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*Thurlo-w, Lord, a Deputy-Lieutenant of the
Counties of Elgin, Nairn, and Stirling:, Dun-
phail, Morayshire. — Kinnaird, Stirlingshire. —
"21 Thurloe Square, London, S.W.
*Torphichen, Lord, Calder House, Mid-Lothian. —
Naval and Military Cluh, London, S.W. .
'*Tweeddale,Marquisof, K.T..aDeputy-Lieutenant
of the Counties of Berwick and Hadding-
ton, Yester House, Haddington. — Brooks'
Club, London, S.W., and New Club, Edin-
*Tweedmouth, Lord, a Deputy-Lieutenant of
Berwickshire, Guisachan, Inverness-shire. —
Hutton Hall, Berwickshire — Brook House,
Park Lane, London, W.
*Wiintage, Lord, F-C, K.C.B., Lord-Lieutenant
of Berks, Lockinge House, Wantage, Berks. —
2 Carlton Gardens, London, S.W.
*Wemyss and March, Earl of, Convener of
Haddingtonshire, and a Deputy-Lieutenant
of the Counties of Haddington, Peebles, and
Selkirk, Gosford House, Seton, Amisfield,
Haddingtonshire. — 23 St James's , Place,
London, S.W.
*Wharncliflfe, Earl of, Whnrncliffe House, 15
Curzon Street, London, W.
*Wimborne, Lord, a Deputy-Lieutenant of the
county of Koss and Cromarty, Auchnashel-
lach Lodge, county Eoss and Cromarty. —
CanfordManor,Wimborne,Dorset. — 22 Arling-
ton Street, London, S.W.
*ZetIand, Marquis of, K.T.,''a Deputy-Lieutenant
of Stirlingshire and Shetland, Kerse House,
Falkirk. — Aske, Marsk Hall, Upleatham,
Yorkshire. — 19 Arlington Street, and Brooks'
Club, London, S.W.
GOOD COPY is the vital spark of Advertising. If your copy
isn't right your space is wasted.
The best space in the world can be made utterly valueless by
poor copy, or profitably valuable by good, bright, clean, convincing
copy. The price you pay for space isn't half as important as what
you put into it. If the copy isn't good enough to make the space
profitable at a shilling a line, it won't make it pay at sixpence a
line. The selection of media is important, but not so vital as the
story that is to be told and the manner of telling it.
The copy comes first, then the selection of media, then the
price of space.
Our best energies are put into the preparation of bright, strong,
attractive, convincing copy. We are willing to be judged by our
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