7, George &
Blue Boar, Holborn, calls at Cross Keys
St. .lohn-st and Peacock, Islington.
KETTERING.. Tu Th & Sat White Hart
St. John st; through Potter's Bar, Bell
Bar, Hatlield. Wellwyn, Codicofe. Hit-
chin, Sefford, Deadmau'sCross, Bedford,
Bletsoe, Knotting, Rushani, Bingham,
Irlliingboro, & F!ndon,.Se': Keeds.
KEW, Suirv7..afl 5, Su morn 11, Crown
& Goose & Griiliron, St. Paul'sChurch
Yard, Whiti- and Black Bears, Old and
New White Horse Cellars, and Glou
same ronte. ' ^ ' fer Coffee Honse. Piccadilly.
IPSWICH. ..Shannon, daily, morn. 8 and KEY STREET. Kent 38..See Sitting
half-past 8, Bull, Aldgate, & Boar and bourne, Faversh."m, & Dover.
Castle, Oxford-street, same ronte... See: K.IDDERiVIlNSTER..Nevi' Mail, thro
LEAMING LANE,York223..See Carlisle
LEAMINGTON, Warwick 92.. See Co-
ventry, Birmingham, Banbury, and
Wickham Market, Norwich, &Yoxfoi-l
morn. Golden Cmss , Charing Cross ; '&
Atlas Oflice, 8, Piccadilly.
lPSWlCH&Cokhester...Brue daily quar-
ter-past 8 morn. & 6 ev Cross Keys,
IPSWICH, Harwich, Colchester, and
Chelmsford, (Night Coach,) daily quar-
ter before seven. Bull, Aldgate.
IRTHLINGBORO, Northampton 67...
See Leeds and Kettering.
-ISLE OF WIGHT, Hants.. .See South
ampton and Portsmouth.
ISLEWORTH, Middlesex 8.. .aft. 3, (Sn
ex) New Inn, Old Bailey, calls at New
.md Old White Horse Cellars, Picca-
dilly ; through Turnham Green, Ham-
mersmith, and Brentford.
H and quarter-past 3, Su 9, Kings and
Key, Fleet-street, calls at the Crown,
St. Paul's, and White Horse Cellar,
Piecadilly; through Kensington and
- Hammersmith. ..See Twickeiihani.
ISLINGTON, Middlesex I^.. .Hourly,
Royal Exchange, Red Lion, Strand, &
Castle, Moorgate.
ISLINGTON.. daily, 12, & Su. ev. half-
past 8, Nag's Head, Covent garden.
ISLINGTON. .daily, half-pa.st 12, Swan,
ISLINGTON. .hourly, from half-past 10,
to half-past eight. Blue Posts, Holborn
IYER, Bucks 16.. See Burnham.
IXWORTH, Suffolk 77.. Sea Yarmouth
and Norwich.
JERSEY, (Isle of). See Southampton.
KATES CABIN. See Stamford.
KEGWORTH, Leicester 115. .See Man-
KELMARSH, Northampton.. See Leeds
and Leicester.
KELVEDEN, Essex 41. .See Yarmonth,
Cog°es.hall, Colchester, Harwich, and
KENDAL, Westmoreld.:264..PostCoach,
morn7. Three Cups, Aldersgate-street;
throughNorthampton, Leicester, Stock-
port, Bolton, Chorley, Preston, Lan-
caster, and Burton.. .See Manchester &
KENDAL. daily, aft. quarter before 3,
Saracen's Head.Snowhill ;thro' Bolton,
Chorley, Preston, Garstang, Lancaster
and Kirby Lonsdale
KENFORD. See Norwich.
KENNINGTON, Surry IJ... every hour.
No. ll,&PewterPIatter, Gracechurch-
st ; thio' Newinjton Butts & Vauxhall
KENNINGTON. ..at half-past ten, half-
past one, quarter-past four, and qnar-
ter-past 8, Ship, Charing Cross j thro'
Newington Butts.
KFNNINGTON. .hourly, from 9 morn tn
9 nieht. Half Moon, Gracechurch st.
KENSINGTON. .10, 12, 3, 5, & 8, Red
Lion, Strand. .See Wandsworth.
KENNINGTON. .daily 10, 12, 3, 5, & 8,
Poulterers, corner of Fleet Market.
KFNSJNGTON.:hourly,Goo!;e & Grid-
iron & Cro«n, St. Pan 's Church-yard.
KK.NSINGTON.. hourly, Hercules, and
Rliicfc Boy and Camel, Leadenhall-st..
Jtee Islewotth and Hammersmith.
iUSN'l ISH TOWN, Middlesex 3.. hourly
" Blue Posts, Tottenham court-road, &
Nae's H*<d, J,inies-st, Covent garden.
KENTISH TOWN, daily, quarter before
Vi, quart«r before 3, and qua ter before
Biriningham, Dudley, & Stourbridge,
daily half-past 7 ev Sun 7, Swan willi
Two Necks, Lad-lane.
K]DDERMINSlF.R..Post Coach, daily,
half-pasts morn, Bull & Mouth, Hull
& Mouth-st; through Uxbridge, High
Wycombe, Oxford, Siratford-upoti
Avon,Alcester,Redditch,& Rromsginvi
Britannia, morn 5, Old Bell, Holboin ;
through Watford, Bicester, Banbury, &
Aleesler, calls at Moore's Green Man
& Still, & Brown's Warehouse, 24 f,
<)xfi)rd-st..See Tirmingham.
KlDDlNGTON,Oxon67. SceWorcestcr
KILBURN, Middlesex 2. daily half-past
10, & halC-past 6, Brown's Warehouse
248, Oxforrl-.st .See Heniel Hempstead
KIN ETON. Warwick 83. .See Kidder-
minster & Birmingham.
KINGSCOTE, Gloucester 103. .See
KINGSDOWN, Kent 42 .SeeMaidstone.
KINGSLAND, Middlesex 1 .daily, 12,
Sun half-pa«t 8ev Nag's Head, James-
»t. Covent Garden.
KlNGSLAND..hrurly, Flower Pot, Bi-
KINGSLAND .daily, half-past 12 r.nd 7,
Swan, Skinn'er-street.
KING'S LANfSLEY, Herts SO.idaily,
morn at 7, Bell and Crown, Holborn...
See Memel Hempstead, Aylesbury,
Gaddeston, Winslow, and Bicester.
KINGSTON, Surry 12..The New Da t,
aft 4, CrossKeys,Gracechurch-»t. calls
at horse Shoe, Boro;thro' Wandsworth
& Hampton Wick.
Belle Sanvage, Ludgate-hill,callsat the
HalfMoon, Graoechurch-st, & George
& Gate. ..See Esher, Chichester, PortSi
mouth, Godalming, & Petworth.
KINGTON. .See Leominster.
KIRBY'S HUTT, See Stamford.
KNARESBORO,York2I4,. See Harrow-
gate & Edinbnteh.
KNlGHTSBRlDGE,Middlesex3. .hourly
Goose & Gridiron, & Crown, St. Paul's
Choreh-yard...See Hammersmith.
KNOTTING. Sec Kelterini.'.
KNOWLE, Warwick, 105.. .See Bir-
KNUTSJ'ORD, Che.shire 176. See Bir-
mingham, and Liverpool.
LALEHAM..daiIy,al 4, Belle Sanvage,
LAMBERHURST, Stwscx 40.. See Rye
and Haitin^s.
LAMBOURN, Berks 64..See Mailboro
Bath, & Bristol.
LANCASTER, Lancashire 240.. See Man-
chester, Kendal, & Carlisle.
graph, through, M'igan, Preston, Ken-
dal, Penrith, &Whitehftven, daily aft 3,
White Horse, Fetter-lane.
LAN nWATER, See High Wvcomhe.
LANGLEY BROOM, See Biifnham.
LANGPORT, Somerset 130..See Barn
LARK KIELD, Kent 30.. .See Maidstone.
LARLINGFORD, Norfolk 88... See Nor
LATIMERS, Bncks 27.. Pee Cheshara.
LAWFORD. Essex 01. .See Harwich.
LAWTON, Cheshire 156.. See Liverpool
I.AYTONSTONE,.Essex5i. SeeAybridge
LE \, Gloucester 116. .See Gloucester.
lEATHERHEAD, Surry 18..dailv, half,
past 3, Cross Keys ; Gracecl:nrch-st ;
through Bookham, Fetrham, Epsom,
Ewell,and Nnrlh Cbeam.
LEATHERHEAD.. daily at 3, (Sn. ex.)
Old Bell, Holhorn j thro'CheamEwell
and Epsom. '
LEATHERHEAD..afthalf-past4, George
and Gale, Gracechurch-st..See Wor-
thing, Chichester, Godalming, Arundel
Epsom, B.ignor, & Dorking. '
LECHLADE, Gloucester 73..See Stroud-
water, & Gloucester.
LEDBURY, Hereford 120.. Fly, To. Th.
Sa. Sc Su, half past 12, Bull & Mouth,
St. Martin's-le-Giand.
LEE, See -Southend.
LEEDS, York 195. .Mail quarter-past 7
ev,Bnll & Mouth, St. Martin' s-Je-Grand
thro'Barnet, Hatfield, Wellwyn, Hit-
cham, Shefford, Bedford, Higham, Ir-
thlinghorough, Kettering, Rotkingham,
Uppingham, Oakham, Melton, Wed-
merpool, Nottingham, Mansfield, Ches-
terfield. Sheffie-ld,BarnsIey,& Wakefield.
LEEDS. .Royal Union, morn 7, George &
Blue Boar, Holborn, calls at Three
Cup.-!, Aldevsgate-st; & Peacock, Is-
lington; thro' Hatfield, Wellwyn, Ste-
venson, Baldock, Biggleswade, Eaton,
Alconbury, Stilton, Stamford, Witham
Common, Grantham, Newark,Tuxford
Retford, Bawtry.Doncaster, andFerryl
bridge, to Leeds; whence passengers
are forwarded to all parts of Yorkshire
and Scotland.
LEEDS. .Express, daily at 2, Bull and
Mouth, St. Martiu's-le-6rand ; through
Whetstone, Barnet, Shenly,St.Alban'8,
Hedburn, Market Street, Dunstable,
Hockliffe, Wobiirn,Wavenden,Brongh-
ton, Newport, Northampton, Kelmarsh,
Harborongh, Leicester, Loughborough
Nottingham, Mansfield, Chesterfield'
Sheffield. Barnsley, & Wakefield. '
LSEDS. daily mom half past 8, White
Horse, Fetter-lane, aad Angel Inn, St.
LEEDS. .Rockingham, daily morn seven,
White Bear, Piccadilly, and 8, Sara
cen's Head, Snowhill ; through Biggles-
wade, Stiltou, Stamford, Grantham,
Newark, Bawtry, Ferrybridge, & Don-
caster.. .See York, Hairowgate, and
LEEK, Stafford 154..See Manchester.
LEI CESTER, Leicester 96.. Union, 6
morn. Bull & Mouth, St. Martin's-le.
Grand, calls at Cross Keys, St. John- st
& Three Cups, Aldersgate-st ; through
Redburn, Market Street, Dunstable,
H'»ckliffe, Woburn,Wavenden,Brongh-
ton , Newport, NorthamptonjKelmdish,
and HarborouEh.
ROUGH. .Union, daily quarter past S,
morn. Cross Keys, St. John's-street.
daily, aft 2, White Horse. Fetter-lane,
& Aneel Inn, St. (lement-s,thro' New-
port Pagnall, Woburn, Dunstable, and
St. Alban,s...See Sheffield, Liverpool,
Leeds, Kendal, & Manchester.
LEIGH, Essex.. .daily quarter before 3,
aft. Blue Boar, Aldgate. ^y
LEl^HTON, Bedford 41.. Aurora, half*
past 10 winter, half-past 12 summer.
Cross Keys, St. John-st; thro' St, Al-
ban's, Dunstable, & Hockliffe.
quarter before 2 aft. (Sun. ex.) Cross
Keys, St. John-street.
LENHAM, Kent 44.. See Folkstone.
through Oxford, Worcester, & Brom-
yard, daily? ev. Sun half-pa9t6. Bull
& Month, Bull & Month-street.
ford 137..q>iarter past 2, Bull & Month,
St Martin' B-!e-Grand, calls at Green
Man & Still. Oxford-st.. See Worcester.
LEWES, SussexSO.OriginalLewesCoach,
morn at half-past 8, (Su ex)BelleSauT-
age, Ludgate-hill,c:ill»at Golden Cross,
Charinj Cross, & Elephant & Cnstle,

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