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D e Kelvinside Terrace, east end of Partick. 16.
D e Kdvinside Terrace, Xorth, Sontli, aud West,
Kelvinside. 17. '
D i Kemp Place, Shields road. l-i.
21 e Kemp Stivet. Cowiairs road, Springbnm. 6.
i> 17 Keninnre PL, Glebe st.. Parliauient.arv road. 6.
r V Do. Place, Pollokshields. 13.
EJ Do. Street. otF St. Andrews road. 13.
Do. Terrace, PoUokshields. 13.
G <7 Kennedy St., from Castle st. to Debbie's loan. 6.
F ff Kensington Place, Saachieball street aud West
Campbell street. 7.
B i Kensington Place, Ibros. IP.
Cf Kensington Place, Wood street, Partick. 15.
£ € Keusingtou Road, Dowanhill. 15.
B i Kensington Terrace, Ibros. 19.
£> (J Kent Road, off North street. 9.
G h Kent St., f. Ga!lowg;\te to Gf. Hamilton st. 4.
D g Kent Street, off Fiiinieston street. 10.
G € Keppoch Hill, off Port Dundas. 6.
F <: Keppoch Row. Possil P;vrk. 8.
(?/" Keppochhill Road (Old), north of St. Rollos. 6.
F e Keppochhill Road (New), from Craighall road
to Springburn road. 6.
E : Kerr Street, from Little st. to Rose st. (East). 4.
Ee Kerr Street, off" Hopehill road. 9.
C e Kersiand Street, HiUhead. 15.
Ve Kei-sland Terrace, HUihead. 15.
■C e Kevr Gardens, Riithven street, Kelvioside, 15.
D i Kew Terrace, Albert road, Pollokshields. 13
Ce Ke5vTer.,Gt. West, rd., near Botanic Gards. 15.
£> ; Keyden St., oft" W. Scotland St., Kinning Pk. 14.
C c Kibble Crystal Palsce, Botanic Gardens. 15.
F J Kidston Street, Naburn St., Hutehesontown. 11.
E e Kiliearn Street, Possilpark. 8.
S d Kiilearn Terrace, off Hill St., Springbnm. 6.
E ff KiUermont Street, oft" P.irliamentary road. 6.
F m Kilmailinic Terrace, Old Cathcart, ll>.
D I Kilmarnock Road, Shiiwlands.
E i Kincaid PI.. Hospital st, cor. Cnmberl'd st. 12.
G h King Street, from Trongate to Bridgegate. West
side, 7 ; E.ast side, 5.
H h King St., Calt., f. Ciltonmouth to Millroad st. 4.
B h King Street Goran. 20.
H i King St, from Crownpoint rd. to Broad st. 2.
B m King- Street, Pollokshaws.
/ I King Street, Rutherglen.
Eh KingSt,Tradest, from Bridge St. to West St. 13.
/ ? King Street Lane, off ilain street. Rutherglen.
H i King's Park Place, from James street to John
Street, Greenhead. 4.
B e Kingsborongli Gardens. Kelvinside. 15.
E k Kingston Dock, off Paisley road. 13.
C c Kingstone Pl.ace, oft" Main street, MaryhilL 17.
E i Kingston Ter., West st. and St. James* st 13.
Ij Kinnear Road, Bridgeron. 1.
Eg Kinnel PL, Renfrew court, off" Renfrew st. 7.
D i Kinning Park. 14.
E i Ejnning PI (S.), f . Paisley road to Houston st. 14.
E i Kinning St. from Gloucester street to ScotLand
street. 13.
C e Kiunenll Place. Dowanhill. 15.
<"y Kirk Rd.,f. Mthsdale drive to iL<i5well dr. 14.
H h Kirk St. from M.iin st. to Green st., Cnlton. 4.
F i Kirk St , f. Msin st to Bachaa st,, Gorbals. 12.
F I Kirkdeld Place, Oxford street 12.
E e Kirklacd Street, eft' Xew City road. 9.
C d Kirklee Gardens, Hilibead. 15.
(7 e Kirklee Road, off Great Western road. 15.
/ * Kirkpatrick Street. London rd. to Avenne st. 2.
Eg Kirkwood's Court, 125 Main st, Anderston. 10.
ri Kirkwood Street, ofl'JIaiu street, Rutherglen.
D t Knightswood Place, Paislev rosd, west. 19.
Bf Know St, f. Well st. to Bridge St.. Partick. 15.
Fk Knowe Terrace, CathcHrt road. Crossbill. Id'.
D J Knowe Terrace, Shields rd., Pollokshields. 13.
G g Kyle Street, oft' Dobbie's loan. 6.
F ; La Belle Place, Mount Florida. 16.
D g La Belle PL, fr. Clifton st. to Clareraont st.
D t' Lacrosse Ter., oft" Belmont st., Killhead. 15.
B h Ladypark Street. Go van. 20.
U h Lady well Street, from Parkliouse lane to Dry-
gate, 5 ; from Diwgate northwards, 3.
n d Lamb St., off' 520 Springburn rd., Springburn. 3.
D i Lambhill Street, Plantation, oft'P.nisley rd. 20.
jF Lambhill Ci-escent, Pos-ilpark. 17.
Gj Lanark Street, oft' Dobbie's Loan. 6.
G fi Lanark Street, oft' Greendyke street. 5.
B e Lancaster Terrace, Ke'vin^ide, 15.
E h Lancetield Place, west eiid of Anderston qu. 10.
£> h L.sncefield Quay, foot of Elliot street. 10.
D h LancetieidSt.,f.l.aneefield quay to Cranston st.lO.
E j Lancelot Place, corner of Prince's street and
Kenmure street, Pollokshields. 13.
E 1 Landore Terrace, Mount Florida. 16.
H i Landressy Street, Canning st. to Green st. 4.
A h Langlands Terrace and Cottages. Govan. 20.
E I Laugside Avenue, Monnment to Crossniyloof. 16.
Ej Langside Road, from norcli of Butterbiggins road
southward to River Cart 12.
D I Langside Terrace, Stevetson drive. 16.
Df Lansdowne Cres., G. West, rd., nr. Kelvin br. 9.
B/' Lansdowne Gardens, Montague street. 9.
D I Lansdowne Place, Shawlands.
D t' Lansdowne Terriice, North Woodside road. 9.
D / Laurel Bank, Wilson street, Hillhead. 15.
A e Lamrel Bank, oft' Crow road, Partick. 15.
A / Laurel Street, Partick. 15.
Fk Laurieston, south side of the river, between
Gorb.ils church, Carlton pL, and Bridge st. 12.
D ?! Laurieston Place, 1 Govan road. 14.
Bj Lawrence PL, oft" Hynoland st, Partick. 15.
Cf Lawrence Street, Partick. 15.
G h Law's Buildings, 118 Bridgegate. 7.
H e Leckithill St; eet, off Springburn road. 3.
E I Ledard Road, f. Sinclair drive to Millbrae road,
Lansside. 16.
G h Leitch's Coui;, 157 Trongate. 7.
C i Lendel Place, Paisley road. 19.
C i Lendel Terrace. Paisley road. 19.
/' Lennox PLace, Scotstoun, Whiteinch. 15.
Ft' Lennox Street, oft" S.aracen St., Possilpark. 17.
DJ Leslie Road, oft" Shields rd.. Pollokshields. 14.
EJ Le^lie St, oft" Shields rd., Pollokshields. 13.
B I Lethington Avenue, f. Albert road to Seyton
avenue, Langside. 16.
D ) Levea St., oft" Shields rd., Pollokshields, 13.
/ / Lilv Street, oft' Springiield road. 1.
D"/ Lily Place. Shields road. 14.
Of Liiybank. Hillhead street, Hillhead. 15.
C e Liiybank Buildings, Byai-s road, Hillhead. 15
C J Liiybank Gardens, Great George street 15,
C e Lilvbank Place, Great George street, 15.
E/ Lilybauk Place, West Thistle street 9. i'f
Ej Liiybank Road, east of Eglinton street. 12
Do. west of do. 13. li

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