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iSTame and Place of Meeting.
Portobello CongTcgational, Church Hall, Wellington Street.
Povtobello Parish, Mission Hall, High Street, Portobello.
Prestonpans F. C, Hall.
Pumpherston, Mission Hall.
Queen Street Free, Church Hall.
Kestalrig Free, Church.
Robertson Memoiial, Church, Grassmarket.
Rosehall U.P., Church Hall.
Piose Street U.P., Rose Street Lane.
St Andrew's (Episcopal), St John's Street Schoolroom.
St George's Mission, Heriot Hall, 145 Rose Street.
St John's Parish Mission, Leith, Pattison Street.
St Jolm's Free, Cowgatehead Hall.
St Margaret's Episcopal, Easter Road.
St Michael's (Estab.), Lower Hall, St Michael's Church.
St Ninian's, Pleasance.
St Stephen's Parish., St Stephen Street.
South Leith Baptist, Church Hall, Hope Street.
Stockbridge F.C., Hall.
Stockbridge Wesleyan Methodist. Albion Halls.
Stow, Hall. Stow
Name and Place of Meeting.
Viewforth (U.P.), Hall of Viewf orth U.P. Church.
Viewforth Free, Mission Hall, Dundee Street.
Water of Leith, Episcopal.
Wellington Reformatory, Leadburn.
Wesleyan Methodist Church, Chuich Hall, Nicolson Sq.
West Fountainbridge, Grove Street Hall.
Buccleuch E.U.. Church Hall.
Canonniills, Mission Hall.
Dalmeny St. U.P. Church, Hall, Dalmeny St., Leith
Dean Street U.P., Church Hall.
Hermiston, Schoolhouse.
Holyrood Free Church.
London Road U.P. Chui-ch, Church Hall.
Marshall Street (Baptist Church), Hall, Marshall Street.
Orphan Hospital, Orphan Hospital, Dean.
Ratho, Upper Schoolroom, Ratho.
Salisbury Church, Hall, St Leonard's.
South Morningside Free, Church Hall.
West End Wesleyan Methodist, Lochiin Hall.
Embraces all lines of Acivertising, and all classes of Printing
for Advertisers.
A¥e have had much experience in the preparation of Successful
Advertisements, and our Agency is well-ecjuipped to this end.
Is to meet the wishes of our clients, and with that in view we
spare neither Brains nor Pains in the production of Advertisements^
Illustrations, Catalogues, and all the other auxiliaries of practical
If you are desirous of advertising Anything, you are cordially
invited to call and inspect our facilities at any time. If you
can't call, then write, telephone, or wire us, and your requirements
shall have our most careful consideration.
Fairbairn £11,
^dveviising S'pcoiaXists,
Telephone, 2231. Telegrams: 'INSERT, EDINBURGH.'
GLASGOW : 128 Hope Street. BELFAST : 125 Donegal! Street.

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