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Barr, Alexander (of Jas. Greenshields & Co.), res.
4 Shaftesbury ter. and Whithurst, by Kilwinning.
Barr, Alex. C. (W. R. & W. Smith & Co.) ; ho. 134
Westmuir street, Parkhead.
Barr, Alexander, potato merchant, 31 Hanover st.;
bouse, 48 Grafton street.
Barr, A., builder. 20 South Apsley place.
Barr, Alex., engineer, 141 Hill st., Garnetbill.
Barr, Andw., & Son, joiners, 24 Ropework la.; bo. 68
Abbotsford place.
Barr, Archibald, D.Sc, M.Inst. C.E., professor of
civil ecgineering and mechanics, University; ho.
EoystoD, near Crown circus.
Barr, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 78 Bell-
grove St. and 300 Baltic st; ho. 191 Onslow drive.
Barr, A. & S-, fruiterers, 103 Main st, Anderston;
ho. 24 Mathieson street.
Barr, Carstairs, & Hunter, accountants, 85 Queen st. ;
telephone No. 1402.
Barr, Daniel, jumr,, printer and stationer, 663
Great Eastern road, Parkhead.
Barr, David, draper and clothier, 78 Oxford st. ; ho.
50 Glencairn drive.
Barr, George, di-aper and clothier, 85 South Port-
land street.
Barr, George, butcher, 64 John Knox st.; ho. 50 do.
Barr, Guy J., insurance secretary, 101 St. Vincent
street ; ho. 52 Jane street.
Earr, Henry, writer (of MoncrieflE", Barr, Paterson
& Co.), ho. 19 Winton drive.
Barr & Higgins, coal niasters, 100 Wellington st.
Barr, James (of Bell, Hornsby, & Co.), house, 1
Queen Mary aveaue. Crossbill.
Barr, James, C.E., surveyor and valuator, 221 West
George street ; house, 63 Hamilton drive.
Barr, James, smith and chimney can manufacturer,
36| Thistle st., s.s. ; ho. 24 Mathieson st.
Barr, James (of Thomas Barr), 121 West Regent
St.; ho. Harbum, Edinburgh.
Barr, James, farm overseer, Royal Asylum, Gartnavel.
Barr, James (of Hunter, Barr, & Co.), residence,
Coldstream house, Albert road, Pollokshields.
Barr, Jas., 1 Clifton street.
Barr, James, (of Robert Barr & Sons), house, 15
Nithsdale road, Pollokshields.
Barr, James (uf Wilson, Ronald & Co.), ho. 22 Salis-
bury place, HiUhead.
Barr, James, manufacturer of improved non-con-
ducting compositiou for covering land, marine, and
locomotive boilers, steam pipes, cylinders, tanks,
and highly heated sorfaces, Cromwell lane, New
City road ; ho. 69 Cumberland street, west.
Barr, John, cartage contractor, 18 Mains st. ; ho.
12 Dougks St. ; telephone No. 4241.
Barr, John (of John Barr & Baillie), ho. 20 Albert
drive. Crossbill.
Barr, J. M., branch manager Atlas Assurance Co..
149 West George street; res. Summerlea, Kil-
Barr, John, & Baillie, bouse factors, insurance and
property agents, 74 Bath street.
Barr, John M., cutler, 41 Nelson street. City; house,
10 George street.
Barr, John, commission agent, 55 Glassford street;
ho. Bank street, Irviue.
Barr, John, hydraulic and general engineer, 77^
Main street, Anderston.
Barr, John, slater and plasterer, 166 St. James' rd. ;
ho. 31 M'AsJin street.
Barr, John M 'Queen, C.A. (of Barr, Carstairs, &
Hunter, C.A.), Portuguese Vice-Consul for Greea-
cck, 85 Queen street.
Barr, John, pawnbroker, 27 Maitland lane ; house,
405 Sauchiehall street.
Barr, John, tobacconist, 220 Dumbarton road,
Partick ; house, 2 Lilybank place, Hillhead.
Barr, John A. (of Robert Barr & Sons), house, 191
Albert road, Pollokshields.
Barr, John, chandler and shoe furnisher, 17 Govaa
street ; house, 3 Drive road, Govan.
Barr, John (of A. M'Gavin & Co.), house, 48
Dalziel drive, P'shields, and Mona house, Dunoon.
Barr, John, stationer (at N. Adshead & Son), and 81
High street. Paisley ; ho. 39 Wellmeadow do.
Barr, John, ti-aveller (at Macfarlane, Lang & Co'.s),
ho. 119 Whitehill street.
Barr, John M., assessor of fire losses, 116 St. Yia-
cent street ; telephone No. 4419.
Barr & Knox, I.M., measurers and assessors of fire
losses, 221 West George st.
Barr, Matthew, portioner, 30 Monteith row.
Barr, M. & Co., oilskin clothing manufactarers
and waterproofers, 68 Glassford st. ; works, 89 Eiag
St., east. — See Adv. in App.
Barr, Patrick, writer, 51 Bath street ; ho. Bainfield,
Barr, Peter G. (at Farqnhar Bros.), house, 20 Mel-
ville street, Pollokshields.
Barr, Peter, in'<pector, B. I. S. N. Co., 203 West
George st. ; ho. 5 Harvey street. Paisley road, west.
Barr, Robert, & Sons, tobacco and snuif manafao-
turers, 34 King st., city.
Barr, Robert, (of Robert Barr & Sons), house, 191
Albert road, Pollokshields.
Barr, Robert (at Smith, Sons, & Laughland's),
house, 8 Sardinia terrace, Hillhead.
Barr, Robert, rope, canvas, and metal merchant,
39 North street; ho. M'Arthur street, Duaoon.
Barr, Robert, wine merchant (of Thomas Barr), res.,
Harburn, Edinburgh.
Barr, Robt., writer, 30 Gordon st. ; ho. 20 So. Apsley
Barr, Robert (of W. P. Lowrie & Co.), ho. Dunard,
Earr, R. F. Ss Co., bottlers and aerated water
manufacturers, 184 Great Eastern rd., Parkhead.
Barr, Thomas, coalmaster, 100 Wellington street;
residence, Harburn, Edinburgh.
Barr, Thomas, wine merchant, 121 W. Regent street;
res. Harburn, Edinburgh.
Barr, Thomas, aural surgeon to Glasgow Ear Hos-
pital, and lecturer on aural surgery, Anderson's
Cidlegf; ho. 13 Woodside place, W. At home
for consultation 10 till 2. Telephone No. 247.
Barr, Thomas, sec. Clan Line, Ltd. ; house, 3 Affcoa
Barr, Thomas D., butcher. 529 Gallowgate; bo.
Gartnavel Farm.
Barr, Tbomas M., Audit Office, Caledonian Railway;
ho. 3 Caledonian ter., Cambuslang.
Barr, W. B. (of W. B. Barr & Co.), residence,
4 Park terrace, west.
Barr, W. B., & Co., merchants and manufacturerg,
107 St. Vincent street.
Barr, Wm. (of Smith & Barr), ho. Eock villa, East
Barr, William, Sc Son, warehousemen, Great
Western buildings, Govan.

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