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Murdoch & Cameron (for public and
private baths and hydropathic
establishments and paper manu-
facturers), 115 Bothwell st
Murray & Co. Eutherglen
Pulsometer Engineeriug Co. (Ltd.)
35 Robertson st
Sterne, L. & Co. (Lim.) The Crown
Ironworks, N. Woodside rd
Thompson, Robert B. & Co. 45 E.
Howard st
Dowson, Taylor & Co. Ltd. 69
Buchanan street ; " The Grinnell
Sprinkler ; " J. H. WatsoD, re-
sident manager
Adam, Jas. (gonds merchant),
Govan station, Go van
Allan, John, & Son, Barlinnie Fire-
clay Works, Cumbernauld road
Baird, J. F., 10 Canal st., Port-
Baird, Thomson & Co. 20, 22, 24,
and 26 Bath st
Bomrtreehill Coal Company, manu-
facturers of every description of
fire-clay goods for home and ex-
port trade; specialties, white and
yellow enamelled scullery sinks,
wash-tubs, baths, and milk
coolers, enamelled bricks, white
and coloured, enamelled tiles for
conservatories, &c.; works,Dreg-
horn, Ayrshire; Glasgow oflace,
120 to 130 Salkeld street
Brown, E., & Son, 360 Eglintonst
Browulie, P. S. & Co. makers of
enamelled bricks, enamelled
sinks, wash tubs, and all de-
scriptions of sanitary ware,
Crown Fireclay Works, 20 E.
Nelson street
•Calder Fire-clay Co. Calder Brick
Works, Coatbridge
<Draig, J. & M. (telephone No.
965), makers of enamelled
bricks, enamelled sinks and
washtubs, Buchan's sanitary
appliances, sewerage pipes, and
every description of fire-clay
goods, 98 Commerce st.
Gurrie & Co. (Telephone No. 544)
office and show room, 27 Wei
lington St. city
Dunlop, James, & Co. Ltd. 97
Bath street
Farnley (The) Iron Co. Ltd.,
Famley, near Leeds ; agent,
Julius V. Scott, 40 St. Enoch sq
Forbes Bros. India court, 22 Hope
Forbes & Co. agents, 7, 9, and
11 Clyde place, s.s. ; telephone
No. 3623
Garnkirk Fire-clay Co. 243 Bu-
chanan st. ; depot, St. Rollox
Gartcraig Fire-clay Co. 18 Charles
St. St. Rollox ; depot, Monkland
Canal basin ; works, Gartcraig,
by Shettleston ; telegraphic
address, " Gartcraig ;" telephone
No. 1299
Gartliston Fire-clay Works ; office,
95 Bath St.
GartveiTie Fire-clay Co. Glenboig
Gilmour, John, & Co. manufac-
turers of glazed sewerage pipes,
chimney cans, patent vents,
wall coping, white and coloured
enamelled bricks, white facing
and fire bricks, enamelled sinks,
wash-out closets, garden edg-
ing, &c. 10 Cook St. s.s.; works,
Bonnyton, Kilmarnock ; tele-
phone No. 1651
Glenboig Union Fire-clay Co. (Ld.)
offices, 4 W. Regent st.; depot,
head of Glebe st. St. Eollox. —
See Adv
Goldie, James & Son. (bricks), 40
St. Enoch square
Heathfield and Cardowan Fire-clay
Co.; offices, 52 Robertson st.
Hillhead Fire-clay Works, Kilmar-
nock ; telephoneNo. 965 ; depot,
98 Commerce st
Howie, J. & R. Hurlford Fire-clay
Works; agents, Currie & Co.
27 Wellington st. city ; manu-
facturers of fire bricks, facing
bricks, enamelled bricks, baths,
sinks, wash tubs, washout closets,
flushing cisterns, chimney cans,
sewerage pipes, and every de-
scription of sanitary fireclaygoods
Hurll, Peter, Gartliston Fireclay
Works, Glenboig ; office, 95
Bath st ; depot, Glebe street, St.
M'Ara, Alex- 65 Morrison st. s.s.;
telephoneNo. 1500. — See Advt.
in Appen.
M'llwraitb, Jas, jun. & Co. Malls-
mire Brick Works, Polmadie
Mather, R. & J. Provanhall Fire
Clay Works, Shettleston ; depot,
144 Castle st. Glasgow.
Morison, John, & Son, I 33 Argyle
street; telephone No. 4402
Morrison, Wm. B. & Son, 110 W.
Regent st
Morton, John (of John Gilmour &
Co.), Bonnyton Works, Kilmar-
nock, and 10 Cook st. Glasgow;
res. Lonsdale, Portland rd. Kil-
marnock; telephoneNo. 1651
Murdoch, Alex. 11 West Regent st
Murray & Stewart, (telephone No.
965), depot, 98 Commerce st
Omoa Fire Clay Co. 1 1 W. Eegent st
Perceton Fire-clay Works, Kil-
marnock (telephone No. 965),
depot, 98 Commerce street
Scott & Eae ; depots, 380 Eglinton
St. and 348 West St., West St.
Station ; office, 67 Bothwell st.;
telephone exchange No. 1380
Speirs, Gibb, & Co.; depot, 10
Canal st. Port Eglinton
Stewart, E. B. & Co. 120-130
Salkeld st.; telephone No. 4770
Wilson, Wm. &Son, 21 Hope st
Wood, Jas., 28 Eoyal Ex. square
Wood, WiUiam C. & Sons, 52
Lambhill street. Paisley road
Young, John, & Co. 42 Bath st
Brownlie, Alex. & Co., 33 and 34
Anderston quay and 110 War-
roch street
Cameron & M'Connell (ships), 109
Clyde street, Anderston, and 29
Donegal quay, Belfast
Can-uthers, J. H. & Co. (duplex
pumps), Hamilton st. Polmadie
Dick, W. B. & Co. Limld. India
court, 22 Hope street
Dowson, Taylor, & Co. Ltd. 69 Bu-
chanan st. (the Simplex Chemi-
cal Fire Extincteur) ; J. H.
Watson, resident manager
France & Morgan (ships), White-
field Brass Works, Cartnichael
street, Govan
Hannan & Buchanan (for ships),
75 Robertson st
Hildesheim, John, 48 W. Eegent st
Hume, Wm. & Co. Clyde Works,
Port Glasgow
Lineolne & Co. 65, 67 N. Wallace sfc
London Fire Appliance Co. (W. B.
Dick's patent appliances), 126
Buchanan street
BI'Fie, Robert, 9 Shuttle street
MacLellan, P. & W. Lmd. mer-
chants, 129 Trongate, and
Clutha Works, Plantation
Mechan & Sons, 60 Elliot st
Merryweather & Sons, Ltd.; "W. R.
Arthur, agent, 30 Carrington st.
Miller, Wm. patent "Concussion"
and "Handy" tire engines, fusible
wire fire alarm and fire buckets,
212 St. Vincent st
Mills, George, & Co., Radcliffe,
Manchester (The Titan Sprink-
ler); agent, Jas. M. Sim, 2 Royal
Exchance court, 85 Queen st
Pulsometer Engineering Co. Ltd.
35 Robertson st
Eeddaway, F. & Co. 30 Carring-
ton st
Eoss, Thos. & Co. 25 Dundas st.
Spence. David (patent screw), sale
shop, 83 Stockwell st. ; works,
41 Eobertson lane
Stone, J. & Co. Deptford, London,
sole agent, C. R. Stewart, 57
Robertson street
Tennent, John, 36 Argyle arcade

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