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JiSaRRIE is distant from Dundee 10 miles, and
Arbroutli 9^. At Cavnuistic, a thrivini; village iu
this parish, is distinctly traced a cam]) of great ex-
tent, on the side of the burn of Loch Tay, wliere
the Danes, under Canus, were totally defeated by
the Scottish luniy, under Malcolm II. The mail
passes through the parish.
Panbride is situated at the mouth of the Frith
of Tay. In the northern part of the parish stands
POST OFFICE, Muirdrum. — Post Master, Mr. Alex. Fitchet. The mail arrives from the North
every morning at three, and is despatched for the South at the same time. The mail arrives from the
south every morning at half-past eight, and is immediately despatched for the north.
the houscTof Panmiire Avitli its extensive enclosures
and plantations, the property of the Hon. W. Ham-
say Maule. The coast is flat and rocUy, but has two
open harbours at the East and West Havens, where
small vessels may deliver their cargoes in the sum-
mer months, iiesides the East and West Havens,
there are three other villages, Panbride, Skrine, and
Muirdrum, at the latter of which is a post ofttfe.',',
Barrie Established Church — Rev. John Kirk,
Carnuistie Seckders — Rev. J. Chapman, Minis-
Panbride Established Church— Rev. David Trail,
Barrie — Wm. Mc Kenzie, Master
Panbride — John Fitchet, Master
Collier Thos. esq. Maule's Bank f Hunter Major Thos. Carnuistie | Smith — surgeon, Carnuistie
Bowaella Jas. surgeon, Carnuistie | Sim Robt. esq. of Greenlaw hill j Yeoman Jas.-esq. Carnuistie
In Carnuistie.
Alexander Peter, flax spinner,
Book David, wright
Brand Charles, slater
Brown Alex, brewer & baker. East
Cant Alex, stonemason
Crighton Alex, brewer and baker,
West Haven
Duncan James, wright
Ferrier James, wright
Fleming James, grocei & draper
Gibb Joseph, boot & shoemaker
Hogg Wm. stonemason
Kay R. boot & shoemaker
Livingston Wm. grocer & draper
Livingston Wm. slater
Louson David, stonemason
Louson John, wright
Louson Wm. wright
LowWni. vintner
Mc Kay Andrew, baker
Paton Robt. boot & shoemaker
Petrie David, boot & shoemaker
Petrie James, vintner
Scott John, blacksmith
Smith Charles, tailor
Smith Samuel, tailor
Spalding Alex, grocer & draper
Temipleman Robt. vintner
Walker Wm. wright
Watson Geo.- blacksmith
Young Geo. vintner
J\.royalburgh, which was anciently an episcopal see,
and the county town, is distant from Fortar 12§
miles, Montrose 8, Stonehaven 25, Dundee 26f,
and Edinburgh 83§. It is situated at the side of a
-hill, the foot of which is washed by the South Esk.
The royalty extends half a mile every way from the
cross ; but the suburbs a considerable way farther.
Towards the south and east are the "Tenements,"
as they are called, which are independent of the
burgh and held in feu of Carnegie of South Esk.
At the extremity of the Tenements is a stone bridge
over the South Esk. Brechin consists of one main
street, with several smaller ones, and is supplied
with water by means of leaden pipes. A bishoprick
was founded here by David 1. and richly endowed.
The cathedral is an ancient Gothic pile,' supported
by twelve pillars; the length is 116 feet, and the
breadth 61; it is ornamented with a handsome
square steeple, 120 feet high. Near the church is
one of those round towers, of which there is only
another in Scotland, at Abernethy. The tower at
Brechin is a circular column ; its height is 80 feet,
and the octagonal spire which covers it is 23 feet
liigh, making in all 103 feet ; its diameter at the
bottom is 16 feet. Mr. Grosse has noticed, that
the regular courses of stones amount exactly to
60 ; upon the whole the proportion gives to the
building a look of great elegance. The soil of the
parish is generally fertile. Brechin castle, the seat
of the Hon. W. R. Maule, is built on the brink of a
perpendicular rock overhanging the South Esk, a
little to the south of the town. The vicinity of
Montrose is of much advantage for the exportation
of its surplus produce. , A few years ago was erec-
ted by subscription a new school, called the parish
and burgh school, of which tl e magistrates and he-
ritors are the patrons. The ti ale of the' place is
chiefly confined to the manufacture of liners, which
is carried on to a eonsideiable extent. Brechin joins
with Aberdeen, Inverbervie, Montrose, & Arbroath
in sending a member to parliament. A town
court is held every Wednesday, and a justice of
peace couit on the first Wednesday of every month.
The market is held on Tuesday, and there are fairs
on the first Wednesday in April, the second Wed-
nesday in June, the second Wednesday after the
twelfth of August, and the first Tuesday after the
21st of November.
POST OFFICE, Lower wynd.— Posi! blaster, Mr. John Smith. A foot post from Montrose ar-
rives every day at a quarter past one, ?iid retunri every evening at half past seven. A foot post from Forfar
arrives ewry afternoon at three, and is despatched for Perth every evening (except Simday) at tiinc,. ,,,

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