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Bank Street.
Treasurer, George Anderson.
Secretary, Duncan M'Neill.
Cashier, John Bisset.
Accountant, James S. Barbour.
Superintendent of Branches, Peter Macdonald;
James Kennedy, signs pro treasurer.
Tellers, E. T. Scott, David F. Fairbairn, James
Carmichael, gamuel BIyili.
Town Branches and Agents.
New Town, 103 George Street, Charles Bruce, agent ;
William Wigney, accountant.
Southern District, 22 St Patrick Square, R. B.Mathie.
Stockhridge, 15 N.-W. Circus Place, John Gillespie.
^reenside, 21 Picardy Place, T. D. Anderson.
Momingside, 8 Morningside Road, R. W. J. Murray.
Ifcwington, 34 Minto Street, J. D. Hay Stewart,
West End, 32 W. Maitland Street, John Longmore.
S. Morningside, 67 Comiston Rd., Patrick Guthrie.
Dairy Road, 1 Ardmillan Ter., J. Macbeth Forbes.
Leith, 92 Constitution Street, Charles G. Ross ;
J. L. Mastrrton, accountant.
Leith Walk, Gl Leith Walk, George Cleland.
London Branch —
Bishop=igate Kticct — Thomas Aitken, manager;
William Smile .«, assistant manager. William
Smiles, Adam Murray, George E. Robinson,
John Davidson, and Alexander Mackie, sign
pro manager.
London Ag-ents.— Rank of England; Coutts and
Co.; and Smith, Payne, and Smiths.
St Asdre\y Square.
Cashier, D. R. W. Huio.
â– Secretary, Adam Tait.
Accountant, Wm. Templeton.
-Superintendents of Branches, William Wallace and
William Davidson.
Cashkeeper, R. Brockie.
J. P. B. Forrest signs pro cashier.
Tellers, R. Lillie. Robert Ewing. Andrew Hume.
George S TurnbuU, James R Oliphaut.
Town Agents.
Old Town, 5 Hunter Square, H. H. Pillans.
West End, 3 Hope Street, Andrew W. Kerr.
Leven Street, 1 Gilmore Place, James Wylie.
Forrest Road (No. 24;, R. N. Ramsay.
Momingside, 4.5 Morningside Road, A. A. Wilson.
Ne.wlngton, 17 Newington Road, John T. Peacock.
Pitt Street (No. 3a), D. B. Douglas.
Gorgie, 51 Slateford Road, J. Paxton Swanston.
Stockbridge, 34 Raeburn Place. G. L. Ingram.
Leith, 20 Bernard Street, Alexander Don
II 42 Leith Walk V/illiam Macniven.
Granton, Thomas Wilkie.
Neiohaven, Thomas Wilkie.
rort'jbello, W. H. Brodie.
London Office,
123 Bishopsgath Street Within.
Manager, J. T. Horley.
Deputy Manager, F. Martin.
Draws on
Bank of England and its Branches; Coutts and Co.,
London ; and Bank of Ireland and its Branches.
36, 38, and 39 St Andrew Square.
Manager, Hamilton A. Hotsoa.
Secretary, Thomas E. Steuart.
Assistant Secretary, William Bain.
Superintendent of Branches, J. Stark Smith.
Accountant, Robert A. Scott.
Cashier, Patrick Martine.
Assistant C"shier, Charles Hogg.
Alexander Starrock, signs pro manager.
Tellers, George Williamson, J. M. M'Culloch, John
Grieve, S. Thomson, J. D. Goodsir.
Branch OfiBces and Agents.
George iv. Bridge (No. 1), Wm. Melrose.
Grassmarket (No. 33), A. M. Milroy.
Leith Walk, 26 Crighton Place, Morton C. Videon.
Morningside, 201 Bruntsfield PI , Harry A. Blyth.
iVewington, 61 South Clerk Street, Robt. Adamson.
South Bridge (No. 3), Wm. Macleod.
West End, 141 Princes Street, W. A. Wyse.
Leith, 4(5 Bernard Street, J. R. Cundell; S. C.
Thom.son, sub-agent.
North Leith, 2 N. Junction Street, John Coltart.
Draws on
Smith, Payne, and Smiths, London ; Bank of Eng-
land, and Bank of Ireland, and their Branches.
London Office, 41 Lombard Street, E.C.
Manager, Andrew Kingsmill.
Deputy Mattager, James Little.
14 George Street.
General Manager, Andrew Aikman.
Secretary, Alexander Bogie.
Cashier, J ohn Watt.
Accountant, James Anderson.
Assistant Secretary, James L. Anderson.
Tellers, T. Simpson, George M'Dougal, Hugh M.
Roberts, R. Offen, and Chas. E. Huie.
Town Branches and Agents.
Grassmarket, 42 Grassmarket, Alex. Melvin.
Greenside, 2 Greenside Place, Gulland & Huie.
Haymarket, 2 Grosvenor Street, James Kirkhope.
Home Sirtet, 46 Home Street, James L. Rae.
Morningside District, 1 Comiston Rd., PeterForrest.
Newington, 62 Minto Street, James T. Pillans.
Nicolson Street, 80 Nicolson Street, Elliot R. Small.
North Bridge, 31 North Bridge, Robert Forsyth.
Stockbridge , 12 N.-W. Circus PI., R. Comrie.
Warrend'er Park, 32 Warrender Park Rd., And. Ker.
For List of Branches, see n. 8 JO.

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