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electric telegraphs ; tariff then being 20
words, 5 miles, is. ; 100 miles, 2s. 6d. ;
above 100 miles, 5s.
1869. Sir Charles Wheatstone first in-
troduces his invention to the Electric Tele-
graph Co.
1870, 29th January to 5th February.
Electric Telegraph taken over by the
1872, 2ist October. Cablegram from
the Mayor of Adelaide, S.A. , received by
Lord Mayor of London, and replied to.
1876, February. Direct telegraph line
from London to New Zealand.
1877. Quadruplex telegraphy successful
between London and Liverpool.
1882. Many submarine cables laid.
1883, 29th March. Principle of a Six-
penny Telegram adopted by the House of
1885. Sixpenny Telegrams come into
operation. New tariff, ^d. per word ;
minimum, 6d.
1892. Another Telegraph Act.
1892, September. Telegraph, England
to Panama.
1894, 13th June. Professor Elisha Gray's
teleantograph exhibited at Royal Society.
1896, 2ist January. About 160,000 miles
submarine cables in the world ; 120,000'
owned by England, 150,000 by other Euro-
pean authorities, 22,000 by American com-
panies (Postmaster-General, U.S.A.).
1S96. The Queen causes to be erected
in Whittingehame Churchyard a Portland
stone cross as a mark of regard and in
remembrance of George \Yarren, thirty-four
years telegraphist to Her Majesty.
1897. Delivery of telegrams free within
three miles, and 3d. each additional mile.
Abolition of porterage charges in London.
1901. Underground cable, I^ondon to
Birmingham, seventy-six wires.
1902, 26th March. First section Pacific
cable. New Zealand to Australia.
1667. Robert Hooke conveyed sounds
by distended wires.
1 82 1. Wheatstone conveyed sounds by a
deal rod.
1837. Page produced tones by magnet-
ising and de-magnetising an iron bar.
1843. De La Rive advances the prin-
1855, loth May. Prof. Pepper lectures
before the Queen at the Polytechnic.
1861. Philip Reis exhibits a partially
articulate electric telephone.
1873, Elisha Gray improved Reis's.
1S77. Cromwell Varley produces a
musical telephone.
1877, 1 2th February. Prof. A. Graham
Pell produced articulate telephone between
Boston and Salen, U.S.A. (18 miles).
1877, 23rd August. Preece (Sir W. H.)
exhibits telephones before the ISritish As-
sociation at Plymouth.
1878, 14th and 15th January. Preece
(Sir W. H.) exhibits telephones before the
Queen at Osborne.
1878 (summer). Telephone Company
1878, nth November. Edison's carbon
loud speaking telephone between London
and Norwich (115 miles of wire).
1879, 20th, and 2ist March. Fred Allan
Gower improved Bell's telephone.
1879, 6th September. Telephone (Edi-
son's system) Exchange opened with ten
1880, 26th July. Bell & Edison's Co.
form the United 'relephone Co.
1880, September. Telephone tried at
Carberry (Scotland) Collieries.
1880, 9th November. Telephone es-
tablished between Liverpool and Man-
chester. The Mayors exchange telephone
1880, 20th December. Telephone Co.
decided to be an infraction of the State's
Electric Telegraph Monopoly bought by
Act of 1868.
1881, nth April. Legal arrangements
with Companies, and Licences granted by
1881. Prof. Dolhear (Mass.) announces
a new system different from Bell and
1882. At the National Telephone Co. 's
Annual Meeting, 6 per cent dividend
1882. 2 1 St December. Telephone es-
tablished between London and Brighton.
1S83, 24th March. Telephone between
New York and Chicago (950 miles).
1883. Telephone largely developed in
Europe and America.
1887, 2nd February. Telephone be-
tween Paris and Brussels (by Dr Cornelius
Herz's micro-telephone).
1887. February. Telephone Palace at
1888. 6th August. Telephone between
Paris and Marseilles.
1889. December. Pulsion telephone by
ordinary wire without electricity invented
by Lemuel Mellett, and in use in American
railways and Midland Railway.

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