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J^ Small market and post town in Aryshire, and
near the confines of the county of Renfrew, is 64
miles W. by S. of Edinburgh, 20 S. W. of Gla.-gow,
11§ S. W. of Paisley, 5 N. by E. of Dairy, 12 JN. by
E. of Saltcoats, and 8 S. by VV. of Johnstone. It is
silnatedou an eminence, at the distance of a mile
and a half from the fine loch of Kilbuniie, of the
whole of which, and of the cliarmingly diversified
neighbouring country, it commands an excellent
prospect. The town is noted for thread, silk, and
cotton goods, in the fabrication of which many of
the inhabitants are employed by the manufacturers
of Glasgow, and Paisley. The whole jiarish of
Beith i.s inclosed and subdivided, and is almost all
arable. The tenants of this and the neighbouring
j)arish ofDunlop almost universally make cheese,
Known by the name of Dunlop cheese, and held in
as much estimation in Scotland, as the cheese of
Cheshiie, or Gloncestershire, is in England. The
value of cheeses sent annually to market from this
parish is estimated at 4000/; and with the produce of
their dairies the tenants generally pay their rents.
It was in this parish, that Mr. Smith of Swinridge-
muir began the great agricultural improvements on
moss, which are now so generally followed, and
which have converted the worst land in the county
into the most productive. The rents are high, owing
' PQST OTFICE —Post Mi-itre.is, Catherine Alexander. The Mail arrives every morning from
Paisley and the east at nine, and from Dairy every afternoon at half past one. It is despatched in the
morning at a quarter past nine. _
to the richness of the soil, the high cultivation of
the land, the demand of the neighbouring towns
and villages, and the great subdivision of property.
There is an excellent parish school, with a news room
and a public library. In the year 1807 a very hand-
some church of the establishment, with a tower,
was erected in the most elevated part of the town.
The town-house was built by subscription in 1817,
when W. Wilson esq., of Crommoch, contributed
most liberally to its erection. The upper part con-
tains a court room and other offices the lower part
consists of shops, the rents of which are ap^jlied to
the purposes ot public benefit. In this building the
municipal officers, who consist of a number of ma-
gistrates, hold their meetings. The business of the
excise and tax office is transacted at the principal
inn. The Ladies' Benevolent Society is worthyof
particular commendation. At Giffen, a short dis-
tance fioni the town, is the stately ruined castle of
the Montgomeries ; there is also another ruin at
llazlehead. The neighbourhood of Beith contains
coal, and abundance of limestone, and there isa
celebrated spa near Muir-house. The market is
held on Friday, and there are fairs on the first
Fiiday in January and February, (old style) and oil
the 36th of August.
Established Church — Rev. Jas. Muir, Minister.
Relief — Rev. James Anderson, Minister
United Associate — Rev. Jas. Meikle, Minister.
Justices of the Peace.
Brown Hugh, esq. Braehead
Fulton John, esq. Whang street
Houston Robert, esq. Main Hamilton
Montgomery Robert, esq. Bogston
Muir Wiliiam, esq. Caldwell
Patrick Robert, esq. Hazlehead andTrearne.
Dobie Mrs. Grange vale
Legg Isaac, esq; of Grane hill
Love John, esq. of Threepwood
iReid Capt. Grange hill
Shedden Agatha, Cross
IShedden JoTin, esq. of Muirstone
I Wilson Dobie, esq, Giange vale
Wilson Wm. esq. Crummoch
Anderson Mrs. Newton
Lindsay Wm. New st
Love Janet, Main st
LymburnJohn, Headst
[Stevenson Hugh, Newton
i Stewart. Wm. Newton
jWalker John, Crummoch
Barber Jas. Main st
Dunlop James, Main st
Gibson Gavin, Main st
Gillies Robert, Main st
Montgomery Jas. Whang st
jShedden John, Cross
Smith Peter, (& confectionei;;
Whang st
Commercial, Robert Faulds, agent
Union, Robert Spier, agent
Open frohi 10 to 3.
Kerr William, Cross
Kirkwood Wm. Whang st
Thomson Wm. Newton
Waterstone Andrew, Whang st
\rnot James, Main st
Mitchell Hugh, (& bookbinder)
Stevenson Margaret, Cross
Crawford Andrew, Whang st
Crawford Hugh, Main st
Crawford Wm. Main st
Barr William, Cross
Fulton Andrew, Newton
Hunter John, Townhead
Hunter William, Bunswynd
Lindsay William, New st
Lovo Hugh, Nevv st
Miller Wm. Main st
Smith James, Whang st i
Stevenson John, Head st
Stewart Wm. Whang st
Thorburn Thomas, Newton
Watson David, Whanghead
Dale James, Whang st
Reside Wm. (cS: joiner) Townhead
Barr Robert, Main st
Montgomery Jas. Whang st
Rodger Robert, Whang st
Barr John, Head sf
Bow Wm. (& tin smith) New st
Gardner Wra. Newton
Tweeddle Edward, Main st
Tweeddle Wm. Whang st
Caledonun, Robert Faulds
Friendly, James Dobie
InsuranceCompany ofScotland,
Robert Spier
Craig Andrew, Main st
Kerr Robert, Whang head
Kirkwood Robert, Head st
Brown Robert, Newton
Crawford John, Main st
Miller James, Main st
Miller William, Whang st
Those tnarked tlii\s * are Grocers only
Allan Robert, Newton -
*Anderson Thomas, Main st
Barr Robert, Main st
Brisbane Mai'garct, Main st
Craig John, Strand
*Crawford-Hugh, Main st
Gibson Wm. Main st
Kerr Bryce, Strand
Kerr Hiigh, Main st

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