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iTifcsljire- anstruther, east & west. ^krm&Cfl/^
Anderson Alex, flesher, Shore
Halff)ur Alex, flax dres.>ier, Shore
Balfour John, meal dealer
Batchellor Alex, slater, We.st An-
Beut Jane, shopkeeper
Browu David, Anstruther mill
Halladay Andrew, town officer.
West Anstruther
Hagie Robt. Edinburgh carrier
Hodi^e B. and E. shopkeepers,
High St
Keay Thos. chaise hirer. High st
Kyle James, messenger at arms
Mercer James, collector of cus-
toms [maker
Oliphant Alex, vratch and clock
Patou Alex, ship builder
Ramsay Henry, Dundee cairier
Reid James, fishery oflice, West
.Sime Alex, saddler, High st
Sommers Wm. stocking raanufac-
Taylor Robt. bnilder. West An-
Weepers Wra. coal dealer
Young .lames, cart and plough
John Kaithness, acting comptrol-
James Mercer, acting collector
Alex. Hodge tide surveyor
DUNDEK. Henry Ramsay, on Tnes-
day afteruoou at fi-iir o'i:l(ick,and re-
tniQs on Friday, thro' C^rail, hinji;»-
Imrns, and St. ^Vtidrew's.
EDINBURGH, Robt. Hagie, every
Tncsday, and returns on Saturday,
"throuijh Pittenweem, Coliutbiirgb,
Largo, and Lundieniill.
A\'STRUTHF,R & Leilh, the Maj;,?)*
Lnudenails Irom Anstriitlier to Leilh
every Tni-sday morning at nine, and
from the Custom House Unay, L, eith,
for Anstnilhcr, every Frid.iy ubout 2
hours before high water.
A-UCHTERDERRAN, a parish in the county of
Fife, is four miles long and three broad. The soil is
moist and not very fertile. The greater part of the
p.irish lies over a bed of coal; about a third is under
tillage, the rest under pasture ; and the inhabi-
tants, who assiduously apply themselves to agricul-
ture, have much improved the condiiiou and ap-
pearance of the district.
Andrew Murray, D. D. Minister; Robt. Camp-
bell, Session Clerk
KiNGLAssiE Established CnuRCH. — Rer. J. M.
Cunning, A.M. Minister; James Reddie, Ses-
sion Clerk
Th»aias Scott, Minister
KiNGLAssiE-is in the form of a parallelogram,
four miles long and two broad. It is watered by
the Lochty and the Orr, two tributary streams of
the Lcven. There are freestone quarries, and
the coal is esteemed the best in the county. 'J'he
village of Kinglassie lies 2 miles S. W. ot Leslie,
and 3 N. E. of Lochgelly ; the. inhabitants are mostlf
Auchterderkan — Robt. Campbell, Master
KiNGLASsiE — James Reddie, Master
Clunie Colliery — Peter Herd, Master
Lochgelly Inglis, Master
Aytou John, esq. Inclidarrau
Signifying in Gaelic, the cottage of the King,
a towH in the parish of the same uame, distant from
Cupar Fife 9 miles, St Andrews 19, Dundee 22,
Kinross 10, Perth 14, and Newburgh 5, was con-
stituted a royal burgh by James IV and conlirmed
by James VI, and still enjoys all the privileges arising
therefrom, except that of electing a representative
In parliament. It is governed by tnree bailies, four-
teen coimcillors, a treasurer and town clerk. A
considerable trade is carried on here, in manufac-
turing linen and cotton, by some manufacturers from
Glasgow; this forms the principal bu.sincss of the
place. A stream of water, called Loverspool, runs
through the town, dividing it into two nearly equal
parts ; on its banks are two mills for grinding corn
for the inhabitants ; they are the property of the
town, and the inhabitants are obliged to biing their
corn here to be ground. There is also a flax spin-
ning mill with a sawing mill. The established chur«h
is a neat building with two bells. The town house,
though not an old building, is in a very decayed state ;
POST OFFICE— Post Master, James Lning. The post from Edinburgh arrives every Morning
at half past four, and departs every night at half past ten. The post from St. Andrew's arrives every
night at half past ten, and departs every morning at half i)ast four.
PIiACES OF 'V^ORSHIP. BuRGHER. — Rev. Archibald Baird, Minister
EST4BUSHED CHURCH.-Rev. JamfcS Lcslcr, A.M. Anti-burgher -Rev James Browning, .Minister
Minister Rehei-.— Rev. James Bonner, Ministf^r
the bell in it is said to be the best in the kingdom.
A justice of peace court is held on the first
Moi>day in every mouth. There is also a branch of
the Perth bank established here, A savings' bank
was established a few years ago, and its funds are
in a very prosperous state. Besides a number of
benefit societies, there are three mason lodges, called
St. Ogre, King Robert de Bruce and a Royal Arch.
There are three excellent inns, whichjare much fre-
quented by gentlemea and travellers. There is a
good substantial mausion house in the town, which
was once the residence of the Thaue of Fife. John
Bruce, esq. of Grange and Falkland is patron of the
parish, and has of late become a large proprietor in
It. There is a castle on one of his estates, vviiich was
built by the unfortunate Mary, Queen, of Scotland,
Tiiere are four fairs in the town, viz.: 5th April,
13th of July, 21si; of August, and 1st Tuesday in
November; the fair in July is one of the largest iu
the county.

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