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Ef St. George's Ed., f. Sauchiehallst.toGarscuberd.
E. side of do., f. Garscube rd. to N. City rd. 8.
E. side of do., f. N. City rd. to Sauchieh. st. 9.
W- side of do., f Charing cr. to Myrtle st. 9.
W. side of do., f. Myrtle st. to Garscube rd. 8.
D i St. George's Ter., 67-69 Paisley road, west. 14.
E f St. George's Terrace, St. George's road, corner
of Carnarvon street. 9.
S) e St. James' Place, oif Great "Western road,
Hiimead. 15.
G g St. James' Rd., f. Castle st. to Parliament, rd. 6.
E St. James' Eoad, Cathcart. 16.
E h St. James' Street, off Paisley road. 14.
E i St. James' St., Kingston, fr. West st. to Crook-
ston street. 13.
D e St. James' St., Billhead, north of Wilson st. 15.
D e St. James' Terrace, Great Western road. 15.
JD i St. James' Ten, Kinning pk., off Paisley rd. 14.
E h St. John's Place, east end of Graeme st. 5.
D g St. John's Place, Dumbarton road, from Houlds-
worth street to Elliot street. 10.
Dj St. John's Rd., off St. Andrew's dr., Polloksh. 14.
E St. John's Road, Cathcart. 16.
H h St. John's Siding, Graeme street, city. 5.
F e St. John Street, off Craighill road. 6.
D e St. John's Terrace, Ann street, Hillhead. 15.
H h St. Joseph's Place, off Abercromby street. 4.
G li St. Margaret's PI., f. Bridgegate to Jail sq. 5.
/ e St. Marnock St., f. Broad st. to Crownpoint rd, 2.
F g St. Mary's Lane, f. W. Nile st. to Renfield st. 7.
E f St. Mary's Lane, Napicrshall street. 9.
Ef St. Mary's Place, Napiershall street. 9.
G h St. Mungo St. (S.), f. Gallow. to G. Hamilton st.
East side, 4 ; west side, 5.
G h St. Mungo St., North, from Stirling rd. to Parlia-
mentary rd. 6.
F i St. Ninian St. f. Adelphi st. to Govan st. 12.
E g St. Peter's Lane, f. Main st. to Douglas st. 7.
Ilf&t. RoUox, Townhead. 6.
D g St. Vincent Cres., Sandyford, Dumbart. rd. 10.
D g St. Vincent Crescent Lane, Sandyford. 10.
F g St. Vincent Lane, from St. Vincent pi. to West
George street 7.
F g St. Vincent Lane, from Hope st. to Pitt st. 7
B i St. Vincent Park, south of Paisley road. 20.
F g St. Vincent PI., f. Geo. sq. to Buchanan st. 7
F g St. Vincent St., f. Buchanan st. to Dumbart. rd.
Both sides of do., f. Buchanan st. to Pitt st. 7.
S. side of do., f. Pitt st. to Dumbart. rd. 10.
N. side of do., f. Dumbarton rd. to Pitt st. 9.
G g SackviUe Place, Stirling road. 6.
L i Salamanca Street, off New Road, Parkhead. 2,
F g Salem Place, Holmhead street, cor. of North
Hanover street. 6.
D e Salisbury Place, Gt. Western rd., Hillhead. 15.
,, \E k Salisbury Quadrant, Strathbungo. 13.
' Fi Salisbury Street, from Cumberland street to
Pollokshaws road. 12.
.jiD e Salisbury Terrace, Colebrooke St., Hillhead. 15.
'"? i Salkeld Street, off Cook street. 13.
? k Saltmarket, from Cross to Albert bridge. 5.
Saltoun St., off Ruthven St., Kelvinside. 15.
1/ Sandbank Bldgs., Dumbarton rd., Partick. 16.
c Sandport Place, Whiteinch. 15.
e Sandringham Terrace, Hillhead. 15.
r i Sandyfaulds Lane, off Mathieson street. 11.
i Sandyfaulds Street, from Rutherglen road to
Caledonia road. 11.
g Sandyford Bldgs., 170-214 Dumbarton rd. 9.
Df Sandyford Place, Sauchiehall street, fr. Elderslie
street to Claremont street. 9.
Dy Sandyford Place Lane, from Elderslie street to
Claremont street. 9.
Cg Sandyford Street, off Kelvinhaugh street. 10.
D g Sandyford Street, f. Kelvingrove St., west. 9,
F d Saracen Foundry. 17.
F d Saracen St., f. Fossil road to Hawthorn st. 17..
G h Saracen's Lane, off Gallowgate. 5.
D e Sardinia Place, Cecil street, Hillhead. 15.
D e Sardinia Terrace, off G. Western rd., Hillh. 15.
F g Sauchiehall Lane, f. W. Nile st. to Newton st.
Do. from West Nile street to Pitt st. 7.
Do. from Pitt street to Newton street. 9.
F g Sauchiehall Street, from Buchanan street, west.
Both sides of do., f. W. Nile st. to Pitt st,
and Scott street. 7.
Both sides of do., f. Pitt & Scott sts. west. 9.
/ j Savoy St., off Old Dalmarnock rd., Bridgeton. 1.
A f Sawmill Road, Partick. 15.
Fy" Sawmillfield Place, Garscube road, from Debbie's
loan to Fossil toll. 8.
Fy Sawmillfield Street, off Garscube road. 8.
/ g Sason Street, Adelphi street, Bridgeton. 1.
G h Schipka Pass, Gallowgate to London st. 5.
F k School Square, Cathcart rd., Govanhill, 12.
E g School Wynd, f. Main st., Anders, to Union pi. 10.
E f Scotia Street, f. Shamrock st. to N. City rd. 9.
E f Do., from New City Road to Grove st. 8.
E i Scotland Street, from West street to Shields rd.
Do., from West street to Crookston st. 13.
Do., fron) Crookston st. to Shields rd. 14.
E f Scotland Street, off Woodside terrace. 9.
D i Scotland Street (W.), Kinning Park. 14.
D 4 Scotland Street, Plantation, west of count]?
boundary. 19.
y Scotstoun Place, Scotstoun, Whiteinch. 15.
f Scotstoun Street, Whiteinch. 15.
Ef Scott Lane, off Scott street, Garnethill. 9.
Hj Scott St., fr. Newhall st. to Mill st., Bridget. 1,
F f Scott St., f. Bishop st. to Debbie's loan. 6.
E g Scott Street, f. Sauchiehall st. to Shamrock st..
East side, 7 ; West side, 9.
E e Seafield Terrace, 94 to 170 Eaeberry street. 9.
Ef Seamour Street, off New City road. 9.
C i Sedan Place, Paisley road. 19.
K I Sefton Terrace, Gallowflat, Rutherglen.
D f Selborne Terrace, South Woodside road, corner
of Willowbank crescent. 9.
/ h Seton Ter., off Westercraig St., Dennistoun. 3.
D k Seymour St., off Minard rd., Crossmyloof. 1(J.
E I Seyton Avenue, off Langsideavenue,Langside.l6.
Dy Shaftesbury Buildings, Paisley road. 19.
/ Shaftesbury Cottages, Whiteinch. 15.
E g Shaftesbury Lane, off Shaftesbury street. 10.
E g Shaftesbury Street, from Main street, Anderstou,
to William street. 10.
E g Shaftesbury Ter., West Regent street, Holland
street, and Pitt street. 9.
Ef Shamrock Street,, off New City road; 1 to 21,
7 ; rest, 9.
G i Shamrock St. (South), off Rutherglen rd. 11.
F 7j Shandon Place, Allison, st., GovanliiU. 12.
Bh Shandon .Place, Govan. 20.
E h Sharp's Lane, from Main St., Anderston, to Stob-
cross street. 10.
B g Sharp Street, off Holm Street, Govan. 20.
A g Shaw Street, Govan. 20.
H h ShawfieldPk.&Villa,offGlasgowrd.,KuthergleQ

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