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Melvin, Ales. & Co. 88 Bath st
Meux's Brewery Co. Lmtd. Horse
Shoe Brewery, London; agents,
Eobt. Brown & Co., 45 Wash-
ington street
Morison, J. & J. Commercial
Brewery, Edinburgh ; agents,
Stewart, Pott & Co. 45 Miller
Muir, James, & Son, Ltd. Calton
Hill Brewery, Edinburgh; agents,
Robert Brown & Co. 45 Wash-
ington street
Paterson, T. Y. & Co. Ltd. 284 and
288 Castle street
Raeburn, W. & J., Craigmillar,
Edinburgh ; agents, James Don-
aldson & Son, 101 Bath street.
Robin, M'Millan & Co , Summer-
hall Brewery,Edinburgh: agents,
M. Robin & Son, 196 and 204
Howard street
Salt, Thos., & Co., Ltd., Burton-
on-Trent; office, 65 Bath st
Sharp, R. & D. Ltd. Blackford,
Spat en Munich Beer (Gabriel Sedl-
mayr. Muenden) ; agents, Bis-
choflF'& Co., Ltd., 112 Bath st
Steel, Coulson & Co., Ltd., Black-
faulds pi., 80 Canning St., Calton
Steel, Coulson & Co. Ld. Greenhead
Brewery, Blackfaulds place, 80
Canning st. Calton, and Croft-
Righ Brewery, Edinburgh
Tennent, J. & R., 161 Duke street
Tennent, J. & R.,Wellpark Brewery,
and Meux & Co. Horse Shoe
Brewery, London ; agents, Gal-
loway & Watson, 49 Jamaica
The Wiesha'n Lager Beer Co., Ltd.,
Wrexbam, N. Wales; .'igents,
Bischoff&Co., Ltd., Hi Bath
Train & M'Intyre, Ltd. 60 Well-
ington street
Truman, Hanbury, Bux;on &
Co., Ltd., London and Burton -
on- Trent ; agents. Train &
M'Intyre, Ltd. 60 Wellington
Usher, Thomas, & Son, Ltd , Park
Brewery, Edinburgh ; agents,
Malcolm Ferguson & Co. 67 Gt.
Clyde street
Usher, Thomas, & Son, Ltd. Park
Brewery, Edinburgh; Glasgow
office,* N. court, Royal Exchange;
Ed. A. Tait, agent
Watney & Co. , Ltd. , London ;
agents, Robt. Hunter & Co., 219
Byres road
Watney, Conjbe, Reid & Co , Ltd.,
London ; agents, Aixh. Arrol &
Sons, Ltd. 16 Dixon st
Watney, Combe, Reid & Co. Ltd.
London ; agents, C. Monison &
Sons, 139a St. Vincent st
WeUpark Brewery, Duke st.; J. &
R. Tennent, Ltd.
Wellshot (The) Brewery Co. Ltd.
Wellshot Brewery, Cambuslang
Whitebread & Co , Ltd., 434 New
City rd
Wihon, Richard, & Co., agents,
102 Bath st
Worlhington & Co. Ltd. Burton- on-
Trent; brewers by royal warrant
to HM. King Edward VIL;
sole agent for Scotland, W. E.
Osborn, Richmond Chambers,
145 Bath street
Younger, Geo. & Son, Ltd. Alloa;
agent, James Menzies, 68 Bath st
Younger, Robert, Ltd. St. Ann's
Brewery, Edinburgh ; agents.
Train & M'Lityre, Ltd. 60
Wellington st
Younger, Wm., & Co., Ltd, Abbey
and Holyrood Breweries, Edin-
burgh ; Glasgow office, 6 1 North
Hanover st
Blair, Campbell^ & M'Lean,
Woodville St., Govan
Bratby & Hinehliffe, Ltd, 48
York st
Landale, Alfred, pumps, conveyers,
shaftings, hoists, &a, 100 Port-
Dundas rd
M'Naught, John, general jobbing
smith work, 81 Hospital st. s.s.
Miller, A. B., & Co., sole agents
for Masons' Perfect Barrel
Washer, 15 Pitt st
Miller, John, & Co., 86 Dale st. s.s
Pyle, Jas & Co., 38 Elliot st.
Russell & Spence, brewery and
distillery engineers and archi-
tects, 132 W. Regent st.
Scotch and Irish Oxygen Co. , Ltd.,
liquefied carbonic acid gas,
aerated water and beer machinery
for use with it, reducing valves,
beer-raising apparatus, &c. (<See
Oxygen Manufacturers.') Rose-
hilt Works, 493 Aikenhead rd.,
Young, Thomas, M.I. Mech. E.,
M.I.E E., brewery and distillery
engineer and architect, 203 W.
George st
Those witli an m are Brickmakers.
niAdam, D. R. ; works. Paisley ;
office, Belvidere Brick- works,
London road, Tollcross ; tele-
phones, Corp. Y-27; Nat. 2714
Bridgeton, and 301 Paisley
mAdam, R. & D., claywork,
Belvidere, London road ; com-
position, Lloyd St., Rutherglen;
office, Belvidere Brick- works,
Londci. id, Tollcross; telephones
Corp. Y27; Nat. 2714 Bridgeton
Adams, Alex., 4 Holmhead terrace,
mAddie, Robt., & Sons Collieries,
Ltd , 127 St Vincent st
Anderson, P. & W., 64 Douglas
Anderson, Wm. 49 Bellfield street
jreBartonshill Btick Company, Bar-
tonshill Brick Works, Bargeddie;
telegraph address, " Pettigrew, Jj
Bartonshill," Baillieston ; Nat.
Tel. 22 Baillieston
mBell, Hornsby,&Co. 176 PoUok-
shaws road
Birrell, E. «& J., 5 Kinnear id
Bogie,Richard & Alex., 8 Napiers-
hall St. W.
wBourtreehill Coal Coy., Ltd., fire,
enamelled and fancy bricks, 120
tol30 Salkeldst; telephone Nos.
Nat. 47 Goibals, Corp. x470
Braman,Chas. (Silica), Caledonian
Works, Birkenshaw, Larkhall
wBrown, R.,& Son, Ld. (fireclay and
enamelled bricks),Fergaslie Fire-
Clay Works, Paisley; Gla.igow
depot and office, 360 Eglinton
street; telephones, Nat. 349
Gorbals, Corp. x34. Private
direct wire to works. Paisley,
No. 5203 Royal. No charge
for use.
TraBuccleuch (The) Terra- cotta Co.,
Ltd., Sanquhar (red terra-cotta
and blue metallic bricks and
tiles) ; agent, John Ferguson,
150 Sinclair drive, Langside
Buchanan, John, 3 Ingram ttreet,
mCalder Fireclay Co., Calder Brick
Work, Coatbridge
mCleghorn (The) Terra-Cotta Co. ,
Ltd. 45 Hope street
Corbet, Robt, & Sons, 23 Onslow
mCraig, J. & M. Ld., 98 Commerce
St.; teleph. Nos. Nat. 1791 S.S.
Corp. X 98
mCurrie & Co. Ltd.; bricks of all
kmds ; office, 18 Bothwell st.;
depot, 308 Paisley road ; tele-
phone Nos Nat. 647 and 548
Argyle ; Corp. 544
wDarnley Fireclay Works, Nitahili
(Allan Kirkwood), office, 67 Gt.
Clyde St.; store, 101 Pollok-
shaws rd.; telephone Nos. Corp.
24b6, Nat. 3458; telegrams,
" Kirkwood," Nitshill
Dickson, Robert, 717 London rd
m Dixon, Wm. Ltd Govan, Gar-
turk, and Carfin Brickworks;
office, I Dixon street
mDodds, John, 470 Garngad road
wDunlop, Jas., & Co , 7 Royal Bank
mEdwards, J. C. (Ruabon red,
but}', and blue metallic bricks
and tiles), 196 St. Vincent st

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