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'T^HE best Books in Fiction, History, Biography,
Travels, Religion, Philosophy, and General Litera-
ture, are constantly added to this CIRCULATING
ZTOWlt SUbSCliptiOn, £,^ 12s. 6d. per annum, which entitles Subscribers to
Five Volumes at one time, and also to Six Periodicals during the month.
These are sent to, and called for, at the houses of Subscribers by the Club
Van. Six Months Subscription, 31s. 6d. Three Months, 20s.
For Subscribers who call for their own Books, in place of having them sent
to them, Subscriptions are taken at 21s. per annum for One Volume, and at
31s. 6d. per annum for Three Volumes, or for Two Volumes and a Magazine.
6 Months.
•?is. 6d.
3 Months.
Country Subscription—
12 Months.
For Eight Volumes at a time, ^2 12s. 6d.
For Ten Volumes at a time, ^3 3s. od. 37s. 6d.
For New Books only, ^3 los. per annum for Eight Volumes.
il A few Friends or Neighbours in the Country, where it may not be convenient to
ii| have a single subscription, can unite in a joint subscription of ^3 3s. per annum for
Ten Volumes, or any larger number in same proportion.
Village Libraries and other Institutions are supplied with books that have been some
time in circulation, at the rate of Twenty Volumes for £^ 3s. per annum.
Boxes Gratis. Boxes of Books are sent to a!I parts of Scotland, the North
of England, and Ireland, by Rail, Steamer, or Carrier.
The follovj-ing- CATALOGUES of Books in Circulation may be had.
I. — Recent English Books, IV. — German Books (Price 6d.)
II. — Standard English Books, V. — Surpkis Copies of Books offered for
HI. — French Books. Sale at greatly reduced prices.
imes MacLehose & Sons,
Publishers and Booksellers to the University,
Librarians, Stationers, Book- Binders, and Printers,
61 St. Vincent St., Glasgow.
Telegpaphie Address— " MACLEHOSE, GLASGOW^." Telephone No.— 3416.

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