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C'oacAes,daily,af at3&.1.froin »,ime Inn.
CARLISLE, Royal Union, Post Coach, 6
Three Cups, Aldei-sgaie-st; thro' Stam-
ford, Newark, Doncaster, Ferrjbri^lge,
Wetherby, Bow Bridge, Catferict
Bridge, Appleby, Penrith, Gretna Green,
and Glasgow.. See Manchester <fe York.
CARLISLE, Express, Penrith and White-
haven, thro' Appleby, Brough, Bowes
Greta Biidge, Richmond, Catterick
Boronghbridge, Ferrybridge, Doncaster
Newark, Bawtrj', Grantham, Stamford
Greethain, Stilton, Biggleswade, and
Baldock, daily, J bef 8, morn, faracen'
Head, Snow-hill.
CARLISLE, TefegrapA, daily, afternoon 2.
White Horse, Fetter-lane, and Angel
St. elements. Strand ; thro' Lancaster
Wigan, Preston, Kendal, Penrith, and
CARMARTHEN, thro' Oxford, Wor-
cester, Hereford the Hay, Brecon, Llan-
dovery, LlandUlo,daily, 6 morn, George
and Blue Boar, Holborn.
CARNARVON, 2i4..See Holyhead.
CARSHALTON, Snrry 10.. aft at J p 3
Four Swans, Bishopsgate-st, calls a
George and Gate, Gracechnrcb-st ; thro'
Mitcham, Tooting, and Clapham.
CARSHALTON, at i n i, and J before ^
Cross Keys, Gracecnurch-st ; 4brongli
Tooting, Beddington, and Wallington.
CARSHALTON, daily } p 4, Black Lion
Water-la, thro' Clapham, Tooting and
Mitcham, and 4, and J p 4, Cross Ke)s,
CARSHALTON, aft at 4, Su morn, 9
George and Gate, Gracecburch-st. .Sec
CARTGATE, Somerset 129.. See Exeter.
yarmouth and Bury.
CASTLE GARY, Somerset 113. ...See
GATES CABIN.. .see Carlisle.
CATHERINE HILL, Surry 30.. See God-
CATTERICK, York 229.. See York.
• CAVENDISH BRIDGE..SeeManche8ter,
CAXTON, Cambridge, 49.. See Stamford.
CERIG DRIDIAN, Denbigh 211.. See
Holyhead and Shrewsbury.
CHAILY.. See Lewes.
CHALFONT, Bucks 21. .See Banbnry.
CHALFORD, Gloucester.. See Stroud
water and Gloucester.
CHAMPION HILL, Surry 6.. See Nor
wood .
CHAPEL HOUSE, Oxon 73.. See Bir-
mingham and Holyhead.
CHARD, Somerset 139.. See Exeter.
CHARING, Kent 48.. See Folkstone.
CHARLEYWOOD, See Chesham and
CHaRLTON, Kent 6., At i past 6 even.
George and Gate, Gracechui-chst..See
CHARMOUTH, Dorset 141.. See Exeter
and Falmouth.
CHASE SIDE.. See Enfield.
CHATHAM, Kent 30.. Hero, daily, morn
at 9, and aft I, Spread Eagle, and Cross
Keys, Gracechurch-st, calls at NagV
Head, Borough ; through Dartford and
CHATHAM, Nelson, daily, at 4, Spread
Eagle, Gracechurch-st. .See Faversham,
Gravesend, Rochester, Ramsgate and
Margate, Brompton, Canterbury, Do-
ver, and Paris.
CHATHAM, daily, morn § p 7, Belle
Sauvage, Ludgate-hill, calls at Ship,
CHATHAM, 4 p 6, morn, | p ,■) evening.
White Horse, Fetter-lane, and Angel
Inn, St. Clement^s, Strand.
CHATHAM, J p 6 morn, ^ p .5 evening,
Silver Cross, Charing-cross. [cro.ss
CHATHAM, daily, J bef 4, Ship, Charing-
CHATHAM, daily, morn 9 Blossoms Inn,
Lawrence-lane, call at Cross Keys,
CHATHAM, daily, aft at 4 Cross Keys,
CHATHAM, daily, at 2 and 3, Cro.ss
Keys, Wood-.st, calls at George & Gate!
Graccchurch-street. I
CHATTERIS, Cambridge 72.. See Wis-
CHEAM, Surry II. . (Matthews' Patent),
aft at J p 4,(Su ex,) Belle Sauvnge, Lud-
gate-hill, calls at Spread Eagle & No. 1 1 .
Gracechurch-st ; through Balaam Hill,
Tooting, Mitcham, iiiid Suttoi)..See
Ep.som, iind Bognor.
CHEAM, (North). .See Leatherhead.
CHEDDINGFOLD, Sussex... See Little
CH E KT . . See (Jhichester.
CHELMSFORD, Essex 29 Ue Little
Chelm\ford, daily, morn at i p 7, & aft
i p 2, Spread Eagle, and Cross Keys
Gracechurch-st ; calls at Blue Boar, Aid
gate;#hro' Romford, Brentwood, and
Ingatestone..See Ip.iwich, Bury, Brain-
tree, Sudbury, Coggeshall, Maldon, Nor
wich, Hambro and Gotteuburgh, Col
Chester, Yarmouth, Halstead, Burnham,
and Harwich.
CHELMSFORD, daily, 7 morn, Blue
Boar, Aldgate.
CHELSEA,'Middlesex 2. .hourly. Crown
and Goose and Gridiron, St. Paul'i
CHELSEA, Hercules, Black Boy and
Camel, Leadei.hall-s(,and Red Lion, Strd
CHELSEA, at J p 11, J p 3, and j p 7
Ship, Charing-cross.
CHELSEA, at 1 1,3, and 7, Poulterers, cor-
ner of Fleet-market.
CHELSBA, hourly, Black Horse, Coven-
CHELTENHAM, Gloucester 98....Dcjfi.
aiier, morn 7, Cross Keys, Wood-st, &
Belle Sanvage, Ludgate-hill, calls a(
"W^hile Bear, & Gloucester Cotifee House,
Piccaililly; through Witney, Burford,
North Leach, and Frog Mill.
Magnet, Golden Cioss, Charing-cross, &
AtJas Office, 8 Piccadilly, as at Cros
CHELTENHAM, Magnet, thro' Henley
& Oxford, daily, Jmorn i p .i, Cross
Keys, Wood-street, and Spread Eagle,
thro' Oxford, daily 6 morn, and 4 aft.
Swan with 2 Necks, Lad-lane.
CHELTENHAM, Regulator, every morn
i bef C and 8 Bolt-in-Tun, Fleet.st, calls
at Hatclietts, Piccadilly, and Brown's
Warehouse, 248 Oxford-st ; thro' High
Wycomb, Oxford, Witney, Burford &
CHI-'iLTENHAM, daily, morn 7 (Su ex,)
White Horse, Fetter-lane, & Angel Inn,
St. Clements, calls at New White Horse
Cellar; thro' Henley, Oxford, Ensham,
Burtford, Witney, Northleach, & New
CHELTENHAM, Relaliatcr, dnily, morn,
i bef 8, Old Bell, Holborn,calls at Moore's
Green-Man and Still, and Oxford-street.
CHELTENHAM, daily, morn 8, Golden
Cross, Charing-cross, and Cross Keys,
Wood-st ; thro' Oxford, Witney, and
Burford.. See Worcester, Gloucester &
CHENIES, Bucks 29. .See Amersham and
CHEPSTOW, MoniTiouth 135.. See Swan-
CHERTSEY, Surrv 21. .morn at 7, aft i
p 2, Bolt iu-Tun, Fleet-st, calls at New
and Old White Horse Cellar, Picca-
dilly, and Spotted Dog, Strand; thro'
Twickenham, Hampton, Sunbury, and
CHKSHAM, Bucks, 2i ..Accommodation,
afti p2, (Su ex.) Bull, Holborn, callsat
Griffins and Moore's, Green Man it Still,
Boar, and Castle, and Brown's Ware-
house, 248 Oxford-st ; through Bushy,
Watford, Rickmansworth, Charley-
wood, Chenies, Sairat and Latimers.
CHESHAM, daily , aft J p 2 and 3, (Suex,)
Bell and Crown, Holborn.
CHESHUNT, Herts 14.. aft at 3, Su
morn 9, Green Dragon, Bishopsgite-st,
calls at the Cherry "Tree, King.sland-
To;iil. .See Hertford, Ware, and Watton.
CHKSTER,Cheshire 180. .A'ep« Mail,ihxQ'
Salop, Ellesmere, and Wrexham, daily,
5 p 7 ev, Sun 7, Swan with Two Necks,
CHESTER.. dally, aft at Jp 5, Belle Sau-
vage, Ludgfite-hilli
morn 6, aft at .■"), Swan with Two Necks,
Lad-lane. See Holyhead.
CHESTER, Newport, Whitchurch,
North wich and Middiewich, daily, ibef
3 aftn, Saracen's Head, Snovv-hilL
CHESTER, thro' Oxford, Birmingham,
Walsall, Four Crosses, Ivitsey Bank,
Newport, Tern Hill, and Whitchurch,
dailv ;} bef 7 evu, (Sat ex), Bull& Mouth,
Bull and Month-street.
field and Leeds.
CHESTERFORD, Essex, 4.5.. See Cam-
bridge and Norwich.
See York.
CHICHESTER, Sussex (i2....Duke of
Eifhmond, M. W. and F. \ bef 7, An-
gel, St. Clements, calls at George and
Gale, Gracechurch-st, and Ship, Charing-
cross; through Epsom, Leatherhead,
Bookham, Guildford, North Chapel,
Petworlh, Duneton, Cheef, and Chid-
CHI(:HESTER, daily, morn 7, (So ex).
Golden Cross, Charing-cross, and Atlas
office, 8 Piccadilly.
CHICHESTER, Duke of Richmond, Am]y,
morn at J p 6, Bolt-in-Tun, Fleet-street,
Belle Sauvage, Lndgate-hill, Golden
Cross, Charing-cross, and Cross Keys,
Wood-st ; through Kingston, Ripley,
Guildford, Godalming, Hazelmere, and
CHICHESTER, Tu. Th. and Sa. at 7,
Ship, Charing-cross ; thro' Midhurst and
CHICHESTER, T. T. Sat.jp 6 mom.
Belle Sauvage, Ludgate-hill, through
Ewell,Epsom, Guildford, and Godalming.
CHIDDINGFOLD, Surry, 40.. See Chi-
chester and ArundeL
CHIGWELL, Essex IL.See Fyfield and
Aybridge. [Aldgate
CHIGWELL. .Daily, J p 3 aft,Blue Boar.
"HIGWh"'" "' ■
CHIGWELL ROW, Essex 10.. See Ay
, Ess
CHIPPENDALE, See Barnstaple.
CHIPPENHAM, Wilts 93.. See Bath
and Bristol.
CHIRK, Denbigh 184.. See Shrewsbury
and Holyhead.
CHISWICK, Middlesex 4.. Hourly, from
i p 9, Crown, St. Paul's, and Black
Hor.sp, Coventry-street.
CHITTERN, see Barnstaple.
CHOBHAM, See Cobham.
CHOBHAM,daily, i bef 3, Belle Sanvage,
Ludgate-hill; thro' Shrubs Hill and
Virginia Water.
CHORLEY, Lanca.ster, 208.. See Man-
chester and Kendal.
CHRISTCHURCH, Hants 101.. See Poole
and Southampton.
CIRENCESTER, Gloucester 88... See
Stroudwater and Gloucester.
CLANDON, Surry 28.. See Godalming.
CLAPHAM, Surry 4.. Hourly, from 11
inorn to 8 ev, 11 Gracechur':;h-st.
CLAPHAM, at ll, 3, .'., and 8, Ship,
Charing-cross, and Horse Shoe and Mtig-
pie, Bridge-st, Westminster, and Coach
and Horses, Strand.
CLAPHAM, daily, ,at J p 10, i p 11, J p
2,4, 7, 8, and 9, Poulterers, corner of
CLAPHAM, daily, aft at 2, ev b, J p .5,
6, 9, Su at 1, ev 9,& 10, George & Gate,
CLAPHAM, daily, morn I p 9 and 11, aft
3, 4, and ii, and ev 8, Cross Keys, Grace-
church-st ; through Baalam Hill.
•CLAPHAM, Safety, daily, morn at 10 and
ev 4 and 8, Silver Cross, Charing-cross.
See Tooting, Mitcham, Carshalton and
Chea m .
CLAPT<jN,.Middlesex, 3.. Hourly, Flow-
er Pot, Bishopsgate-st.
CLAPTON, daily, J p 10, | p l, 4, and
9,Swan,Skinner-st,& Sn,i p 10,2, & 9.
CLAY HILL, see Enfield.
COBHAM, Surry I9-At J p 5, Ship,
Charing-cross ; thro' Ripley.

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