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EsTAiii.isiiKD CuuRCii — Ufv. Audrcw Robiusou,
Aiinister *
l^uRGiiERs — Rev. Ebenezer Brown, Minister
BuiiuiiERS — Rev. Thos. Wilson, Minister, Cross
J<inies Stewart, esq. Provost
James Barclay, sen. y^iji
Wuliani Hay /
Henry Arnott, Dean of Guild
James Barclay,. jun. treasurer
William Barclay, Town Clerk
Robert Moftatt, Deputy Collector
Robert Dykes, Deputy Comptroller, and Master of
the Lazaret
Walter Siuison, Superintendent of Quarantine
William Brand, Coast Waiter
Walter Ogilvy, and David Wisljart, Tide Waiter.^,
North Queen's Ferry
George Speed, Coast Waiter, St. David's
Bonthron William, gent.
Cock Lieut. Robert, R. N.
Cunning iMrs. Christian
Carrie Misses
Currie William, gent.
Durham Sir Philip, Heuders, For-
del flouse
Elder Mrs. Jaue
Hutton James, II. N.
iMc Connachic Capt. R. N. North
Queen's Ferry
Mc Kenzie Kenneth, gent.
Moray, Rt. Hon. the Earl of, Du-
nibrisile House
Pearson Mrs. Jncobina
Walker Win. Cunningham, esq.
(of SuniujhauL-)
Walls John, esq.
merohjInts, tradesmen, &-C.
Alexander James, shoemaker
Angus John, baker
Arnott Andre\v,'Shoemaker
Arnott Henry, grocer and spirit
Auld Jabez, flesher
Auld James, riesiier
Barclay James, sen. liuen draper
Barclay James, jun. ironmonger,
grocer, &c. I
Barclay William, writer
Brown Jas. tailor & draper 1
Brown James, grocer, &c. North!
Queen's Ferry
Brown Malcolm, shoemaker |
Burns John & Co. manufacturers
of magnesia
Campbell Wm. grocer
Clarkson Eliz. shopkeeper
Clarkson John, grocer and spirit
Cousin Wm. wrlght
Fleming John, tailor
Gowie Robert, tailor
Grav Henry, watch, &c. maker
Halbeath, Coal & Salt Works Co.
Andrew Roxburgh, ageut
Hay Wm> skinner
Kirk Jas. grocer, &c.
Lochtie John, AM. borough & pa-
rochial teacher
Mc CuUoch Wm. ship master.
Highland's place
Meiklejohn Andrew, ageut, St
Menzies John, stonemason
Miller Peier, baker
Miller Wm. baker
Moyes James, shoemaker
Munro Peter, stonemason
Newton John, grocer, &c. North
Queen's Ferry
Primrose Francis F. surgeon
Scott James, superintendent of
the passage at North Queen's
Smith Arthur, ship builder
S])ittal John, grocer and spirit
dealer, and fish curer
Stenhouse Henry, baker
Steuhouse John, baker
Steven Alex, corn miller
Strachan James, grocer, & wine
and spirit dealer
Swan James, wright
Wands James Thomson, linen
and woollen draper
Wilson Ralph, wrlght
Wlshart Daniel, shoemaker
Wishart James, tailor
I Brown Margaret
Campbell William
I Dawson John
1 Gowie Robert
I Kirk James
I Laldlaw Wm. St. David's
Lumsden — Cross Gates
Mc Nabb Archibald
Me Queen John
Millar Robert
Miller Peter
Mitchell Robert
Newton John
Ramsay Mrs. Cross Gates
Roberts John
Stevenson David
Welch George
Wishart David
ABERDEEN, and all parts of IhenortJ},
the Roval mail every morning at 1
ABtRDEEN, &c. the Saxe Coburg,
every lawful day at eleven.
ED1^BURGH, and all parts of the
south, the Royal Mail, every fore-
noon at eleven.
EDINBURUH, &c. the Saxe Coburgh,
every lawful day at 1.
EDINBURGH, James Miller, & An-
drew Henderson, every Tuesday
KIRKCALDY, Jn. Wishart, on Thurs-
By Water.
A Passage Boat to Leith daily, weather
permitting J apply to D. Wishart,
Steam Vessels pass North Qneen's
Ferry, daily to and from Leith and
JLCONQUHAR, is situated on the shore of the
Frith of Forth, and extends about eight miles in
length and two In breadth. The surface rises from
the south, and tne soil varies gradually as it recedes
from the coast. There are many beautiful seats In
the parish, of which Balcarras, the seat of the Hon.
Robert Lindsay, is the chief. The elegant mansions
of Kilconquhar, Newton, Lathallan, Kllcraig, and
Grange, are also deserving of notice. There are
four villages in the parish, viz. Coliusburgh, Earl's-
ferry, Kllconquhar, and Barnyards. On the west of
Earl's-ferry Is Klncralg-polnt, remarkable for its
caves. Near the town of Kllconquhar is a small
lake with two small islands. An elegant church has
been lately built, which is greatly admired.
The village of Colinsburgh is a place of consi-
derable trade. An extensive tan work belonging to
Rlessrs. David Carstairs and Co. is the principal es-
tablishment of the place. Fairs are held at Colins-
burgh on the 2d Wednesday in March, the 2d Friday
in June, and the 2d Friday in October ; and at Kll-
conquhar on the 14th of May.
POST OFFICE — Post BHstress, Mrs. Ronald. The mail arrives at seven in the morning, and is
despatched at twelve at noon.
PLACES OF -WORSHIP. | Relief Chapel— Rev. William Marshall, Minister
KiLcoNQUHAR ESTABLISHED CHURCH-"Rev. Wm. I lN'UEi>ENDENT—Rev. Alexander Scott, Minister
Feirie, Minister j Burgher Chapel-— Vacant.

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